A Fan fiction author who is also a coder going on for three years now. I'm descent in codding, but it's about all I can do. My public releases include "Enhanced Space Battles Mod" "Lord Link's Mini Mod" and "Lord Link's Texture Pack". I've written fan-fiction since August 2010, read it since I started releasing mods in 2009. I'm an okay guy, easy to get along with, heavy Zelda fan above Star Wars but yeah. I love helping others when I can, have had worst than most, better than some. Out-cast and outwardly a loner. But making people laugh is a pass time for me. My e-mail is hidden because I recently became victim of some spammer/scammer claiming to love me or something or other and they also admitted to finding me here. If you have need of contact with me, I invite you to pick one of the websites I am affiliated with and search for my e-mails there. Look in the link under "Homepage" and go to my page on deviantART. Aliases are: Lord Link, Dark Lord Link, War Lord Link.

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Attack on Shola
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For BATTLES IN THE STARS, a Super Smash Bros and Star Wars: Empire at War crossover.

Commander Link N. Hyrule is assigned by Mon Mothma to engage the Empire on Shola, using a captured Imperial I-class Star Destroyer (Christened "Unsung" by general Samus Aran.) and two frigates, before the Imperial commander on the surface could deliver data on Rebel systems to Imperial Command.

Additionally, Kamino has donated a massive battle force of clones to the private service of the Hylian. With clones of the legendary Jango Fett, and an ancient bounty hunter named Shae Vizla, the invasion begins.

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