Well, I'm Richard, or better known as Dutchygamer on several C&C modding forums. I'm the leader of the Frontline Chaos TC Mod for C&C Generals ZH, and I'm also co-leading the Invasion Confirmed mod (also for Generals ZH) together with DaFool. Besides my Generals mods, I'm also the AI coder of Twisted Insurection, a TS mod, led by Aro and LKO. Besides these mods I also have several private mods for TS, RA2, Generals and TW. I'm good at creating and editing the AI (TS and RA2) and coding stuff, and at this moment learning how to model and skin properly (for Generals ZH).

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Dutchygamer Jul 2 2015, 1:55pm replied:

Unknown at this stage.

+1 vote   mod: Frontline Chaos
Dutchygamer Jun 21 2015, 9:17am says:

Lol, CABAL in the Core is looking back like "WTF just hit my refinery" xD

+5 votes   media: Cabal in trouble
Dutchygamer Jun 13 2015, 4:24am replied:

Some have been planned, but I won't reveal more tho :P

+1 vote   media: Revenant Weapons Assembly Depot
Dutchygamer Jun 12 2015, 12:34pm replied:

Technically they are separate sides (altho only Legion is playable), but from the lore point of view they are on the same side, with Revenant being on the other side.

+1 vote   media: Revenant Weapons Assembly Depot
Dutchygamer Jun 7 2015, 12:58pm says:

I have to admit: the Reaper one sounds a lot like the original one, which I can only approve of. Can you share who is this new voice actor? Just interested :)

+2 votes   media: First Cabal quotes (Reaper) and GDI Archon MBT
Dutchygamer Jun 4 2015, 2:34pm replied:

Just you two... Damn, and I thought TO has an entire team like TI has =/

+2 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 3/06/2015
Dutchygamer Jun 3 2015, 4:00pm says:

I chuckled at the title image :P But no matter, I like the update. I do however wonder how large the test team is, since you keep mentioning you have done testing with testers.

+2 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 3/06/2015
Dutchygamer May 28 2015, 3:19pm replied:

I might see what I can do. I like the current design, and wider tanks looks a bit strange to me. Will try out some variants :)

+1 vote   news: Frontline Chaos - May 2015 Update
Dutchygamer May 28 2015, 2:26pm says:

The only thing that bothers me of the TS/RA2 port of OpenRA is the strangely stretched radar. Besides that, keep up the good work :)

+3 votes   media: Cabal vs GDI
Dutchygamer May 27 2015, 1:39pm replied:

Looks more interesting then every other flame tank in C&C / mods that already use two, and if I would had 2 larger tanks, it would look rather silly. I try to go for a more realistic design, hence the tanks being covered in armour plating instead of being wide open to fire :P

+1 vote   news: Frontline Chaos - May 2015 Update
Dutchygamer May 27 2015, 1:37pm replied:

No sub-factions are planned (yet). Reaper Company is just for lore and campaign for now.

+1 vote   news: Frontline Chaos - May 2015 Update
Dutchygamer May 24 2015, 1:45pm says:

Good luck with the porting. I'm really interested to see how this will work out, because just as you I noticed that OpenRA has grown a lot over the last 1.5 years. Might even do a little side-project with the TS part/port of it.

+4 votes   news: Five years anniversary - and an announcement
Dutchygamer May 13 2015, 2:32pm says:

That Imp isn't pleased Doomguy is stealing his drinks =P

+2 votes   media: Doomguy low on health
Dutchygamer May 9 2015, 5:17am says:

Just a word of advice: light from a sun/star looks different then through a planet's atmosphere. In space, you see much more glare instead of a shining globe. Looks more like this:
Not sure if technically feasible, but if you want to make it look more realistic, you might want to look into this ;)

+2 votes   media: Test Image.
Dutchygamer Apr 26 2015, 6:11am says:

What's with the black monolith thingy in the distance?

+2 votes   media: Random update. See first comment.
Dutchygamer Apr 20 2015, 1:50pm replied:

Whoops, seems I missed this one. The mod is not finished. It is far from finished, but progress is being made ;)

+1 vote   member: Dutchygamer
Dutchygamer Apr 19 2015, 6:19am replied:

This indeed. I suggest switching at least to a different name then C&C, as afaik EA still owns the rights to this. Not sure about Tiberium tho.
Anyway, best of luck with this. I'll keep an eye on this project :)

+1 vote   news: New Models! & New Engine?
Dutchygamer Apr 12 2015, 6:22am says:

What's wrong with the original VHM? This one looks odd, and I assume it is not the definite model.

+2 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 12/04/2015
Dutchygamer Mar 23 2015, 3:16pm says:

Bunkers and GattCannon are a bit too big, and the Internet Center looks a tad too small.

+1 vote   media: [ Generals Evolution ] Structures Renders
Dutchygamer Mar 21 2015, 5:54am says:

Buggy design reminds me of the one you made for your ZH mod. I like

+2 votes   media: Ooh shiny update. See first Comment.
Dutchygamer Mar 6 2015, 1:59pm says:

Where is Ran? =3

+1 vote   media: Some Recent Progress
Dutchygamer Feb 22 2015, 2:39pm replied:

Practice makes perfect they say, and having some good examples also helps :)

+3 votes   mod: Frontline Chaos
Dutchygamer Feb 18 2015, 2:15pm replied:

That is just Mount Olympus you generated =P

+2 votes   media: I got lost (Details in fist comment).
Dutchygamer Feb 16 2015, 3:02pm says:

Tracking. Has been a while since we spoke, and I wish you the best of luck with this project :)

+2 votes   game: Codename: Omega Void
Dutchygamer Feb 16 2015, 3:01pm replied:

AI is still limited to just 3 levels. No way we can change that without any serious exe hacking ;)

+2 votes   media: TI Client Updates
Dutchygamer Feb 2 2015, 3:28pm says:

Pincer reminds me of Wake Island. Is this a correct assumption? =P

+2 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 02/02/2015
Dutchygamer Jan 26 2015, 3:31pm says:

I like what I see, but the red tib fauna reminds me of... how to say it... a pile of poo. No offense =/

+2 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 25/1/2015
Dutchygamer Jan 26 2015, 3:26pm replied:

Wasn't the problem here that the Tesla Trooper got distracted by the enemy and afterwards forgot to begin charging again?

+1 vote   media: Electrodes Ready!
Dutchygamer Jan 24 2015, 5:50pm replied:

Or a Dutch joke =P

+2 votes   media: Live Stream 25-01-2015
Dutchygamer Jan 17 2015, 5:58pm says:

I like the looks of the new Stealth Generator, but the new Firestorm Generator looks... odd. There's hardly resemblance between the TS one and this

+4 votes   news: Weekly Bulletin 16/1/2015
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