Welcome to my profile. I am a hobbyist modder who mods other people's mods. I love to take a mod that is enjoyable, and then tweak it more to suit my tastes. This is a reflection of my appreciation of the greater modding community's effort, especially with games like STALKER. There is no greater flattery than imitation. Hopefully you will find something you like in a mod I've tweaked, and then my joy will become yours. Oddworld.odd is my home network, where these projects are built.

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DrBlizzard Mar 7 2015, 7:14pm replied:

The good news is, the L85 isn't a jam-o-matic anymore. It will still not be as reliable as some of the other weapons, but it doesn't feel totally useless now, either.

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DrBlizzard Mar 4 2015, 6:15pm says:

To allay any suspicions, we aren't "dead". This mod has, thanks to a number of personal catastrophes, been stretched over a few years.

That in turn has caused "more than a few" of our original development team members to pursue other projects as we lost contact.

Anyone interested in contributing to the project is encouraged to private message me.

I have been play-testing this week and the previous week and things are looking well.

Of the things that remain, few may be truly "fixable" (i.e., large loading "spikes" when transitioning into densely populated areas, assumed to be caused by the introduction of a large amount of new content on top of the existing vanilla content).

Ultimately, I feel we are drawing closer to a release as we weed out and correct some of the last annoyances.

It continues to be my fondest wish that your wait was not in vain and that your expectations will be met wherever possible.

Until next time, happy stalking, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s.

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DrBlizzard May 21 2014, 12:42am says:

Good news, folks. I shot some video after some initial difficulty on Tuesday, 2014/05/20.

The video turned out pretty good, all things considered. It will be in the Garbage, but will showcase some "general" activity that we're all used to. Searching corpses, shooting down mutants (which can be very, very profitable if you sell the mutant parts to the right vendors), and harassing the bandits as much as they harass us.

It's a little bit of "classic" STALKER done in a way that says, "Guess Who's Modding Again".

Look for this new video to be posted sometime in the next week or two, depending on editing time. I need to set up my editor again, but I don't foresee any great difficulty.

Until then, happy stalking!

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DrBlizzard Apr 27 2014, 5:28pm says:

You guys are all terrific! Thanks for taking the time to read and follow along. We're far from done, but we're not stopping until we cross that gilded finish line!

+1 vote   article: Once A STALKER, Always A STALKER: Surviving My Own Kind Of Zone
DrBlizzard Apr 22 2014, 7:57pm replied:

Thanks for writing, zin90.

Development had stalled for a bit again, following some ugly personal turmoil that I will spare the rest of you.

The good news is, that's done with, and I am back to my old, happy, modding self.

As for a release date, I don't think I'm ready to commit to a date just yet. I know a lot of modders do this, and still more say, "It's done when it's done". I too, understand why they would do this.

However - and for reasons outlined in the latest news article - I think I may try to frame a timeframe for this project so that I can, at the very least, be a little more transparent with all of you as to how this project is progressing.

I need to take a long, hard look at what we already have, and that will give me a better idea of where we "should" be. I think that once we have that "destination", then we can give you guys some updates timeframes, or at least ball-park estimates.

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DrBlizzard Jan 8 2014, 11:04am says:

The good news is, I'm still alive. And just like promised, "Dead" comments become - "dead" themselves.

I ran into some technical issues during the last play test, and will be addressing these as time permits. Fortunately, I don't anticipate any major problems.

To the fans still watching the pages, I give you my thanks and my continuing commitment to give you something worthy of your time.

Best wishes,

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DrBlizzard Oct 6 2013, 12:11pm says:

Good news, everyone.

I've moved - settled in - and best of all, I took some time over this weekend to shoot some footage of the mod in-progress to see if it all plays out as smoothly as I remember it.

The truly good news is that it remains as exciting today as it was when I had more time to work on it.

I will try to have something posted here (footage) a little later in the week so that everyone can have a "refresher". From there, there's no telling where we will go, but I know it will be an exciting road.

Thanks for walking it with me, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s!

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DrBlizzard Aug 16 2013, 2:01am says:

I'm alive folks - had to move (again). The good news is now I can get back to work.

FYI - posts asking about if the mod is "dead" or directly asking for release dates will be deleted - since the answers to those posts can be found with a little reading.

Best wishes,

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DrBlizzard Apr 4 2013, 12:42pm replied:

Thanks Cowlick; I hope yours was merry, too!

Things seem to be lightening up and that's only good news.

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DrBlizzard Apr 4 2013, 12:41pm replied:

Sincerely appreciated, Seeker_of_Strelok.

