Welcome to my profile. I am a hobbyist modder who mods other people's mods. I love to take a mod that is enjoyable, and then tweak it more to suit my tastes. This is a reflection of my appreciation of the greater modding community's effort, especially with games like STALKER. There is no greater flattery than imitation. Hopefully you will find something you like in a mod I've tweaked, and then my joy will become yours. Oddworld.odd is my home network, where these projects are built.

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0 comments by DrBlizzard on Mar 30th, 2011

M.I.N.E. Update 6
M.I.N.E. - A Clear Sky Mod

M.I.N.E. Mod Page Submitted

As promised, tonight, the M.I.N.E. team submitted a request to have the M.I.N.E. mod added to the list of official in-development mods for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Clear Sky. Once administrative approval is given, we will have officially begun our journey to an exciting release!

Once released, you can check out an in-depth feature list and a smattering of screenshots available in the Images section! Happy viewing.

Best wishes,

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Report abuse M.I.N.E. Acronym Defined

0 comments by DrBlizzard on Mar 29th, 2011

M.I.N.E. Update 5
M.I.N.E. - A Clear Sky Mod

M.I.N.E. Acronym Defined

M.I.N.E. is an acronym which stands for:





The M.I.N.E. team is also pleased to announce that a dedicated page for M.I.N.E. will be created today under the Clear Sky mods page here on ModDB.

It will be an exciting ride, and we hope you enjoy it!

Until next time.

Best wishes,

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0 comments by DrBlizzard on Mar 29th, 2011

M.I.N.E. Update 4
M.I.N.E. - A Clear Sky Mod

A Symphony Of Horror

Today, the M.I.N.E. team received approval to add content from Sclera's excellent music overhaul mod, ensuring that this venture through the Zone will be the most horrific yet.

Sclera's outstanding work in preserving the dreadful, hopeless, and depressing mood of the Zone will ensure a unique and rewarding experience for players.

You can find Sclera's original content here.

Best wishes,

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Report abuse M.I.N.E. Update 3

0 comments by DrBlizzard on Mar 29th, 2011

M.I.N.E. Update 3
M.I.N.E. - A Clear Sky Mod

Community Driven

Today, approval for the inclusion of content from the SMRTER Clear Sky mod was given. We now have full support to include content from all of our major content providers in M.I.N.E.! This will allow us to provide the most immersible experience yet in Clear Sky for our fans.

M.I.N.E. has also reached an important milestone in development; nearly all planned content that will be included in the final release has now been merged, and beta testing of this content is now on-going.

What will follow is a long process of trial-and-error, and continuous improvements, tweaks, and bug fixes to ensure a stable release.

Through the dedicated efforts of the Clear Sky modding community, we hope to bring you, the player, a vision of what it would be like if major mod contributors combined their works together for one explosive mod.

Stay tuned for important updates - we plan to release some beta media here within the next few days!

Best wishes,

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0 comments by DrBlizzard on Mar 28th, 2011

M.I.N.E. Update 2
M.I.N.E. - A Clear Sky Mod

M.I.N.E. Gets A Face Lift

Fantastic news, folks!

ArtistPavel has generously consented to allowing inclusion of content from his mod into M.I.N.E.! This leaves but only one final modder to contact, and with that, the collective of outstanding community content will be complete.

Pending that approval, we will finally be able to (with a sigh of relief) release some preview screenshots about M.I.N.E. so you can finally see what we're up to here!

Best wishes,

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Report abuse M.I.N.E. Update 1

0 comments by DrBlizzard on Mar 27th, 2011

M.I.N.E. Update 1
M.I.N.E. - A Clear Sky Mod

Additional Content Authorized

Good news!

CrommCruac, and Predator_828 have both generously given their consent to allow content from their mods for inclusion into M.I.N.E.!

With only a few remaining sources left, it won't be long before we can really put the screws to this project and hammer out something guaranteed to please.

Until then...

Best wishes,

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Report abuse M.I.N.E. Takes A Step Forward

0 comments by DrBlizzard on Mar 26th, 2011

M.I.N.E. - Introduction
M.I.N.E. - A Clear Sky Mod

What's M.I.N.E. Is Yours

Today, I contacted parties that could potentially provide content for use in my own mod, dubbed "M.I.N.E.".

M.I.N.E. will be a compilation mod, which aims to collect selected elements from several outstanding mods, and combine them.

Some planned features for this release are:

  • Graphics overhaul incorporating the best textures found to-date
  • Sound overhaul for all weapons, selected from multiple community mods
  • Script fixes by using a well-known working base mod to build the remaining work off of
  • Weapon tweaks (for example, pistols will be much more useful)
  • Economy tweaks (for example, trader-specific NATO / Warsaw vendors)

At this point in time, I am waiting for approval from the community to use their content in my mod. Once I have received the approvals of the community, I will be able to provide some content under a new Mod page for M.I.N.E.

Until this approval is given, I do not wish to imply that certain consent has been given by posting material from another community member without their permission.

Once the approval is given, my ultimate goal is to combine all of the best elements from some of the best mods I've played and showcase what is possible by pooling this cumulative work of the community together.

M.I.N.E. - Coming Soon!

Best wishes,

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