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Durog25 Jul 29 2015, 8:04pm replied:

Ah cool. Good to know your being as accurate as possible. ^_^

+1 vote   media: One big happy family... (WIP Render)
Durog25 Jul 29 2015, 7:25am says:

Those are some crazy good models.

Wondering though isn't the DSD1 a bit big or is the B1 too short. The B1 is only 5cm shorter than a DSD1.

+1 vote   media: One big happy family... (WIP Render)
Durog25 Jan 8 2015, 7:02pm replied:

Space is bigger.

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Durog25 Sep 18 2014, 6:07pm replied:

There's a faction in vanilla with more than 24 non fighter ships?

I agree with you, btw. I was curious of how the UI worked. I remember years ago one of the Republic at War team ( I cannae remember which) was explaining why they couldn't add too many units because of some UI limitations.

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Durog25 Sep 18 2014, 11:33am replied:

I just meant for this fleet. There are more ships here than for any one vanilla faction.

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Durog25 Sep 18 2014, 9:59am replied:

That sounds workable. Out of curiosity how are you going to make the UI capable of coping with so many units. With planets having only so many slots for unit recruitment. (Not the build que, the actual section where you select what you want to build.)

It's always been my modus operendi to custom mod Foc so that I can build battle groups of a single capital ship plus escorts (same with ground units I like to set up armoured battalions or airborne divisions).

Hence why I wondered if that's what this was.

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Durog25 Sep 18 2014, 6:17am says:

So is this going to be built as one unit?

+1 vote   media: 5th Fleet Profile
Durog25 Sep 17 2014, 5:43pm says:

This forever changes the way I think of the battle of Kashyyyk.

+3 votes   media: 5th Fleet: Complete, and Falcon Approved ;)
Durog25 Aug 9 2014, 2:35pm replied:

AT-AT the first AT stands for All Terrain. They can most certainly walk through water. They can be completely submerged much like the earlier AT series vehicles such as the AT-TE.

+3 votes   media: romantic river cruises around the galaxy!
Durog25 Apr 27 2014, 6:24pm says:

I was really happy with this decision. Sure the stories are no longer cannon but they still exist, they have coll characters and events and can still be read, digested, enjoyed. Even better than that Disney aren't going to be slowly dismantling it, they aren't going to rewrite one story and torch another; they're just starting afresh, their own take a new story starting where we all agree on what happened. I like the decision. It was the best one they could've made.

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Durog25 May 18 2013, 10:06am says:

I'll bite. I'm guessing it can build planets. Seems about the right shape.

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Durog25 Mar 29 2013, 1:54pm replied:

Ozzy you continue to be an extremely erudite voice of reason.

+1 vote   media: What Was Saved: Hidden Enemy
Durog25 Mar 29 2013, 1:53pm replied:

That's likely because the people who liked it don't bother commenting. Isn't that like the first rule of understanding forums, the people who actually like the content don't feel the need to go and make posts about it.

Also make sure you don't fall for several people complaining over and over for a whole community complaining once or twice each.

+1 vote   media: What Was Saved: Hidden Enemy
Durog25 Mar 17 2013, 3:40pm says:

That turtle based walker looks promising. Hope you don't scrap the whole thing because that really does just scream UEF. Some of the other designs look great too. Can't wait to see what these inspired, got replaced by or favored for.

+3 votes   news: Revamp Graveyard
Durog25 Mar 7 2013, 10:11pm says:

I've just realized this looks like a gunship from metal gear.

+1 vote   media: Updated UEF sniper gunship
Durog25 Mar 6 2013, 6:10pm says:

Catamaran of some sort?

+1 vote   media: Spy shot
Durog25 Mar 3 2013, 7:02pm says:

May I suggest saving directly to drop box.

+2 votes   media: Good News, Bad news
Durog25 Feb 28 2013, 10:28pm says:

Your argument is good except for one small problem: it's not an argument. Had TCW been before SW:CW you'd be for the former and against the latter. What you and many others fail to understand is this: 1. Lucas has the last say when it comes to star wars (or did till he sold it, thank the stars) so if he wanted to change the established cannon so be it. 2. The books whilst cool aren't established cannon, they are not quite cannon not quite fannon, a limbo state between the two. Yeah I'll give you the bad writing in TCW but it was hardly better in SW:CW they're for kids what do you expect? TCW has however despite your many attempts to ignore it stayed pretty close to established cannon, with the Rep' Commandos for example. They kept what they liked from SW:CW too e.g. V-19 Torrent.

My point? Whilst I know you do this with the best intentions, your hatred for this show relies on just as much bias on your part as it does on TCW being poor in places.

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Durog25 Feb 4 2013, 3:48pm says:

Not sure about the Leman Russ, are you going to be adding Sky Ray and Hammer Head Grav Tanks? May I also recommend, if possible, to add Piranha. That and some of the Larger battle suits.

Other than that, great work, cannae wait, I love the Tau.

+1 vote   media: Tau
Durog25 Jan 17 2013, 10:52am says:

Cool, this might be interesting to see.

I can't wait for all the spoiled fans to cry when Character x isn't in the right place or vehicle y gets introduced at the wrong time, because that's what will happen I assure you.

Just look at the description, couldn't not take a dig at TCW could you. Can't just pull that self righteous stick out of your own arses and get over that you don't like what Lucas did with the Clone Wars and that this is his brain child not yours. Don't like it, write a fan'fic' and create your own personal cannon. Act like a mature human being, if the star wars community can actually manage that.

+1 vote   media: Hey something canon FOR ONCE
Durog25 Jan 14 2013, 9:20pm says:

That looks pretty cool. Can't wait to see some Cybran support vessels.

+3 votes   media: Cybran XP battleship
Durog25 Dec 20 2012, 3:20pm says:

What role do these frigates fill?

+4 votes   media: Various Screenshots
Durog25 Nov 17 2012, 9:43pm replied:


+3 votes   media: Cybran "Wyvern" Major Experimental - wallpaper
Durog25 Nov 5 2012, 6:18am says:

Why can I imagine this saying "Po Po" or "You know where they're not? Safe." or laughing creepily.

+5 votes   media: The Assault Gunboat!
Durog25 Oct 1 2012, 1:30pm replied:

There is a difference between polite requests for changes and complaints. Besides making something smaller would make it easier to fit. xD

p.s. You made MRs large, so why not the crucible.

+1 vote   media: Everything as of 9/13/2012
Durog25 Sep 29 2012, 10:39am says:

This unit should also be available to be built by ships but have it named slightly differently as a variant armed with sonar and depth charges and a weaker gun because this thing seems like a very versatile platform.

+1 vote   media: UEF T1 Gunship
Durog25 Sep 29 2012, 10:33am says:

What job will this fighter have? Will it be a close support for bombers, able to hold its own against ASF especially in numbers, or will it be a T1 exterminator that will prevent spamming of T1 aircraft and force a switch in strategies from your opponent.

+1 vote   media: UEF T2 Fighter
Durog25 Sep 29 2012, 10:31am says:

What kind of bomber is this? Precision/ Carpet, Missiles/Rockets/Bombs. Will the bombs have any specific effects EMP/Napalm.

+1 vote   media: UEF T2 Fighter bomber
Durog25 Sep 14 2012, 7:18am says:

Still a few scale related issues*, other than that, this looks amazing.

* Reaper Destroyer is still too big.


* The Crucible is too small.

-4 votes   media: Everything as of 9/13/2012
Durog25 Sep 11 2012, 6:02pm replied:

Read the reason why the Reaper Titan is so big. It is quite interesting

+2 votes   media: Complete Fleet Update
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