I feel like we could all use some STALKER love, especially when the sequel went belly-up in the cataclysm of GSC Games demise.

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DrBlizzard Apr 4 2013, 12:40pm replied:

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement, Resev. Looking forward to finding some time to get this out to you guys.

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DrBlizzard Nov 17 2012, 4:57pm says:

To friends and patrons around the world,

It saddens me greatly to announce that extenuating circumstances in my life will prevent me from working on this mod, at least for the next several months.

There are very serious situations that I am forced to deal with at the present time, and I will not have the necessary time to continue development of the mod.

I would like to emphasize, however, that this mod is *NOT* being discontinued. While these dire situations are being worked through, I will be halting all development until they can be resolved. Once these situations have been worked through, it is my intention to resume development thereafter.

Unfortunately, given the nature of these issues, it is not possible to give an accurate date as to when progress will resume. If fortune smiles on me, it may be as soon as the beginning of 2013.

I realize this must come as a shock to many of you, and I apologize to each of you for the delayed progress on this mod. I still have every intention of delivering this to the community in due time.

I appreciate your patience, understanding, and cooperation while I work through this extremely difficult time in my life.



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DrBlizzard Oct 18 2012, 11:33am replied:

Now, now, never you should worry. You can always buy the Barrett and come back later. :)

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. - "I'd Be Careful If I Were You"
DrBlizzard Oct 12 2012, 11:39am says:

Ultra-brief update; I had to move during the "silent" time inbetween posts here.

I am now settled back in, and can hopefully spin out some media for you folks to feast on while I start hammering on this again.

Once again, thank you for being patient - your patience will NOT go unrewarded, I can promise you that.

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DrBlizzard Sep 3 2012, 1:03am replied:

It is entirely possible, however, the overall goal of M.I.N.E. departs significantly with most other mods in that we discard absolute realism in favor of more accessible gameplay; for example, increasing the weight limit to an unrealistic 80kg so you can carry more weapons since we've added well over 60 new weapons to the vanilla Clear Sky experience.

I have never, and likely will never, incorporate functions that provide more realism (and a corresponding jump in difficulty), in favor of additions that enhance the core mechanics of the mod; graphics, gunplay, and enhancement of the player in the world (new music, sound effects, etc.)

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DrBlizzard Sep 3 2012, 1:01am replied:

I apologize to everyone for the lack of updates here. I have had some serious issues in RL which have had far-reaching repercussions on my free time.

M.I.N.E. remains in development, albeit at this point development is stalled until these issues are sorted. I anticipate continuing to produce previews and screenshots for the gang here who have been following us, as well as progress updates as I am able to find the time.

I apologize to everyone for the lax in development lately and ask for your consideration and understanding.


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DrBlizzard Jun 5 2012, 10:08am replied:


Please see the enclosed PDF document in the zip file. It will go into detail as to how to install the mod. There are instructions for installing both the Steam version of the game, as well as the non-Steam version.

Thanks for downloading the add-on.

+1 vote   download: Cant Be Done Campaign
DrBlizzard May 31 2012, 11:57am says:

To everyone who is continuing their support for this mod, I would like to give you our warmest "Thanks".

Currently, we are still working on solidifying the current build, removing bugs, and testing the mod to ensure there are no breaking points or easily identifiable "Crash To Desktop" (CTD) errors.

Presently, we have a smooth build and I am in the Dark Valley working with Freedom. There are NO issues so far!

I expect to be pushing forward into Agroprom and then Lake Yantar, where I will try to produce a video showing the current build and the features that are all working together.

A complete play-test in this build means we have accomplished a complete merger of all major components, and represents a significant milestone in our development process.

Look for an updated news article covering this progress, and additional video to keep everyone up-to-date in the future.

To everyone exercising patience, I want to say "Thank You" personally, as it means a lot to us to be given the time and focus that we need to make a quality mod that is both fun and as error-free as it can be.

Until next time, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s!

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DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 3:10pm replied:

I am seriously debating keeping both in-game. I think the newer-looking one here has a hard-coded single-shot reload animation which we can't change; we don't have any animators who can redo it. That means this single-shot variant (shown) will likely end up with a lower price tag, slower firing rates, and characteristics more like an un-scoped sniper rifle.

The second model Fluffy refers to is a stripper-clip fed model, and I BELIEVE I had it working at one point here. I will have to toy around with it, but I just loved the wood furniture on the first model - and that is why you see it already implemented. The second model will likely be slightly more expensive, but may have a higher rate of fire to offset it's quicker reload and higher price tag.

