Let me introduce myself before we get into this! I am Robert Nemet, 16 year old Romanian, who lives in a small city named Toplita, in a country known as Romania. I started my interest in video games at the age of 9, thoroughly playing games all day long, which was like a hobby for me. But as life went on, I started to show an interest in creating my own games. I first started off with Amnesia Custom Stories, which was something pretty easy for me, at the age of 14. My most successful attempt at Custom Stories resulted in this bad boy! Then, as I learned a lot more, I switched towards the Unity engine nearly a year later, and the first game I made with it wasn't so impressive, and life problems made me lose motivation on that. I started working secretly on the Unity engine, starting up a few projects and then it turns to the present. Lunacy - The Darkness!

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I forgot to update this here page, but now that I noticed, here it is!

I patched the game, which means that it reached from Beta #1 to Beta #1.1. Minor bugfix, while also adding a feature that will come in handy later. This time, I'll link the page, rather than the download, otherwise if I forget to update this page, then you'll try to download something that doesn't exist!

Please guys, spread the news if you liked the game, send me your Let's Plays so that I can add them to the playlist (accessible from game page)! Thanks for anyone who does this!

Game page right here!


Report abuse Beta #1 of Lunacy - The Darkness!

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After about 2 hours of waiting since the upload, the beta #1 has been authorized and can be downloaded right now! The beta is the first official release of the game, and more is being developed at the current time! Go download it now!

Click here for the download! Thanks for playing and have a nice day!


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Good Day!

Sorry for such a LONG inactivity, but I've been busy. Now I'm making a new game. Clicking here will take you to the page of the game. If it doesn't open up, it might be unauthorized, but let's hope something like that won't happen.

The game is made on the Unity engine, and has a small introduction on the page which will give information about myself and the game!

Have a nice day!

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That's my new game on the Unity engine. It's made with Unity Free, so don't expect SFX in there, but I do have some interesting stuff in there.

You may wonder what "Lost - NightLight" is. Check this for the answer


For a demonstration video made in Jan 3rd, 2013, check


Check the IndieDB page often!

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It's this page: Moddb.com

Explains more on the upcoming work I have. With this move, Haunted Hallways REMAKE will remain unfinished, though fans can continue it ("Fan Continuation" title must be added, and my name to be mentioned in the credits. Not so hard).

This custom story is intended for replayability (different series of events on each playthrough, along with a different goal, unless you're unlucky enough to get the same series of events twice. But each series of events indicate a goal (hint), and each one is different, so getting the same hint twice means you'll see through the same thing again).

With that, signing off.

Report abuse Just played "Dark Room" (Video link included)

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So, I recently played "Dark Room", an Amnesia Custom Story that makes things really funny. I was having so much fun! I didn't want it to end.

Seriously, it was the greatest CS that I played in my life. Other custom stories didn't succeed that well.

Video is included


Report abuse Second Preview for HH:R is done.

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I managed to finish the second preview for HH:R. BTW, HH:R = Haunted Hallways REMAKE

It should get much more popular now. I hope.

Progress is still coming together, still slowly, but it's the scripts. I need to make it perfect. Otherwise, no success.

I can't even estimate how much % the CS is complete. Approx. 40% to 70%. I just need to decide: Longer or Shorter?

I don't know yet.

Report abuse Second Preview for Haunted Hallways REMAKE is on the way!

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I've made significant progress, and the second level's almost ready. I just need to finish up the last floor, and that would be the second preview. The full version would contain the 3rd level (maybe a fourth one, but that will need requirements, still deciding what to pick).

There won't be an announcement when the second preview is released, neither a quick link. It is a surprise. So watch carefully on the Moddb page for it, or you might miss it (and find it a few days later, if not a week later, like someone else did).

To pass the time, why not check my YouTube account? Watch a video or two. Even sub if you liked them.

Here >

Report abuse Changed my profile name...

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Development still continues. Slower than usual, but still on the move. May have to shorten it up, and no second preview will become available anymore. Simply delays the development process.

There are about 31% changes in the first level in the current build I have, compared to the demo that was released.

Maybe 2 or 3 levels will be totally available here.

Report abuse Things didn't go as planned...

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Well, had to change plans. I couldn't get the Source SDK to work, and I've been trying to get it to work for quite a while. No go.

Instead of wasting time with that, I decided to go back to developing Haunted Hallways REMAKE.

The possibility of a second demo (preview) is here. There will be no requirements for it, and the second map will be also included.