Yes I love to play games. I am an awesome Mapper and love RTS games! But i do like to play a shooter once in a while.. I love playing mods and if u ever see my name on any games its probably me!

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Lukas Thraell, AKA Darth Furere
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Branden-Magister Author

..destroyed the engines of the craft and caused it to crash into the government building and explode in a ball of fire. Lukas then fainted from the immense amount of energy he had just released and awoke a few hours later..

The authorities, to this day, cant identify the source of the engine damage.

His mother then came down with a terrible sickness and for weeks she suffered in front of Lukas, and he could do nothing to save her. He blamed himself for all of this and he came closer to the end of the road of the darkside..

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Branden-Magister Author

The night his mother died, Lukas carried his mother's body to the nearby crematorium, but on the way, a bunch of punks started to pick on him and one even tried to take the necklace off his dead mother..

At this, the boys anger again flashed to extreme levels and he roared and picked up a piece of piping and cracked the idiot who made the wise comment about his dead mother and killed him. The others stared at Lukas in disbelief and this allowed Lukas to descend on them and strike them all, leaving one alive.

The last boy was kicked to death as Lukas screamed and raged at the kid.

The last thing Lukas remembered was holding his mother in his bloody hands.. And then he awoke again in a chamber, in a very dark place. A voice resonated in his mind..

"Lukas, you have been very bad.. Your anger caused you to kill those boys.." The voice went on.

"But.. They were picking on my mother! SHE WAS DEAD!" Lukas shouted in anger as his levels rose.

He was thrown back against the wall with such force and speed that it knocked the wind out of his lungs.

"You must learn to control your anger and allow it to fuel your strength and endurance and fighting capability!" The voice boomed.

After some hours Lukas learned that Lord Uril had taken charge of the boy after he was arrested for the murder of 5 teenagers with a pipe. Uril explained to Lukas that the only way he could live on was with the sith, and he was all too happy to accept.

Uril named him Darth Furere, or Darth Furious. And eventually Lukas got his anger in check and now uses it to fuel his strength and dexterity and battle capabilities...

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Branden-Magister Author

Darth Furere is becoming a very balanced Sith, in that he is becoming adept at Lightsaber combat and adept at force abilities that increase his strength and endurance, and other mild offensive abilities. His greatest wish is to ascend to the position of his greatest teacher, Lord Uril, Sith Fist.

But he realizes that he must prove himself to the other sith in order to rise to that rank.

Skilled at Lightsaber combat

Good with force abilities having to do with empowering oneself and mild offensive abilities.

Able to control his anger and use it to his advantage.

Sometimes his anger gets out of control.

Not the best in terms of Space command, because he thinks all battles should be fought on land.

Absolutely despises traitors and cowards, and wishes he could break all who has betrayed the sith and himself.

Young and sometimes naive.

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I would suggest shortening it up a bit so it just covers a little of his background and personality and maybe a few skills and stuff. Save the other stuff for a Bio, you'll also have plenty of opportunities to flesh out your character's background as you role play him in events and stuff.

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Branden-Magister Author

This is his bio :D

And yeah wout i know its silly but i was trying to convey how angry lukas is

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Read it, i think the scene with the punks is a bit silly though.

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Branden-Magister Author

Lightsaber Technique I-->Lightsaber Technique II (-3)
Advanced Lightsaber Defense I (-1)
Defense I (-1)
Conditioned Body I (-1)
Force Manipulation I (-1)
Command Ability I-->Command Ability II (-3)

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Lukas Thraell was born on Fondor, being the son of Famed Resistance fighter Ajax Thraell. The story of his childhood is depressing and rather long.. But here it is..

Back during the days when the resistance was at its peak, Ajax and a few others thought that they could gain enough support to oust the Imperial presence on Fondor, and almost succeeded until a few Sith arrived to break up the party.

They planned the coup for months, and when they thought they had everything in place, they struck. And they took their objectives quickly and mostly with out bloodshed. The Comms relay buildings, space port, Govt buildings, all taken.

All seemed to be going well until a large force of ships, led by a sith known as Lord Uril. The fresh troops gave the beleagured garrison forces new hope and they fought back with such aggression that surprised all of the resistance fighters.

Drop ships descended to the surface and unloaded many Storm troopers, who went toe to toe with the resistance and crushed them utterly. Ajax rallied them at the govt building but they became surrounded and forced to surrender.

However, Ajax ran away, like a coward. He fled in a Corvette that had stealth capabilities, and was not seen for some years later. Lukas was 2 when the resistance was defeated, and he could sense the Powerful force sensitive; Lord Uril, but he didnt know what this feeling was as he was young.

The lord however, could detect the huge ability that the youngling possessed but could not find him and so took off, after slaughtering the Resistance fighters.

Ajax came back when Lukas was 6 and again when the boy was 10, and both times Lukas watched on as his father beat his mother to tears, and storm out. Lukas grew hardened by this and his anger for his father intensified.

When his father came around for the boy's 15th birthday, Lukas could not stand it any longer. So as the corvette left for the final time in his life, Lukas surged all his anger into one powerful blast that..

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