Options, options, options!

+2 votes   media: Testing Screenshots
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 3:07pm replied:

As much as I would love to use it, it's simply not possible with gratuitous re-engineering, as Fluffy said. Sadly, that is not something I am in to.

Keeping the engine stable while injecting 3+GB of new content is bad enough already without rewiring the fragile framework allowing it all to run. :D

+1 vote   media: Testing Screenshots
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 3:05pm replied:

The view is one LOVELY feature of this height.

However, if you have a PSG-1, L115, SV98, SVD, SVU, or any of around a dozen sniper rifles we have (yes, .338 lapua magnum is in-game) then it's even better for killing people from a thousand meters away.

Boar harvesting, anyone?

+1 vote   media: Testing Screenshots
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 3:03pm replied:

I'm incredibly happy with the sense of hopelessness and emptiness this place is providing now. It really does feel - along with Sclera's new soundtrack - that you're on the very edge of reality, let alone the Zone proper.

+3 votes   media: Testing Screenshots
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 3:02pm replied:

Thanks! :D

I am ceaselessly amazed by the random beauty this game throws at me. I am simply dumbstruck when I am casually walking along, and the screen elements come together in such a way that it literally makes me stop and admire the scene.

Hopefully, it does the same thing to you guys when I release it.

+2 votes   media: Testing Screenshots
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 3:01pm says:

Assistant Pastor Scar had a UNIQUE way of keeping the congregation in order.

+3 votes   media: Testing Screenshots
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 3:00pm says:

Buyer beware; I got this off of a STALKER selling it out of his inventory. It was a 60%+ price hike, but I didn't mind - selling boar hooves more than paid me for what I needed.

Also... put some hearing protection on the first time you fire it. Shotguns will never be viewed the same way twice in this mod.

+2 votes   media: Testing Screenshots
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 2:59pm says:

For those curious, YES, we ARE trying to work on getting a stripper-clip variant of the SKS in-game.

Whether or not it works or not is an entirely different matter altogether. :)

+1 vote   media: Testing Screenshots
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 2:58pm says:

One of the nice things is that I got both a UMP 45 and a USP 45 Compact from a dead Clear Sky STALKER in the Swamps. Groovy!

+1 vote   media: Testing Screenshots
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 2:57pm says:

I'm so lonely...
I have nobody...
To call my own...

+2 votes   media: Testing Sample
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 2:57pm replied:

The icons you see are from our Mumble (voice chat) conversation overlay. Jonny & I were discussing the mod over voice chat as I was going through it.

Oddly enough, the weapon texture and the background are all I attempt to capture in these screenshots. It's eye candy.

+1 vote   media: Testing Screenshots
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2012, 2:56pm replied:

Indeed, new weapons WILL be available in stashes throughout the Zone - and not just in the Swamps. So you will be able to find many of our new guns in stashes, and some in the shops - but only if a certain faction is doing well - and finally others too rare to be galavanting around the Zone in broad daylight will be found at one EXCLUSIVE trader. I'm sure many of you know who I'm referring to.

+2 votes   media: Testing Screenshots
DrBlizzard Jan 17 2012, 9:15am replied:

Good observations, and ones I share as well. We're still tweaking damages, but overall, the direction things are moving is extremely promising.

The opening scenes with the pistols were some of my favorites, with the revival of the idea that a pistol can actually be useful.

Right now, the pistols all have high 0.7+ damage rates, which accounts for their almost universal lethality. Assault rifles are in the 0.4-0.6 range, with some hitting in 0.7 (such as the AS Val, Groza, etc.) which may explain the observed behavior. Also contributing to this is the phenomenon where Clear Sky has a guaranteed miss ratio; such as 8:10, whereas 2 of every 10 shots are guaranteed to miss due to the reality that "not every shot will land".

I am wrestling with eliminating that altogether, or potentially bumping some weapons' damage potentials up.

I suppose we'll see!

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Sneak Peak - NPC Damage Tweak Part 3/3
DrBlizzard Jan 13 2012, 9:32am replied:

That's not a bad idea. It'd certainly reduce the frequency that NPCs would have medkits in their inventories. :)

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Sneak Peak - NPC Damage Tweak Part 1/3
DrBlizzard Nov 27 2011, 6:27pm replied:

Well, there's always the GP-100 "Sturmruger" revolver. It's perfectly suitable for the Zone; a revolver being one of the most reliable firearms you can get.

