The polytheistic premise is that your religion , my religion , any religion is just another religion and not all there was , is and will be therefore Polytheism is just the realistic acknowledgement that there always was , is and will be more than one religion , consequently there always was , is and will be more than one diety , more than one god . Polytheism is just about admitting and stating the obvious truth that we ever lived with in our world across all history . This group obviously as well welcomes : esotericism , belief in the supernatural , in the UFO phenomena , witchcraft , monsterology , spiritual ecology , the Ancient Astronaut theory , Creationism and the existence of magic

Therefore this group can also be for all people that wish to rip off the shackles of the current age's religions , the monotheistic ones that dominate the world and deny everything else except only what they teach , and for all people that wish to embrace the truth that was always there present in all sources , proofs and undeniable evidence that was covered , hidden or destroyed in the recent past ages to hide the truth from us all . As well this group is obviously also for people that seek a higher understanding of all things and are not satisfied or not satisfied anymore with the dogmatic teachings of the mainstream media sources and/or mainstream religious sources . Knowledge was , is and will always mean power and truth sets one free , this is why truth has always been denied . Taking back the rightful power can be done by taking back the truth denied

Please join us upon visit and enjoy your stay

There are more articles than visible on the front page . You can check them all in the Articles section

Rules and rights are simple . Click Read More to see them

1 . Respect the policy of MOD DB because a group within the site does not bypass the policy

2 . You do not need to be a polytheist to join this group . The main purpose of the group is educational . Anyone from any creed and religion is welcomed here as long as they are interested in finding out more about the things this group deals with

3 . In this group liberty of speech is permitted without any bias . This is for the sake of letting people express their thoughts freely

4 . This group does not attempt in any form to make one challenge their own beleifs , own religion they chosen to settle with nor does encourage in any way to join one or another religion . Your religion , your chosen god or the lack thereof is your sole responsibility and your sole reward

5 . Any articles , images and videos are permitted to be uploaded at anytime by any members except anything that stands against theism of course

6 . Any issues are to be taken to AnYnA the leader of the group , Night_Hunter or jfpoliveira to be settled because we should not want to bother the site's staff in case a conflict arises here when we can get along with a little bit of effort on all sides

7 . Your group leader here AnYnA chosen pantheon of dieties are the Mythos , if someone is curious about it . Given so i encourage anyone to be outspoken about their favorite deity , religion and the things they like and respect

8 . I accept any kind of ideas about other theistic related things i can add in articles or media that i haven't already . I even accept suggestions about rules , addition of new rules or modification of a present one

9. This group just like Polytheism itself in the world , is not subject to the authority of any single religion in the world and/or any of the books pertaining to a single religion . Polytheism can also represent the worldwide sphere of all religions , deities , churches and cults and it promotes the values of : mutual respect , acceptance , honoring , preservation and continuation of historical religions , but does not abide to any religion in particular because that would defeat the main purposes of : acceptance , respect , honoring , preservation and continuation

of the others

10 . Imposing of own religion , beliefs and teachings upon another in the sense that one thinks everyone else should abide to that sole person's religion is not permitted . The call for a religion is upon own choice and free will and those that wish to follow a single religion or deity not accepting of anything else , they are free to seek and find the proper religious places dedicated to the beleif they chosen for themselves

11 . Last but not least i would ask politely to anyone to not attack someone's ideas , beliefs or clutter the group with anti theist rant using anti theistic views because it makes no sense here . This place is about informing oneself about more than mainstream , more than common known knowledge that most of us already know about . If someone dislikes theism , the gods or anything else related , this group might be clearly not a place for themselves

May you all find greatness , happiness , peace , liberty and love with the gods !

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Old religions of the pre-roman iberic peninsula

Old religions of the pre-roman iberic peninsula

Feature 7 comments

Before the arrival of the romans, the Iberic peninsula was populated by various ethnic groups, from indo-european to non, most of the native religions...

