A Fan fiction author who is also a coder going on for three years now. I'm descent in codding, but it's about all I can do. My public releases include "Enhanced Space Battles Mod" "Lord Link's Mini Mod" and "Lord Link's Texture Pack". I've written fan-fiction since August 2010, read it since I started releasing mods in 2009. I'm an okay guy, easy to get along with, heavy Zelda fan above Star Wars but yeah. I love helping others when I can, have had worst than most, better than some. Out-cast and outwardly a loner. But making people laugh is a pass time for me. My e-mail is hidden because I recently became victim of some spammer/scammer claiming to love me or something or other and they also admitted to finding me here. If you have need of contact with me, I invite you to pick one of the websites I am affiliated with and search for my e-mails there. Look in the link under "Homepage" and go to my page on deviantART. Aliases are: Lord Link, Dark Lord Link, War Lord Link.

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For the project I'm working on (Fan fiction) "BATTLES IN THE STARS". Star Destroyer "Legacy", flagship of general Samus Aran defeats the Dominator-class Star Destroyer "Revelation" over Coruscant. I used "The Game" by MotorHead for this because I think it does well as Samus' theme.

Original models: Petroglyph.
Rigged/Animations: Dark Lord Link

Yes, I rigged the stock ISD to resemble a Dominator-class. No I haven't released it, there is still some tweaks that need to be done.

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