If you didn't know, I always root for the medic. The medic is always that unsung hero who saves your dumbass when you get wounded.

Review RSS Feed Aberration
8 Review

Mod Review on Aug 15th, 2012

No review provided

Loren The Amazon Princess
10 Review

Game Review on Aug 14th, 2012

I have only played the demo but i loved it, totally buying.

Diablo II
10 Review

Game Review on Aug 12th, 2012

A classic, get the expansion, it has 2 more characters, longer story, and more loot. :)

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
10 Review

Game Review on Aug 12th, 2012

It's a strong game that will take a while to die.

Half-Life: Zombie Edition
9 Review

Mod Review on Aug 8th, 2012

This mod was very good and could be very popular if it was a HL2 mod. I wish it was longer but I cant really complain because I couldn't do better.

10 Review

Mod Review on Aug 7th, 2012
This review may contain spoilers

I really loved this mod. 10/10. It did have some bugs and sometimes teammates would get really annoying,like in the end when the helicopter is attacking and i need to get back into the shed, my teammate was always getting in the way. Otherwise, it was a really awesome mod, good job!

Half-Life 2
9 Review

Game Review on Jun 23rd, 2012

No review provided

Afraid of Monsters DC
9 Review

Mod Review on Apr 10th, 2011 - 2 people agree

i haven't downloaded it but my friend had it and let me play and... wow scary. It has good a good story line and fun gameplay you cant really get bored after playing the first time around. I'll give it and 9.6/10 because nothing is perfect and this game gave me the fear of the dark forever...

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