Hungarian/Magyar mythology

Hungarian/Magyar mythology

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Before embracing christ, the hungarians were obviously pagans, their old religion is often described as pure tengriism or a branch of tengriism formed...

Asian Paganism

Asian Paganism


Old religions from the continent of Asia , including chinese , mongolian , japanese and korean

Oriental Paganism

Oriental Paganism


Ancient religions of the middle easterm region of the world including the sumerian pantheon , arab dieties , indian and of the oceania region of the world...

European Paganism

European Paganism


Old european religions from mostly eastern and western europe excluding the mediteranean

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◭n⧖n◮ Creator

I have given many thoughts and i came to the conclusion that , truly , only Polytheism is actually tolerant of all religions and creeds , simply because a Polytheist person is used to from start to acknowledge and honor more than one god , several of them

Monotheism only tolerates the god they chosen to honor while Atheism at the other extreme is taught to tolerate no creed and no dieties

In this regard , if we aim for a tolerant , free world where the individual is at liberty to practice the faith they chosen , the right way is the pagan , Polytheistic way
However , by the book pagans do not consider anyone from the monotheistic religions as being diety figures , this is why to be honest neither Christianity , Buddhism , Islam or Satanism can be taken in consideration and placed among the gods of old

Polytheism means all that was before the monotheistic faiths arrived in the world and honoring only the pre-Christian , pre-Islamic , pre-Buddhist and so on pantheons would be the proper Polytheistic way

Any thoughts and opinions are welcome

Reply Good karma+2 votes

That'ts the ideal

Sad its so hard to acomplish

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
◭n⧖n◮ Creator


Yes , is hard because many believe that these things should be left dead and have no place in the future but truth be told the future happened in the ancient past , those societies were way ahead of us
Preservation of pagan values , mythology and many of these things should be respected more for serious because is a lot of lessons to learn from them , about us as a race

I further the flag of these things even in our messed up times . For the gods monsieur le Cloche ! For the gods !! :D

Your opinion is well welcomed

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◭n⧖n◮ Creator

Happy Easter to everyone here !

Dang I almost forgot about this place , it needs more stuff

Cheers !

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◭n⧖n◮ Creator

Another nice fact i found



By surprise, science has discovered amazing seven-day cycles in the very building blocks of plant and animal life. These newly found sevens, or "septans," also lie buried in us humans -- deep in our metabolic, hormonal, and neuronal networks

One of these amazing discoveries is that of an innate rhythm -- about seven days -- occurring in a giant alga some "five million years old" according to the evolutionary time line. Because this microscopic cell resembles a graceful champagne glass, the alga (plant) is popularly known as mermaid's wineglass (Acetabularia mediterranea). When this "primitive" alga is subjected to artificial schedules of alternating light and dark spans of varying length over many days, this single intact cell is somehow able to translate all that manipulation of light and darkness into the measurement of a seven-day week!

In addition to being the key coordinating rhythm for the rest of the body's many rhythmic interactions, a seven-day cycle has been found in fluctuations of blood pressure, acid content in blood, red blood cells, heartbeat, oral temperature, female breast temperature, urine chemistry and volume, the ratio between two important neurotransmitters, norepinephrine and epinephrine, and the rise and fall of several body chemicals such as the stress coping hormone, cortisol.

This inherent rhythm has to do with the internal logic of the body, not with the external logic of the world. Many more examples could be given. Involved experimentation with rats, face flies, plants and other life have revealed circaseptan rhythms similar to that of the mermaid's wineglass.

But the biological model, while having the evidence for the "very ancient origin" of circaseptans, still doesn't have an answer for why. Why seven? And why seven in "primitive" one-celled organisms, in bacteria? Why seven in all life forms?

Is this not compelling evidence for a common beginning, for common design, for a common designer who could so powerfully program his creation to a cycle he set in motion? To a rhythm tuned to his own activity of work and rest?

