A coder going on for three years now. I'm descent in codding, but it's about all I can do. My public releases include "Enhanced Space Battles Mod" "Lord Link's Mini Mod" and "Lord Link's Texture Pack". I'm an okay guy, easy to get along with, heavy Zelda fan above Star Wars but yeah. I love helping others when I can, have had worst than most, better than some. Making people laugh is a pass time for me. Aliases are: Lord Link, Dark Lord Link, War Lord Link.

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Stolen Content

The-Dark-Lord-Link Blog 1 comment

EDIT: Its been taken down thanks to the ModDB staff who were kind enough to remove the stolen mod.

Gotta love it when my old mod is stolen. Seriously, the thief made no effort to hide that they used my mod, but posted it under a different name. Really?

Never thought I'd see the day someone stole my work. Didn't think it was ever going to happen.

Stolen mod:

My original mod [Archived after Filefront died]:

I am disappoint, my sons. Much disappoint.

Sidious Invader

The-Dark-Lord-Link Blog

I love his rigs. But I can't find them anymore... They used to be at AlphablueModding before it closed, and some of them used to be on EverythingEAW. But with Alpha down and EverythingEAW not allowing me to log in anymore, I can't re-download his excellent rigs. Damn it...

I had to make my own Stormtrooper Plex model from scratch with the Rebel Plex soldier model animations (similarly like Sidious Invader's was done, but not as good.)

I hope EverythingEAW gets fixed soon so I can get the good stuff again. EmpireatWar.Filefront.com used to be my main source for modding material, but they have a glitchy system now that's so bad, newer posts don't always show up. You have to refresh the page multiple times until it picks everything back up.

Man, I miss the old days...

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