Zombie Edition is a mod based on original half-life concept, but you will play as a headcrab and, what is more interesting, as a zombie. Zombies can mutate to change their characteristics into three types and every type will have at least six upgrades including new weapons and abilities. For further information please check this mod's Official Page.

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GREAT MOD i love being able to see the game from a diffretn view :D


Exciting Black Mesa adventure with a well-used character.

This was the best Hl1 Mod i have EVER seen! 10/10!!!!

This mod has a lot of potential. But I feel like it didn't live up to what it sounded like. The maps aren't the greatest and the AI is horrible, but it just didn't get enough attention for them to continue. They completely stopped making updates for it, and only now are they updating this page, but only because it got added to Desura. I give this a 6/10. Would be amazing if it was still in dev.

Great mod, very original and interesting!


felipe1355 says

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this game is good and cool
and is better

Mod great! No, it does have disadvantages, such as the fact that he is a bit short ... And ... all ?! Is mod so gorgeous ?! And my answer is YES! How else, if he gives us the opportunity to play for such an enemy, of the legendary game Half-Life as headcrabs! What else do you need for happiness? Right! Pumping the character, right up to three classes: Crusher; Rascher; and Breeder. All three classes can be pumped, devouring the wretched fellows. Once the modification is complete headcrabs simulator, and a history of the universe Half-Life. To play it, you will not regret!

This mod is amazing, is the best mod of half-life, better like counter strike. i dont try the multiplayer



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Out of all the enemies Half-Life and it's expansion packs threw at you, The most common had to be those Headcrabs and Zombies/Mawmen. The stuff of nightmares they were, And you pretty much slaughtered a large amount of them in your quest to escape black mesa.

Half-Life:Zombie Edition puts you in the skin of a headcrab who can latch onto and turn humans into Zombies, in addition to the normal zombie there are two new types:Rusher and Bruiser. To get these upgrades you need to "Pay Money".

The mod can get hard at various times due to the headcrab/zombie having a slow movement speed (though the headcrab's leap can undo that). Security Guards, Scientists, even Human grunts are fair game for zombification.

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