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◭n⧖n◮ Creator

I got a good excerpt from someone that says things right

Intervention Theory is seldom acknowledged or discussed by its competitors, and when it is discussed, it is ridiculed or dismissed outright. This is because today it stands on a threshold occupied by many other ideas now recognized as "ahead of their time." For example, in 1915 a German meteorologist named Alfred Wegener provided overwhelming evidence that Earth's entire surface was composed of giant moveable plates. Wegener had everything to prove his case, anyone could see that he was right, but he couldn't explain how the plates might move, only that they must move in some way. Because he lacked a mechanism for his observations, his peers who were not ready to accept a "moveable" or "unstable" Earth, were able to dismiss the obvious truth of his arguments. Not until 40 years later did the discovery of "plate tectonics" show that Wegener had been right all along. He was long dead by the time a full generation of "fearful explorers" had died along with him.

You may think, "But that was nearly a century ago, we're much better now." Sadly, time has nothing to do with it. Scientific elites are every bit as arrogant, egotistical, greedy, and petty as ever. In fact, in 1982 those same lamentable character traits led colleagues of chemist Daniel Shechtman to ridicule, dismiss, and even ask for his resignation for "bringing disgrace" to his team when he discovered a new type of five-sided crystal that did not conform to the structure that "everyone knew" all crystals had to possess. Dr. Shechtman's discovery has since been dubbed quasicrystals, and eventually, after years of stout resistance from his colleagues doing their usual "fearful exploration of the almost known," quasicrystals were fully accepted by the scientific establishment and Daniel Shechtman was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

For Interventionists, what is particularly intriguing about this case is that the same unusual, non-repeating pattern of the quasicrystal is, it turns out, also found in very ancient mosaics, and those which mimic even older patterns.

Darb-i Imam shrine
Left, quasicrystal under magnification, Right, Darb-i Imam shrine in Isfahan, Iran

Interventionists find evidence of ancient knowledge being revealed or discovered in various places around the world, and in each case it is attributed to alien overlords giving the information to local people who could not have discovered it on their own. Some attempt to dismiss this as circumstantial evidence, but so much of is now piled up that even the most "fearful explorers" are running out of excuses.
In 1968, Erich Von Daniken famously wrote about evidence of ancient technologies in the world's megalithic structures, which clearly could not have been constructed by ancient people in the ways mainstreamers suggest. As with Alfred Wegener, no one could seriously refute the validity of Von Daniken's arguments. However, also like Wegener, he could not establish a provable mechanism for how aliens from beyond Earth could have traveled here to create those wonders.

This problem was solved in 1976 by Zecharia Sitchin, who provided the required mechanism with his brilliant interpretations of the writings of the ancient Sumerians, in which they spoke freely of "gods" from another planet living among them as their lords and masters. Unfortunately, mainstream science can and does dismiss these 4,000 year old writings on stone tablets as "mythology" that could not possibly be the actual history the Sumerians portrayed them to be.
Now DNA analysis offers the final, crippling blow to the "fearful explorers," providing irrefutable evidence of this unearthly tampering. Lloyd Pye takes what has previously been put forth by Von Daniken, Sitchin and others, to fill in the last remaining gaps in the story. DNA provides conclusive proof of what the Sumerians wrote 4000 years ago when they said their down-to-earth "gods" created humans and domesticated plants and animals in "a house of fashioning" to "give the gods their ease."
In other words, they genetically engineered the things they needed to make life for themselves as easy as possible on what had to be a distant and no doubt difficult outpost far from their home planet. This is now the core of Intervention Theory, and this is what will ultimately prevail against the three current leaders in the race to identify the truth about origins on our planet.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

The Scientific Community is, a lot of times, as dogmatic as they claim the religious to be, and stall discovery with mocking and ridicule, plenty of times.

