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Elnubnub May 18 2013, 8:59am says:

hey, so I bought the game just so I could review another indie game, the style of graphics remind me of one of my favourites, Limbo.
I can see what you have tried to achieve in the game but it doesnt feel refined enough, I found myself thinking my when is something going to happen. perhaps some ambient music would have been nice.
right and up is all i needed to play.
and then about 20 mins in the game crashed and i found i didnt want to load it back up.
I'm sure this is a fitting game for other people and i encourage to try.
Its a good input guys and thankyou for you work

+9 votes   game: Noire
Elnubnub Feb 15 2013, 6:10pm replied:

check your indiegamestand accoutn and view your games there, there could possible be a button to request your key

+2 votes   game: DROD: Gunthro and the Epic Blunder
Elnubnub Feb 8 2013, 2:23pm says:

Co-op live gameplay going up in about and hour and half thats 9pm GMT

+2 votes   game: McDROID
Elnubnub Feb 8 2013, 8:57am replied:

ofcoarse I will be doing alot more Live play vids on indie games cos its something i have been passionate about for years, and now have a pc reliable enough to stream at HD.
i was playing solo cos i wanted to start from the beggining and i couldnt delete my save.
and if you would like we can do a stream later on co-op, come on my ts and we can chin wag

+2 votes   game: McDROID
Elnubnub Feb 8 2013, 7:55am says:

live play will be up in 10, - feel free to join me on teamspeak or on the twitch chat

+2 votes   game: McDROID
Elnubnub Feb 8 2013, 6:43am replied:

no problem, i will be doing another one in a few hours
around 1GMT if you wanna tune in

+2 votes   game: McDROID
Elnubnub Feb 7 2013, 7:05pm says: - live play, no voice

+2 votes   game: McDROID
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