I make Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Mods and I also have a really cool YouTube channel called Manda-LORE. I Like Star Wars (Old EU exclusivley), Love Lord of the Rings, and Warhammer 40,000 is pretty neat as well.

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I was asking myself how they could've stretched the Hobbit into a trilogy when it was announced. But after actually seeing the movie I realized they added in some of Tolkien's other works. I wonder how many people actually read the book and paid attention beforehand.

Gotta love Radagast, lol.

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Commissar_Delta Author

there are so many subtle hints and references to Tolkien's other works in that movie i was spotting them left and right. in fact after the premiere at 3 in the morning as i was driving my friends and i home, i was answering all of their questions. Now ive read the book, as well as the LOTR trilogy and the Silmerellion, Children of Huruin, and a few stories from the Unfinished Tales so naturally i found the film extremely enjoyable. but for someone who has only read the big 4 books, or just the hobbit, or none of the books at all, i can see how they might find it a bit meh. However, that is no excuse to claim Peter is doing it only for the money because as you can clearly see, he isnt. also, wouldn't you rather have it be 3 films? it will be like experiencing the LOTR films all over again, or if your like me and never got to experience the magic of the LOTR films because you were to young or non interested to understand the signifigence behind the films when they were released, yould be able to have that experience that you missed out on.

people need to just chill out and enjoy the films

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...complaining that the hobbit is 3 films. few realize that Jackson is taking into account multiple books, not just the hobbit. so next time you complain about the films, take time out of your schedule to pick up book like the Unfinished Tales or The Silmerellion

I may no longer be the Canon Nazi for Star wars (because they instated that new fucked up timeline)but that doesn't mean im finished for Tolkien's universe or Warhammer.

Canon Nazi- out.

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