+2 votes   media: Warning Signs
DrBlizzard Nov 27 2011, 2:33pm replied:

Don't worry, if you do not like the gold one, we have the all-matte black version in 50-caliber.

*sinister grin*

+1 vote   media: Warning Signs
DrBlizzard Nov 15 2011, 9:24am says:

That is simply amazing!

+2 votes   media: More to feed you guys
DrBlizzard Nov 1 2011, 5:53pm says:

Or, a "Hero of the Soviet Union"!

Man... if I could get my hands on that award...

All levity aside, you have a truly unique experience here and you have our support for a successful project!

+1 vote   article: Progress Update 2
DrBlizzard Sep 19 2011, 8:57am replied:

While I can't commit to future projects just yet, the basic materials I believe are there for a M.I.N.E. for CoP.

To answer your question, yes, this could be done in CoP.

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Screenshot - Into The Sunset
DrBlizzard Sep 13 2011, 1:38pm replied:

I like this one MUCH better than the one in the recent video.

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Screenshot - PPSh-41 New Texture
DrBlizzard Sep 9 2011, 9:11am replied:

While I believe the high-contrast upgrade would require a different gun (scope textures in CS are tied to the weapon, where-as in CoP you can define multiple scopes for a weapon), the higher recoil on the 47 is definitely something I want to look into.

Admittedly, in my pre-Mikhail Kalashnikov biography video watching -days, I tried to justify it with the idea that the 47 weighs more. My post biography watching days, and reading several books on the subject, have educated me enough to know better now. :)

7.62 will be a great round in this mod; but as you can expect, it will weigh more and it will cause higher kickback than the 5.45.

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Sneak Peek - Weapons Testing
DrBlizzard Aug 30 2011, 3:44pm says:

Yes, yes it was - however, this is merely the observation that the world is full of odd "people".

Cheap? Possibly. Accurate? Certainly. ;)

+2 votes   group: Odd World Inhabitants
DrBlizzard Aug 9 2011, 11:52am replied:

I could not agree more. I don't care if I get 18FPS, the game has NO parallel when you max it out. It's simply in a class of it's own.

+1 vote   media: Up and running again
DrBlizzard Jul 7 2011, 8:57am replied:

Unfortunately, there is no way (that I am aware of) to hook events in-game to disabling or enabling the Dynamic Combat Audio.

Like many of you, sometimes I want more immersion and I turn it off.

When I shot these videos, I felt like jamming.

Good thing we have the option to change these kinds of things to our own preferences. :)

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Sneak Peek - Gameplay Demo Part 3
DrBlizzard Jul 6 2011, 3:33pm replied:

If you have any suggestions on where we can get our filthy paws on some fingerless gloves, please do tell.

+2 votes   media: M.I.N.E. Sneak Peek - Gameplay Demo Part 2
DrBlizzard Jul 6 2011, 3:32pm replied:

You can't delete the texture alone, I'm afraid. I duplicated an existing GSC mesh and then associated the duplicated mesh with a new texture, so if you remove the texture, you'll get non-textured (purple) hands - or worse.

You'd need to delete the mesh, the texture, and then copy an existing mesh and rename it to the deleted one's name so that it doesn't flip out when you load the game.

Otherwise, this has generally been a popular texture and I think it'll grow on you. Give Monolith a chance, won't you? :)

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Sneak Peek - Gameplay Demo Part 2
DrBlizzard Jul 6 2011, 3:20pm replied:

I always do that to everyone else's videos. That's (secretly) another reason I try to keep my videos as high-def as I can, so you guys can see the inventory.

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Sneak Peek - Gameplay Demo Pt1
DrBlizzard Jun 15 2011, 4:56am replied:

You know, that's a surprisingly intriguing idea.

I haven't thought about that yet. I suppose the only real reason it hasn't been done is that suits cost so much (and therefore can be sold for a lot of cash) and having them drop might be weird... to see a suit in an inventory.

Even if you could damage it, you'd be in the Fortune 500 within getting four or five. :)

Still, that's a profound idea that demands further tinkering.

Great question!

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. - Sneak Peek - Monolith Suit Demo
DrBlizzard Jun 14 2011, 5:43pm replied:

To all the "Sky is too bright" folks:

A) The sky is bright in vanilla games; we're all no doubt used to CrommCruac fixing it for us with Atmosfear.

B) We have no clue what time it is without a hud. If this was earlier in the night, then it's completely plausible.

C) I love playing Devil's advocate

D) See C

E) Awesome screenshot. The dark silhouettes of the trees are as foreboding and evil as ever.

