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Doberman211 Jul 25 2010, 11:50pm says:

I always envisioned us as being the Progenitors... but if you say so. but im guessing this has been killed anyway.

+2 votes   mod: Terran mod
Doberman211 Jul 25 2010, 11:36pm says:

Um... its hiigaran and im not sure what its called.

+1 vote   download: Homeworld 2 Complex 7.4.4
Doberman211 Jul 25 2010, 9:22pm says:

And so they can work in both air and space. makes sense???

+2 votes   media: [21-5-'10] FX:E - Work In Progress
Doberman211 Jul 9 2010, 3:31pm says:

this is dead i think, but check out the Kadeshi in action:

+1 vote   mod: Homeworld2: Requiem War
Doberman211 Jul 3 2010, 2:26pm says:

The music is EPIC. Try something with the Kadeshi.

+1 vote   mod: Homeworld:Evolved
Doberman211 Jul 3 2010, 2:06pm says:

i think they should be changed too. kushan are the red ions.

+1 vote   media: Homeworld:Evolved
Doberman211 Jul 3 2010, 2:05pm says:

OMG SICK!!! im downloading right now

+1 vote   mod: Homeworld:Evolved
Doberman211 Jul 3 2010, 12:17pm says:

okay it loads up to the level part then crashes. explain plz.

+1 vote   download: Old Kharak
Doberman211 Jun 27 2010, 9:46pm says:

this mod is confusing. it needs icons in the next beta.

+1 vote   download: FX: Empires v0.6 [Beta]
Doberman211 Dec 29 2009, 11:12am says:

WOW!!! This is like turning HW into SoaSE!!! I mean i prefer the HW map systems over SoaSE, but its like a whole new game!!! A mix of both. I wonder if i can mod this mod to add SoaSE ships and starwars ones and everything else! this is so cool! can't wait for a release!

+1 vote   mod: Homeworld 2: FX - Empire
Doberman211 Aug 20 2009, 9:13pm says:

Actually i will correct you all on top for beleiving Kharak has no surface water. go to encyclopedia hiigara and look up kharak. it has an ocean surrounding the entire southern pole named the 'Majiiran Ocean'(as seen in the photo) and three northern "great lakes" that surround the north. the picture of Kharak in game probably didn't show them because of the time it would have taken with technologies from 1999:)

Sorry im kinda a Homeworld fan who knows too much about the game. another possible reason is that i am making a fanfiction of the game placed a couple hours before the Mothership leaves to the Outskirts.

But yes i beleive the ammount of water of the ocean is a little exagerated. and the green landmass should be a lot smaller with maybe a small desert surrounding the shorelines.

+2 votes   download: Old Kharak
Doberman211 Jul 31 2009, 11:54am says:

Hey is there a new version coming out? i want to play as the Kadeshi. If a new version comes out i think the first step would be to fix the ship icons.

+1 vote   download: Unified Hiigaran Fleet 0.0.3
Doberman211 Jul 28 2009, 5:05pm says:

I think in a newer version the hiigarans need to be made stronger. And make the deathstar a buildable ship but make it so it takes hours to build.

0 votes   download: Star Wars War Lords mod
Doberman211 Jul 16 2009, 11:16am replied:

spartan, the progenitor ships are way to strong! Its nice to play as them but playing against them is HELL! I usually play as the Kadeshi because the needleships are awsome, the Sajuuk main cannon destroys a fully upgraded needleship in only 3 shots! Thats an insane amount of dammage to deal with. And sajuuk is good against fighters also. So Sajuuk is the ultimate warship put a real pain to destroy. And capturing it is even more of a pain because the gun turrets on it destroy frigates in 2 shots! sure playing as progenitor is fun but against them! U dont have a chance.

I would also like a link to a forum. WildHeart gave the main page forum but i would like a link to the page on HWFX comanders V1.85. And if there isnt one, PLZ make one.

+1 vote   download: FX v1.85: New Hope
Doberman211 Jul 15 2009, 11:52am says:

Did u install it right? When it says install to a folder browse for your homeworld 2 folder. That was my first problem.

+1 vote   download: FX v1.85: New Hope
Doberman211 Jul 13 2009, 2:16pm says:

I think its time we start posting ideas for a new release. Here are some of mine.

1. If you capture an enemy mothership or carrier, you can build ships with it but only ships of that race.

2. Add the Kushan, Bentusi and HWC races.

3. Make the Taiidan, Kadeshi, Progenitor,etc... ships colour changable and with the badges.

4. Complete the campaign games.

5. Lower the progenitor ships firepower by at least half.

6. If possible sometime in the future make single player mini games for each race. (maybe 2-3 campaign style levels in a row)

0 votes   download: FX v1.85: New Hope
Doberman211 Jul 11 2009, 6:38pm says:

No i mean as soon as i start playing it shuts down the entire game. And your link is brocken. I got an error.

+1 vote   download: FX v1.85: New Hope
Doberman211 Jul 11 2009, 12:02pm says:

I would like to add that more than half the Campaigns for player vs cpu and the fx tutorial thing are incomplete.

+1 vote   download: FX v1.85: New Hope
Doberman211 Jul 10 2009, 8:29pm says:

Ok I just figured out how to play this mod. AWSOME!!! I think the only thing that could make this mod better is a merge with another mod i have, its called 'Unified Hiigaran Fleet'. Google that.

And #2, The needleships should have higher attack points. Or just make bonus attack research for all ships. The Reason is that when i play as any race against the progenitors, i get creamed BIGTIME.

Also for the progenitor, i think having a more organised ship building list would serve well. I mean the destroyer is a frigate for some reason. And I hardley find any use for fighter class vessels after i have a dreadnought built so mabe give them more defense capabilities.

I'm sorry if i'm just being overly critical i just want to point out the minor flaws i find while in play.

The last thing before i go, Why cant i save my game!!! I enjoy playing player VS. CPU mode but when i save the game it closes the game and doesn't save. So my hour and a half of building up a fleet to attemt once and for all to defeat the progenitor empire is all gone. It makes me very angry. X( I would like to know if i installed it wrong or if its made that way because i really think this mod deserves an 11 out of 10 and i want to play extra long games.

+1 vote   download: FX v1.85: New Hope
Doberman211 May 28 2009, 3:37pm says:

Can someone PLZ post how to fix the gslobby.dll not found error? I've been wayting a couple of months now to play this mod.

+1 vote   download: FX v1.85: New Hope
Doberman211 Apr 8 2009, 8:34pm says:

Will the Kadeshi be in this mod eventually? There my favourite race because of the needleships. Another problem i have noticed is that when you salvage an enemy mothership/carrier it cant build annything.

+1 vote   mod: A Homeworld Universe Mod
Doberman211 Mar 24 2009, 3:44pm says:

Ya i did that and i still get the error. Are you talking about in the Bin/Release folder? I am new to this mod and i realy want to play it. Also its because i think the needleship is one of the best sci-fi ships out there.

+1 vote   download: FX v1.85: New Hope
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