Sky Nations is a multiplayer sandbox game where players can join together to build air ships(cannons and all!) and do battle across a vast world procedural world full of relics and machines from another age waiting to be plundered by daring sky captains and their motley crew.

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Great game that shows amazing promise! In alpha at the moment and you can tell there are great things in the future for it. The creator of the game seems to be very active on the official server and the community is very friendly. Some may see this as a minecraft clone, but it surely is not. Sky Nations takes two things I always wished minecraft had, airships and floating islands, and specializes the hell out of them, while managing to reinvent many things that minecraft made popular. If you are sick of playing random games that dont live up to your expectations, give this game a try, you wont be disappointed.


looks really cool



Currently still buggy, but it's the basis of an incredible retro game!

Airships make the best team based vehicle combat, in my opinion because hey are slow, deliberate and allow artillery/mortar style fire to be primarily used. I really enjoy building with a purpose and exploring as a pirate stashing my loot where ever I please. This game has great potential and is already very fun to play; It just needs more players. The developer is a super cool guy and responds to issues promptly. This game embodies GENUINE INTENT for a good fun experience and that is the most important aspect of any successful game.

While the game still displays the bugs that are typically associated with an early Alpha, this game has a lot of potential. It may look like a Minecraft clone at a glance, but it definitely feels a lot different once you step into the game. Your main mode of transport is by a custom airship. It can be anything from a small wooden raft to get you on your way, or a grand steel frigate lined with guns. Any of which you can sail into battle.

To top it all off, you can also make custom cosmetic gear from head to toe. Want a savage viking helmet? A tribal war mask? A roman chestplate? Ruby slippers? It's yours.

Even if it still needs a bit of work, buy it now while it's only $6. This game deserves to have more players.


As the game is in Alpha build, I do feel what is available is above and beyond what many other alpha builds offer. The developer is an extremely friendly and hard working fellow, always willing to offer help if you happen to be in a server with him.

As of recent updates my rating has turned into an 8.5- if I were capable of doing so. The up in rating is because of resolved balance issues, a larger community, and just plain smoother gameplay. Again, my rating will go up again in the future and will most likely, at some point, reach a solid 10.

Nice community and supportive admins
Ships can be built and piloted smoothly with few restrictions
Large amount of craftable items
VERY original concept- very few other games I've seen are remotely similar to this, all in all.
Thousands of possibilities when building, extremely customizable!
Vast map with multiple types of islands (and promise of more being added soon)
Ability to create your own servers

Ship thieft- you'll be lucky to find your stuff in one piece the next day
Difficulty to find certain materials. Or so people say... I myself am fine with how it is.
Few usable weapons
Some blocks are admin-spawned only

In conclusion, this game is definitely on the rise, with the only limit being how fast it's being developed.

I love this game it is blocky(my computer is a tad slow) Sky Pirates, balloons, cannons, and Guns, etc. I will continue playing this game till I grow old and grey >:D.

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