Let me introduce myself before we get into this! I am Robert Nemet, 16 year old Romanian, who lives in a small city named Toplita, in a country known as Romania. I started my interest in video games at the age of 9, thoroughly playing games all day long, which was like a hobby for me. But as life went on, I started to show an interest in creating my own games. I first started off with Amnesia Custom Stories, which was something pretty easy for me, at the age of 14. My most successful attempt at Custom Stories resulted in this bad boy! Then, as I learned a lot more, I switched towards the Unity engine nearly a year later, and the first game I made with it wasn't so impressive, and life problems made me lose motivation on that. I started working secretly on the Unity engine, starting up a few projects and then it turns to the present. Lunacy - The Darkness!

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Game Review on Feb 4th, 2014 - 2 people agree
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I have to say that this game is pretty damn well done. Graphics, sounds, ambience, music, it's all nicely done, incomparable to the "Fear of the Darkness" game, which, I have to say, wasn't good. The game has quite some inspiration from Scratches, that I noted multiple times too, which indeed gave me the creeps.

Attention to detail is also pretty high, which is something I usually like, especially in spooky places such as that.

And then the story... speechless right there. That plot twist... I'm sure I wasn't the only one who hit that right there. But it gives an in-depth explanation as to how "that" happened too.

Game is generally well-done, the engine might be a limitation here and there, but you worked with it to the best of your abilities, of course. Only had one CTD, but got back into it. Aside from the wonky monster AI, the game is good. It got stuck multiple times on my side, which lead to more scares eventually.

Well done here!


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