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Dario_D May 11 2012 replied:

There are the 2 additional Miniguns in ONS. :)

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Dario_D May 2 2011 replied:

Right-click. :)

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Dario_D Nov 26 2010 says:

Hey again, Em! :D

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Dario_D Jul 13 2010 says:

Hey, Em! :D

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Dario_D May 19 2009 says:

I don't like gammaup (it's also hard to say). But if you're in the market for a name-change, I DO encourage thinking up more stuff, because the perfect name is out there somewhere. (Desura is decent, but not godly, so there's the optimism of finding something that just hits all the right notes for everybody... like 'Mod DB')

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Dario_D May 18 2009 says:

Right-click to tag vehicles with the homing beacon, then fire a rocket, lock onto the beacon (by looking at it) and right-click to deploy the Alt-Rocket. It moves much, much faster, and is needed to hit fast-moving vehicles. (but it does less damage than the regular rocket)

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Dario_D Jun 8 2008 replied:

Yeah, the Destroyer is getting some updates in the next patch. Remember that Gunreal is a work-in-progress, and the beta is literally a final construction phase.
Not sure what's with the spinning barrels. You can elaborate in our forums, if you want, and we'll take a look at it.

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Dario_D May 25 2008 says:

Oops, this gun become The Destroyer.

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Dario_D May 15 2008 replied:

Samsung SyncMaster 932b on the sides (SyncMaster 220WM in the center). About $700 for the whole setup... and couldn't live without it. :)

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Dario_D May 13 2008 replied:

Yeah, we're going to have all of that fixed before the final release.

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Dario_D May 9 2008 replied:

Thanks for the feedback. :)

Btw, the movement is nearly identical to Half-Life 2 and Battlefield 2, but will feel strange to UT-centric players. Bear in mind that Gunreal is NOT UT2004, and is shooting for its thing entirely (partially created as a proof-of-concept for publishers).

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Dario_D May 8 2008 replied:

Fixed (along with a load of other things that have been added or fixed).

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Dario_D Mar 12 2008 says:

Nope. Beta testing is imminent, and we just opened a forum for the testers:


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Dario_D Apr 28 2007 says:

Hard to tell without using them both, but they seem to specialize in different things. CryEngine2 is certainly the most innovative, hands down, but UE3 *could* end up being more powerful and broad in scope. All I know, however, is that Unreal's BSP editing tools suck tremendously, to the point where they'd made it not even cool to use BSP anymore, whereas engines like Source rely so heavily on it, with such crushing result. I hope CryEngine 2 also utilizes "soft BSP" with powerful tools, because Source made me a believer in BSP again, after Unreal made me hate it.

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Dario_D Mar 15 2007 says:

Make sure you get the FULL version at

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Dario_D May 18 2007 says:

Thanks for the compliments, all. To answer a couple questions, yes, the demoroom will probably be included, and no, Gunreal won't be compatible with other weapon mods, for a few reasons (by the way, it's a TC mod, not Mutator). The weapon system is entirely different than UT. Each gun has an inventory size, money value, and ammo value, so mixing other guns with the mod won't work.

That said, the balance is going to be "just so", so mixing in other weapons will vary the balance and overall solidity of the experience. The other systems in the game (money, rewards, gore, death effects, character movement, etc, as well as all the new effects) will also make it a whole new game on its own, so it's not like you'll be sitting there, starving for freshness and variety any time soon.

That's the deal for Gunreal for UT2004. It's designed to simply hold you until Ground War for UT3 arrives.

When UT3 comes around, you can expect a standard, full 1.0 release of Ground War, followed by 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 updates that periodically pump the game full of new weapons and features to play with. For now, we're just focusing on making Gunreal for UT2004 as polished and drop-dead solid as physically possible for it's 1.0 release.

- Oh, and the release date is "coming". There are now 3 active coders working on the last remaining features, and then we have to test it. Won't be too long now. It'll be here well before UT3. It was previously put off by the lack of coders (went almost a year with 0 coding done, while I continued to work on art), but the drought is over now, and we're steaming ahead.

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Dario_D Mar 3 2007 says:

>>>Looks awesome but...spontaneous grenade throwing?
In other words, throw a grenade without having to deselect your weapon (ala Halo).

>>>Its been "almost done" for like 8 months er something
Programming got put on hold, and so, at 90% completion, the mod sat dormant for a while.

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