Greetings gamers, modders, and anyone else who's actually taking the time to read this! Please feel free to browse through all my tabs, as I'm sure you'll find something you like. I’ll be creating and releasing as many mods as I possibly can, whether they're small or huge! So, enjoy browsing through everything!

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I'm sure none of you have noticed, but my YouTube channel hasn't been getting videos uploaded recently. The reason for this was stated in my “Channel Update” video; however, for those of you who haven't watched it, I'll post a more lengthy version here. My “living situation” is not a very good one. It's not a very happy one, either. Basically, my parents are on the brink of a divorce, my dad's an ass (no exaggeration, he's a real dick), and I can't get a job....anywhere. Due to all of this, as one can imagine, I haven't been my usual happy and humorous self. Therefore, I've decided to go back to modding, since I can do that no matter what mood I'm in (unlike Let's Plays). I have a mod planned for New Vegas that I think people will really enjoy. In addition to uploading it here when it's done, I'll also be using it as a sort of “resume” for my job application to Bethesda Game Studios. Hopefully they'll hire me, because if they don't, I honestly don't know what I'll do (job wise). My modding skills (not that they're anything special) are really the only things that I can see taking me anywhere. But with all of that aside, I'm back to my modding roots and will be releasing some new mods in the near future. I'll also be making some unnecessarily censored Oblivion videos soon, so keep an eye out for those over on my YouTube channel. Best wishes to everyone reading this!

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