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DrTank09 @ Half-Life 2

quick question, can I play Half Life 2 mods on Half Life 2: Episode 1?

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DrTank09 @ Sleep

its not the peaceful harmonies that get me, it is the dissonance of the song, the clash of life, life, and emotion.

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DrTank09 @ Musicians at ModDB

Everyone should check out this song

It is a wonderful piece and my choir tries to sing at least one from this composer every year, and so far have made it to state every year that we have done it as well :D

The composer is Eric Whitacre and the song is Sleep.

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DrTank09 @ Iron Grip: Warlord

quick question, when are the beta testers going to find out if they have been chosen, and will the testers have to pay to work on it? Quite frankly, I am a student with no funds... :(

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DrTank09 @ The Nameless Mod: Recruiting Voice Actors

no offence but the voice acting, although smooth holds no... depth, you've given no character to your characters. In that short video segment I wasn't for sure if I was listening to robits or to people. Only slight variations in tone were given to the speech. Truthfully the worst part about this isn't that it is mediocre at best, its that you put in the slightest, and I mean only a hint, of sarcasm... but you didn't follow through, which gives me reason to believe that you have the capabilities to make it better, but still haven't? Why is this? if you put in the time to make something, why not make it good. I am not trying to sit here and throw mindless debauchery at you. This is constructive criticism. I am a high school student, but don't let that fool you, I have been in quite a few plays and musicals in my time, including paid acting gigs, but I was Santa for that one... instead of reading your lines and looking nothing more into them, think of where they have been, what type of quirks do they have, personality. If the male voice was high pitched, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference in character between him and the female. Try asking yourself simple questions like what would my character have done on his birthday, or what would the character say if it was asked this question or that.

"Truthfully, you are not creating a character out of thin air, your are <i>re</i>-creating the character that has resided in your mind and giving it details as to whom you wish it to become." ~Mr.Yonker my English, Speech, and Musical director.

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DrTank09 @ Pick Your Warlord!

I am most like the top right one. Fat but ready tankin' a** and kickin' names... or something like that, I just know the first part is right. As a pudgy man of 6'3" and 330lbs, I know that that extra weight can be used, but can still be nimble :D

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DrTank09 @ A Call to Arms

I signed up too. I hope you can make a great game for me to polish :D

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DrTank09 @ Road to Jerusalem

Convert to Islam, repent latter.

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