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Game Review on Jun 26th, 2013

This game has some really great potential, the concept works well and mr ben is very active and actually listens to people. The game does have bugs but its a alpha and I have to say for a single man production team he is doing very well.
is it like minecraft yeah, but its like saying a fiat is like a farrari they both have 4 wheels and a engine... but they are very different. its a game well worth a try(if you dont mind bugs)
I could say about graphics but thats nether here nor there for a game like this with so much chang ahead of it.
The gameplay is good with enough to keep you busy if you can get your teeth into a project.
i have given 9/10 because if done right this game can be something special

Lead and Gold
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Game Review on Feb 15th, 2013

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Project Zomboid
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Game Review on Dec 15th, 2012

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