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eatleadsukka Sep 27 2011, 8:59pm replied:

See how blatantly expressing your options is stupid? Also, learn to speak correct English :)

+2 votes   media: Sickness
eatleadsukka Sep 26 2011, 8:16pm replied:

Actually, consoles are recommended for Racing Sims because of the easy to reach control scheme.

-1 votes   media: Minecraft - Pocket Edition Touch Controls
eatleadsukka Sep 4 2011, 9:38pm says:

I see what you did there

+2 votes   media: Small detail
eatleadsukka Aug 21 2011, 2:15am says:

Looks like it'll turn out to be epic, keep up the good work!

+3 votes   media: Concept
eatleadsukka Aug 19 2011, 10:01pm says:

This is a near exact copy, if not exact, of the CSS Simpsons map....

+2 votes   download: Springfield
eatleadsukka Aug 15 2011, 4:07am says:


+4 votes   media: MORE AWESOME SCREENS
eatleadsukka Aug 7 2011, 7:56pm says:

WRONG!!!! It's actually Zenimax that is suing Mojang, not Bethesda themselves.... get it right

0 votes   news: Bethesda are suing us, here’s the full story!
eatleadsukka Jul 23 2011, 7:58am replied:

You beat me to the snappy comment XD

+6 votes   download: Minecraft Castle V1
eatleadsukka Jun 24 2011, 3:44pm replied:

Oh wait, it isn't already? Hmm...

+1 vote   media: Early Entrance Priogress
eatleadsukka Jun 24 2011, 3:43pm says:

Near the doors I see that the bushes have rails around them. I don't really think that you need that. But the rest of the map looks professional!

+1 vote   media: Early Entrance Priogress
eatleadsukka Jun 20 2011, 8:24am says:

Looks a little too futuristic. Dirty up the floors a bit around the cells and that would make it worn down....
I like it though!

+1 vote   media: Updated Prison Textures
eatleadsukka May 24 2011, 6:27pm replied:

It looks pretty dark. But i can't compare to your phone.

+2 votes   media: I can't see!
eatleadsukka May 8 2011, 10:53am replied:

Nice work. However i will say that now i see green and red, it looks too... childish, playful....

+2 votes   news: Arena art asset overview video
eatleadsukka May 7 2011, 2:33pm says:

This would mean that i would have to play this on Unreal Engine? Not happening. I hate the look of unreal 3. If you switch you will lose your followers to a new audience.
So i do not approve.
As for the map size... I've seen some huge source maps (evocity_v2/v3). The map i just stated is amazingly enormous. Just about a full 5 square miles.
So think about that...

-3 votes   news: Mapping progress and possible engine switch
eatleadsukka Apr 30 2011, 12:20am replied:

Try starting with either UDK, or Source Engine. That's what i did, and now i feel like a pro, even if I'm not one.

+4 votes   poll: CryENGINE 3 available soon
eatleadsukka Apr 26 2011, 7:43pm replied:

Don't be a douche. Some people are new to modding, they dont know what the max it, plus, i don't believe that this mod is like cinematic mod, where it actually re-writes the engine a bit to enhance graphics.

+2 votes   media: OF2 - Urban Chaos (Industrial Sector)
eatleadsukka Apr 13 2011, 11:37pm says:

I could't hear very well [i'm like half deaf and my speakers suck]. Can you have more than one perk?

+1 vote   media: Feature Demonstration
eatleadsukka Apr 3 2011, 10:15pm says:

Nice, i will say however that there was an unusual amount of loading transitions, but that's ok! I can't wait for the mod to be finished

+2 votes   news: Missing Information 1.6 is released!
eatleadsukka Apr 3 2011, 5:28pm says:

Ah yes, i remember this from the leaked beta days... ahhh... good times, good times.

+1 vote   media: OF2 - Kingpin
eatleadsukka Mar 28 2011, 9:06pm says:

I like it... i like it....

+1 vote   media: Cut_Scene 002
eatleadsukka Mar 7 2011, 11:19pm says:

This actually sent a few tears to my eyes.
Could you please place all the work on the mod page? Such as maps, concepts, music, code, or voice acting? Just for some fun.

+1 vote   news: Game Over.
eatleadsukka Mar 3 2011, 11:05pm says:

Like reusingbattery said, the texture is a bit too repetitive. Why don't you spruce it up with another window or two?
Otherwise it looks boss...

+1 vote   media: Hotel/Apartments Early WIP Screenshots
eatleadsukka Jan 30 2011, 9:03pm says:

EPICNESS!!!!! Could make the arms a bit thicker though

+1 vote   media: MP5K
eatleadsukka Jan 22 2011, 2:20pm replied:

The point of the mod is to try to survive as long as possible, i think it is nearly infinite, with some sort of logic he put in the map to add a few more enemies each time.

+2 votes   mod: Ladder
eatleadsukka Nov 15 2010, 7:19pm says:

Can't wait. :D

+1 vote   media: Trainstation
eatleadsukka Oct 22 2010, 7:37am says:

NICE job guys!

+3 votes   media: Elevator Doors WIP
eatleadsukka Oct 21 2010, 7:30am says:

Can't wait for the release!

+2 votes   media: Project Brazil Worldmap - California
eatleadsukka Oct 20 2010, 10:15pm says:

I have a few bugs to report. The shotgun friendly animation (the one where you put your gun up when aiming at a friendly) will play, then go down, then bob, then go back up and repeat. It is a bit annoying. Also, voices are very quiet and i have to turn up my sound to hear it, then the other sounds are very loud. Also, when holding the crowbar or knife, you click ironsights on, and the sides of the screen blur out until you click again.
~~Its a great game otherwise, and i know it's just a first release. I'm just suggesting somethings to do for the next patch. Good luck!

+2 votes   news: 1187 - Episode One
eatleadsukka Oct 19 2010, 8:41am says:

What is the bug?

EDIT: Never mind, i didn't see the red more part. :P

+2 votes   download: 1187 - Episode One Patch
eatleadsukka Oct 18 2010, 5:30pm says:

I have been waiting for so long to get this, BUT IDC! DOWNLOADING THIS EPICALLY AWESOME SHITSTORM NOW!

+1 vote   download: 1187 - Episode One 1.0
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