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Awesome, i'm considering using (844 votes)


Already using another engine (236 votes)


Too complex for me (239 votes)


Meh (682 votes)

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INtense! Creator
INtense! Apr 23 2011 says:

This poll is in response to the recent announcement here:

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leon.ladisic Apr 30 2011 replied:

After a long time modding Source, CRYengine just seems too complicated for me. Im not talking about the level editor, thats great. But the process of making new assets could be simplified IMO. Wont stop me from trying tho.

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Triden007 May 6 2011 replied:

Just: Meh!
Wait for Source Engine 2.0 when the new valve games relase,
then you will see that simplicity and perfection can be so united.
But there still cool stuff there, I hope this CryEngine isn't much complicated to develop.

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medve May 7 2011 replied:

good luck with waiting for the new source engine, i've heard its coming with half life 2 ep3

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ComradeHell Apr 29 2011 says:

1st vote, but really IMHO this engine will provide great platform for modding.

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Chinka Apr 29 2011 says:

It's time to buy new config and create! :D

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Sunspear Apr 29 2011 says:


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Karriz Apr 29 2011 says:

Too complex for me- like every other engine as well. I play games, but I have no idea how to make them.

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SecretImbecile Apr 29 2011 replied:

You should start somewhere =)

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macacos2 Apr 29 2011 replied:

I took a look at the workspace of cryengine 3 and it gave me a mental diarrhea

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Ark_ Apr 29 2011 replied:

It looks like Microsoft Word :S

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eatleadsukka Apr 30 2011 replied:

Try starting with either UDK, or Source Engine. That's what i did, and now i feel like a pro, even if I'm not one.

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Darkbladecr Apr 29 2011 says:

There an exponential number of possibilities with this engine especially with the mutli-platform support! Only good things will come from this!

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Gunship_Mark_II Apr 29 2011 says:

Will not use it, but the engine is full of win.

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Garyn Dakari Apr 29 2011 says:

I'll check it out when it comes out, but I'll probably stick with UDK.

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asvigny Apr 29 2011 says:

Looks awesome but I'm sticking with UDk for now

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Matt_Bak3r Apr 29 2011 says:

Can make lots of cool stuff with this engine :D
I'm looking forewards to have will me made.

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Fxor Apr 29 2011 says:

I might use it for its' cinematic capabilities.

Ease of use is amazing.

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Bad_D0g Apr 29 2011 says:

I'm not a modder myself, but if I was I'd use Source

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MrTambourineMan Apr 29 2011 says:

This is great and all, but IMO Unreal tools are the most polished ones, being battle-tested and decade-and-a-half in the making.

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TheOneandOnly Apr 29 2011 says:

I'll probably poke at it a bit, but I'm busy working on my own engine anyhow.

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ModMage Apr 30 2011 says:

I'm sticking with Valve Software's Source Engine for now, just because I already know how to develop for it. I do very much like the idea of CE3 being available to developers however, since nothing bad could possibly come from it, but I won't be using it since I'm not too great when it comes to learning how to operate new interfaces. I'll probably download the SDKs though, and play around with them till I become accustomed to the tools etc.

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LopperUK Apr 30 2011 says:

Pretty cool but i wouldn't know how to use that tbh, the only thing i am good at is mapping on the Source engine and im still very crap at it :|

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6thLegion Apr 30 2011 says:

not sure yet. i guess i'll have to wait and see how it works and then decide. looking forward

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Arcones Apr 30 2011 says:

Already using another engine, but I'm psyched to see what games/mods get produced with it!

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TheNodCommander Apr 30 2011 says:

I think I'll stick to UDK personally.

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OrdinaryMagician Apr 30 2011 says:

If I find something UDK can't do, I'll surely use this instead.

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Daystranger May 1 2011 replied:

I was using both(CryEngine 2 though) and I can say:
There is only ONE thing which UDK can do which CE cant. Streaming. You can't load levels as you play(Which most modern games do).

CE is far superior everywhere else.
But its editor is so bugged, its impossible to work with.

On the other hand, UDK is very intuitive and easy when it comes to content import. Open file, point to picture and bam! You have a material.
Maybe its not true for CE3.

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Flash112 May 1 2011 says:

Already using Unity 3d :D

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Metalspy May 1 2011 says:

I've been working with CryEngine 1 and 2 (FarCry and Crysis modding that is) and/so using CE3 is a bit of a no-brainer for me :P

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version15 May 1 2011 says:

Awesome that its been released, ill try it out.

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s87 May 1 2011 says:

Count me in! :D

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ice_trey May 1 2011 says:

iDtech engines has always been, and forever will be, superior, so i ticked the "meh" option =)

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OnlySolus May 2 2011 says:

Meh xD

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Indloon May 2 2011 says:

Cant wait for it::::::)

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Otreum May 2 2011 says:

I've worked with the Source engine, Unreal Engine, XRay Engine (STALKER), and the Cryengine, among other random engines that aren't as major. And I'd have to say that by far, the Cryengine is the easiest one to use all round, from something as basic as level design to programming and asset implementation and creation.
It is not perfect, but no engine is, however I do believe it is the easiest to use.

Those who say they were using source and moved to cryengine, or IDtech to cryengine that are saying the cryengine is complex simply don't realize that it is natural to find a new engine difficult to move to after spending years on one specific engine.
I know from experience that I went through that phase, even with the Cryengine, but you've just gotta spent a little time to get used to the new engine to appreciate it's quality.

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SteveZombie May 3 2011 says:


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MrTimm May 3 2011 says:

sure going to use it with the people at my work start simple like tetris just to mess around with it to learn the engine and its code and maybe later something big

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Gorbles May 4 2011 says:

Meh. Not into engine development yet - I've barely touched UDK.

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morganio May 4 2011 says:


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Jason187781 May 5 2011 says:

I have been modding with Cry Engine 2 for years,
It's so complicated because it caters for so much. You need every aspect available to create any type of game, senario or situation. Having all these option from the get go is I agree daunting.

It's only as buggy as it's made, I have never been held back in what I visioned, only held back in the knowledge on how to make it a vision on screen. It's very unforgiving at first but after time very very rewarding also. You need to stick at it and take small steps with every new project, eventually you will find yourself creating fully working, bug free and anything you could possibly imagine mods, like me :)

I am currently at work on my 5th full project as part of a Mod team working on The Worry of Newport series.

The news Cry Engine 3 is going to be available is for me more exciting than any game itself being announced or released. and cant wait to see what extras it has to offer.

Yours sincerly Crytek Fanboy ;)

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R3bornSh4dow May 5 2011 says:

Well I'm full into UDK (and the good 'ol Unreal Engine 2) but CryEngine 3 seems to be quite interesting.. well maybe trying it out somewhat.

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DoctorCheese May 7 2011 says:

Meh because I'm a lazy *** :)

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Ice_Man_120 May 7 2011 says:

Can't wait to get it, already got a mod in my mind. Depends on how hard they make it compared to Cry Engine 2, I have been mapping with that for the last year and a half now and am pretty good. Still crap compared to most of the people who use it. But can't wait for it in August

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