We have a saying in my country: "A thief thinks that if he hadn't done, anyone else would".
This saying means that, whatever you are accusing someone of being or doing, you most likely are or do it yourself.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
◭n⧖n◮ Creator


Haha that is very silly , is like saying : evil would have been done anyway . Wrong ! If the thief had not taken the object , the object had remained not stolen . Simple

If the victim had not been killed it would have remained alive and so on

I dislike their lack of ethics and morals the most , their obsession with humanity and the idea of " is human to do all wrong " instead of doing what is right

Anyhow on topic , this is just the beginning , there is a lot to discover from now on and the Sumerian gods were not the only ones here

Please read a cool story about Anubis right below this comment here

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◭n⧖n◮ Creator

I got a cool excerpt from a story about Anubis , Enjoy !

" In the Ancient World , Jackal has been considered as the most smartest of all animals . Infact , the Mahabharata , which is a copy and paste version of the Vedas in " Sambhava Parva " has a whole chapter dedicated to the Jackal and its smartness . For those , who might like to read the story and the discussion is between Dhritarastra ( the Blind King of the Kauravas and the advisor Kanika ( his Brother in Law , Sakuni ) . The discussion happens , when the Pandavas seemed to be getting all support of the Citizens of Hastinapur and Kanika explains how to crush their own family Blood and narrates this example :

" "Dhritarashtra said, 'Tell me truly how a foe can be destroyed by the arts of conciliation or the expenditure of money, or by producing disunion or by the employment of force.'
"Kanika replied, 'Listen, O monarch, to the history of a jackal dwelling in days of yore in the forest and fully acquainted with the science of politics. There was a wise jackal, mindful of his own interests who lived in the company of four friends, viz., a tiger, a mouse, a wolf, and a mongoose. One day they saw in the woods a strong deer, the leader of a herd, whom, however, they could not seize for his fleetness and strength. They thereupon called a council for consultation. The jackal opening the proceedings said, 'O tiger, thou hast made many an effort to seize this deer, but all in vain
simply because this deer is young, fleet and very intelligent. Let now the mouse go and eat into its feet when it lieth asleep. And when this is done, let the tiger approach and seize it. Then shall we all, with great pleasure feast on it.'

Hearing these words of the jackal, they all set to work very cautiously as he directed. And the mouse ate into the feet of the deer and the tiger killed it as anticipated. And beholding the body of the deer lying motionless on the ground, the jackal said unto his companions, 'Blessed be ye! Go and perform your ablutions. In the meantime I will look after the deer.' Hearing what the jackal said, they all went into a stream. And the jackal waited there, deeply meditating upon what he should do. The tiger endued with great strength, returned first of all to the spot after having performed his ablutions. And he saw the jackal there plunged in meditation. The tiger said, 'Why art thou so sorrowful, O wise one! Thou art the foremost of all intelligent beings. Let us enjoy ourselves today by feasting on this carcass.' The jackal said, 'Hear, O mighty-armed one, what the mouse hath said. He hath even said, O, fie on the strength of the king of the beasts! This deer hath been slain by me. By might of my arm he will today gratify his hunger.' When he hath boasted in such a language, I, for my part, do not wish to touch this food.' The tiger replied, 'If, indeed, the mouse hath said so, my sense is now awakened. I shall, from this day, slay with the might of my own arms, creatures ranging the forest and then feast on their flesh.' Having said this, the tiger went away.

"And after the tiger had left the spot, the mouse came. And seeing the mouse come, the jackal addressed him and said, 'Blest be thou, O mouse, but listen to what the mongoose hath said. He hath even said, The carcass of this deer is poison (the tiger having touched it with his claws). I will not eat of it. On the other hand, if thou, O jackal, permittest it, I will even slay the mouse and feast on him.' Hearing this the mouse became alarmed and quickly entered his hole. And after the mouse had gone, the wolf, O king, came there having performed his ablutions. And seeing the wolf come, the jackal said unto him, 'The king of the beasts hath been angry with thee. Evil is certain to overtake thee. He is expected here with his wife. Do as thou pleasest.' Thus was the wolf also, fond of animal flesh, got rid of by the jackal. And the wolf fled, contracting his body into the smallest dimensions. It was then that the mongoose came. And, O king, the jackal, seeing him come, said, 'By the might of my arm have I defeated the others who have already fled. Fight with me first and then eat of this flesh as you please.' The mongoose replied, 'When, indeed, the tiger, the wolf, and the intelligent mouse have all been defeated by thee, heroes as they are, thou seemest to be a greater hero still. I do not desire to fight with thee.' Saying this, the mongoose also went away.