+3 votes   media: The Outpost
DrBlizzard Jun 6 2011, 2:53pm says:

zomg... I *LOVE* the way you twisted the Russian letters to look English!

But the poor Russians! They're reading it and probably going:

"The jagged bus flew sideways sunburn into the Godzilla sandwich revolver lawnmower landslide political victory implode!"

"What the...?!"

+1 vote   media: New Intro logo
DrBlizzard Jun 2 2011, 10:03am says:

I thought this would be a good way to show the sun-rays being used at dusk.

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Screenshot
DrBlizzard May 26 2011, 5:15pm replied:

As Fluffy indicates, there is a lot going on with the mod. Right now we are rigorously testing the current build (the reason you see so much new media appearing lately).

This will gradually subside as we move into a second phase of adding additional features, new code, and then test the new additions.

While I can't speak to a specific release date, do work in earnest to ensure that we save the community a long, extended, drawn out development process wherever possible. Ultimately, though, we intend to deliver a quality mod and that sometimes takes time.


+1 vote   article: M.I.N.E.
DrBlizzard May 22 2011, 9:48pm replied:

What do you have in mind? :)

+1 vote   media: STALKER Background 2
DrBlizzard May 20 2011, 10:45am replied:

Nah - these are cosmetic only. I didn't much like the mask over the hud myself. Immersive, yes. But too restrictive, too, in my opinion.

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Screenshot
DrBlizzard May 17 2011, 8:37am replied:

It took some work, but I think I have the "heavy" wood-stock AKM-feel I was going for now. It hits like a train, too, so it's fun to use. Of course, this is offset by 7.62x39mm ammo weighing more than 5.45x39mm ammo.

Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions...

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Screenshot
DrBlizzard May 5 2011, 8:52am replied:

Funny thing, to this day, I've never found that. I need to explore the Zone better. That, and finish my mod, so I am motivated to explore it better. :)

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Screenshot
DrBlizzard May 4 2011, 8:35am replied:

Actually, it's the boat house. In the north-western side of the map - just outside of the traintracks and the tunnel in the background. It's so remote, and has two stash boshes, and no-one would bother me there.

Lots of fuel barrels laying around, too. :)

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Screenshot
DrBlizzard May 2 2011, 4:49pm says:

I think I can see my house from here...

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Screenshot
DrBlizzard May 2 2011, 10:03am says:

That last one is WICKED!

+1 vote   media: Updates! Particles
DrBlizzard Apr 30 2011, 7:29pm replied:

That's actually the new Stechkin APS; an automatic pistol for the Makarov cartridge.

This gun holds 20 rounds, but I had just finished wasting this camp's previous inhabitants during testing.

The real gun is here:

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Screenshot
DrBlizzard Apr 29 2011, 4:32pm says:

I haven't seen too many "REALLY" good textures for the SIG SG-550. This definitely looks like a good one - well done!

+2 votes   media: Redux Weapon Reskins
DrBlizzard Apr 29 2011, 4:31pm says:

This is perfect!

It captures the spirit of STALKERS everywhere, perfectly! The primary goal in SHoC for every STALKER; reach the center of the Zone!

+1 vote   media: Faction Fronts Wallpaper #2
DrBlizzard Apr 29 2011, 4:23pm says:

That... is a thing of beauty. I especially like the attention to detail and the enlarged trigger guard. Stalkers are always wearing gloves - so this meshes really well.

+1 vote   media: Testing Textures in Zaton
DrBlizzard Apr 27 2011, 1:36pm replied:

I'm pretty sure this is a 2048x2048 texture, when most of the vanilla were at 512x512, so you're literally getting four times the detail. Unfortunately, not all guns have this level of detail, but we try not to settle for anything less than 1024x1024.

The AKS-74u is also at 2048x2048.

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Beta Screenshot
DrBlizzard Apr 27 2011, 10:03am says:

You could feed an entire country with as much awesome as this has. Well done!

+4 votes   media: weapon pack 2
DrBlizzard Apr 27 2011, 9:06am replied:

I just got my hands on the XM1014 (M4) in-game yesterday, and after some "re-acquainting" with the weapon, it does in fact pump.

I believe the forward assist is for other issues, like a stuck bolt, or a jam. I am not an expert but that is what it would lend itself to me to mean.

+1 vote   media: Benelli M4 Super 90 Demo
DrBlizzard Apr 27 2011, 9:02am says:

Absolutely. Atmosfear in the morning, atmosfear at night, and even sun rays during sun set. It's absolutely wonderful. CrommCruac is a genius.