"Kanika continued, 'When they all had thus left the place, the jackal, well-pleased with the success of his policy, alone ate up that flesh. If kings always act in this way, they can be happy. Thus should the timid by exciting "

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◭n⧖n◮ Creator

Just some religious or less religious thoughts

I've been given some thought over the time about things , beliefs and what not and i reached a somewhat risky conclusion that single beliefs , single ideals that are prescribed for everyone by few without those few asking beforehand each and every person of the many if they agree or not , is what is killing us and the world

In a society with a single ideal where everyone needs to be for the same thing , for the same patriotic creed , for the same faith and for the same god is a society where the man & woman , woman & man , child & house animal are forced to choose that choice or else , is no way around and is not fair

In a true free world every person would be able to choose from at least 3 selection of choices minimum up to dozens

A . Why should i be forced to be pro the West if i hate their acts across history and all over the world , just because that is the political correct thing to do ? My choice is to pick this or not pick it

B. Why should i be forced to be pro the Church if i dislike their sheep-ing propaganda that speaks only of being humble and a victim when in truth we need to become a more dangerous beast than our enemies to prevail

C . Why should i be forced to be pro atheism if i cannot stand its teachings and they make no sense to me other than making me laugh ?

D . Why should i be forced to listen Metal and praise it if i dislike its love for satanism when i am a person that hates satan radically and want to see him gone for good . The world is not enough for both Heaven and Hell , there can be only one

E . Why should i be forced to see the better off peoples in the world that live in better off countries for my betters and act like it , behave even when i want to choose to see them in a worse case than me that on the simple hypothesis of : no empire or rule lasts forever . Some people party , bang and laugh now while others in the same time cry , are hungry and lost their homes , in another age turns switch , is all about switching places and turns really

F . Why should i be forced to abide only to one God if i cannot stand the idea that a single deity created everything when loneliness is what i hate the most personally .

One , one , one is not the way , the way is the other way opposite to this and we will not be free until there won't be anymore : silents that read you , judge you and write down things about you in some records , when there won't be paid trolls that argue on purpose online to keep the status quo , when there won't be deniers of facts and reality and when ...we will not have only the choice of shutting up and behaving or leaving , when we will have MORE than just two lousy , slave choices

I choose , the choice is mine , yours , no one else's
I choose to hate " you " or to admire " you " or to say " i like you " or to say " **** off from my face " if i dislike something
My choice , is always my choice

I say : Death to slavery and sheepism in whatever obedient form it wants your consent
Consent should never be given for free , consent has a price , do not consent to anything without receiving something in return , something of your choice

But if you like the world as it is and you enjoy how things are and not wanting to see them changed , then do not let me or someone like me stand in your way
Is your choice

Thanks a bunch for reading

Reply Good karma+4 votes

No one is forcing anyone to do or think anything in the West, and anti-patriotic, anti-West, anti-Church rhetoric are considered politically correct and good conduct.
Irreligiosity is the new religion, willing slavery is the new freedom, submission is viewed as righteousness, and denouncing the non-participants is viewed as justice.
The liberal Left is as bad and authoritarian as the most Medieval despot could ever hope to be.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
◭n⧖n◮ Creator

I wanna blow one of the trumpets of the Apocalypse then hahah because that is not how i like things to be , like you said

Merry Christmas to you

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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