+2 votes   media: M.I.N.E. Screenshot
DrBlizzard Apr 27 2011, 12:43am says:

Here is my solution to the Outpost problem. Specifically, that rather gorgeous rifle used to engage the machine gunner.


I really like the re-designed interface here.

+2 votes   media: Eviromental/Weapons Shots
DrBlizzard Apr 27 2011, 12:31am says:

Balaclava : The ONLY way to steal stuff in the Zone.

+1 vote   media: New artifacts!
DrBlizzard Apr 25 2011, 1:54pm says:

Is there a chance we might see the MP-412 REX break-top revolver?


+1 vote   media: weapon mod 3
DrBlizzard Apr 18 2011, 5:12pm says:

While I will not take credit for the amazing work CrommCruac put together with the Absolute Nature, Absolute Structures, and Atmosfear mods, nor the scope work (looks like Arsenal work, to me), I can say that being given the privilege to merge them all together into one mod is a thrilling experience.

It really goes far to show what is possible when you pool the collective talents of a very talented group of modders.

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. - Sneak Peek - Tools Of The Trade
DrBlizzard Apr 15 2011, 9:55pm replied:

Those were dart rounds, which have explosive qualities. I thought I'd show how the Saiga can be accurate with the right ammo.

+1 vote   media: M.I.N.E. Sneak Peek - Shotgun Demo
DrBlizzard Apr 14 2011, 6:05pm says:

Automated robbery... I love it!

+2 votes   media: Development Screenshots - Robbing Loners
DrBlizzard Apr 8 2011, 10:13am says:

I finally got the iron sights adjusted last night for this, and fixed some of the weapon stats, too. I am shooting (pun intended) for realistic weight, distance, and other properties; all pulled from real-world sources. Should be a fun weapon to use in the end; especially since I give you the 20-round clips instead of the 10-round restricted clips.

I'm also thinking of making the 5.7x28mm round in general be armor-piercing by default. A round of such rarity in the Zone will command a price tag that matches.

+3 votes   media: M.I.N.E. Sneak Peek - FN Five-seveN
DrBlizzard Apr 8 2011, 9:51am says:

I absolutely love this. Well done!

+1 vote   media: Development Screenshots
DrBlizzard Apr 8 2011, 9:42am says:

If you haven't already played PreSky v0.3, you need to. I never felt so at home in a world where I was in total control of what I did next. Would I go mug a few Stalkers for loot? Would I go hunt artifacts? Would I defend the Stalkers from bandit raids or mutant attacks? Total freedom of choice is a very strong selling point of this mod.

Keep up the good work, Fluffy22!

+3 votes   article: PreSky Feature List for v0.4
DrBlizzard Apr 2 2011, 4:17pm says:

I plan on doing a video later which will have the Elite night vision from Clear Sky: Complete (the black & white one) which will really allow me to show you some at-length full-bright stealth done in otherwise pitch-black areas.

I thought this one with nothing but ambient light would show that ANYONE can try to be stealthy, even without night vision.

+2 votes   media: M.I.N.E. Sneak Peek - Stealth
DrBlizzard Apr 1 2011, 11:13am says:

This TOTALLY exceeds the maximum amount of allowed "eerie" in a screenshot. Well done!

+4 votes   media: The Dusk Patrol
DrBlizzard Mar 31 2011, 7:33pm says:

It could just be me, but this sounds like prime menu music to me. Definitely a very well done piece, and it captures the hint of things to come from what I have seen of this mod so far.

+1 vote   media: 'Under A Torn Sky'
DrBlizzard Mar 30 2011, 8:38pm replied:

Sclera's music did the same thing to me - which is why I requested he allow us to include it in M.I.N.E. If you like his work, make sure you let him know. I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

+1 vote   mod: M.I.N.E.
DrBlizzard Mar 28 2011, 6:12pm says:

This very well done - I really like the creeping feeling you get from it, as if some unstoppable force is about to descend on you, and all you can do is watch.

+2 votes   media: 'Slave to the Consciousness'
DrBlizzard Mar 26 2011, 5:39pm replied:

I've got a 10 & 1 business line in the US if anyone needs an SFTP-enabled forward of the data.

+1 vote   article: Teaser
DrBlizzard Mar 24 2011, 12:08am says:

Maybe as a favor to everyone who ever played Shadow of Chernobyl and had their ears bled by Snitch's incessant yapping, we will be vindicated by allowing us to pull the trigger on him. :)

+4 votes   media: Bar
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