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Collo Mar 9 2010, 5:04pm replied:

How can it snow @ -10 =/

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Collo Feb 16 2010, 3:15am says:

Looking very nice. Altho I like the harvester's design, it looks slightly too artificial atm I think. Maybe because of the spheres to glossy and has no normalmapping.

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Collo Feb 14 2010, 3:58am replied:

Same here.. I want to play :(

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Collo Jan 19 2010, 11:46am says:

MSN > Teamspeak. Or just in-game when playing jedi knight 3

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Collo Oct 18 2009, 2:34pm replied:

Good idea. This was mearly a fast concept to have some guidelines for ourselfs. thnx for the comment =)

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Collo Sep 24 2009, 3:53am replied:

Don't you worry! Gameplay is by far our highest priority. I just like playing with shaders :p

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Collo Dec 21 2008, 9:11am says:

It would be nice if you could walk backward and shoot, now you dont have enought controll if you'd ask me. If you'd just be facing the direction of the crosshair, and keep it non-fixed to the position of the player, it would sure make alot more sense. Nice concept tho, I like it =)

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Collo Sep 8 2008, 2:58pm says:

I didn't know there where other colors :o

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Collo Aug 31 2008, 5:43pm says:

I bought the orange box on steam. Loved to play the TF2 beta. And so I also spent about 20 euro's less than I would have if I would have bought it retail. gotta love dollar vs euro :p

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Collo May 25 2008, 3:23pm says:

Altho I love the game, there are some issues I would love to see fixed. Mainly the animations and timing of them are sometimes awfully weird and feels broken. I've chopt of alot of heads already without swinging my sword at all :p
furder more nice and true review about an even better mod

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Collo Mar 26 2008, 10:07am says:

Argh its fokking EVIL d=

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Collo Jan 1 2008, 7:28pm says:

Thnx for your comment, We're still in progress setting up some stuff, like a clean website and forums for you all to visit,
We hope to keep it all up to date for you all to watch and fear uh.. enjoy!

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Collo Nov 6 2007, 1:43pm says:

Nice job. keep it comming

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Collo Oct 11 2007, 7:21am says:

Cause of teh old tf freaks dont like the new one I guess.
But for me.. tis is the most awesome MP game in years. I havent been playing online so much in years!

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Collo Nov 2 2005, 11:58am says:

wow, looking at the design doc. and the concepts, you ppl sertanly know what your doing. ts looking very promissing, looking forwart to see some more =D

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Collo Oct 29 2005, 11:56am says:

good job!, awesome model. Now I personally hope its gona be somemore like the concept :p

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Collo Oct 29 2005, 10:09am says:

nice stuff that HDR, but I wasnt really impressed. Probably cause the sm 3 HDR in farcry was somewhat nicer and there it didnt drop my fps down 60%. I guess the map was laggy designed anyway, cause my average fps was already 60% lower than it was in HL2 itself =/.

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Collo Oct 27 2005, 3:39am says:

A realy intresting and new idea. Sounds fun!
Great to see ppl trying to make something realy original mods these days =).

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Collo Dec 21 2005, 10:18am says:

WHAHA, that peep in the midle feel sertanly screwed..
Defenitly original, wondering if it will work tho.
Good Luck!, uve my watch.

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Collo Oct 21 2005, 6:58pm says:

clear n simple, gj!

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Collo Oct 8 2005, 6:33am says:

right... I dont get it how ppl can be impressed by the mp of fear, just another dm shooter. maybe the gfx, but than still, nothing special but the slowmo mode, which is just uuh.. weird.

just cod got me into the game again! 2x more intens than first cod, which says enought.

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Collo Oct 3 2005, 2:11pm says:

looks like u ppl know what ur doing. Good Luck, uv my watch!

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Collo Sep 27 2005, 2:57pm says:

also wondering, why only hl2 mods?.. I know the hl2 mod communitie is far out the largest, but still...

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Collo Sep 25 2005, 4:10pm says:

its not, trust me... n make sure u send that email before u launch anything next time. I wish it was different 2, but m sure.

+1 vote     mod: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Fable
Collo Sep 25 2005, 3:24pm says:


+1 vote     mod: Balloon Wars
Collo Sep 25 2005, 3:12pm says:

for copyright issues. n ur sertanly gona get problems if you gona continue with this name n other things related to lara =(. ud better think of n original adventure babe or something.

+1 vote     mod: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Fable
Collo Sep 25 2005, 3:24am says:

sounds awesome =D, but uuh no fitting site yet?

+1 vote     mod: Baton in the Dark
Collo Sep 20 2005, 4:15am says:

uuh uuh, who cares, we're in need of some what more fun mods besides the normal shooters. Also I never bullied someone with a balloon online before :p.

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Collo Sep 19 2005, 7:17am says:

to looks more like french to me. anyway, u ppl might try n get a pr that speaks english. That'll be nice for the rest of the world :confused:. content is super tho

+1 vote     mod: {R}√©volution
Collo Sep 5 2005, 1:52am says:

uuh uuh, je dont even know what you can do with a revolution yet.
I voted pc anyway, consoles are for ppl who cant handle a pc, besides, where are the mods? :p

n m not gona by a console for the 'few' exclusive games that aint on the pc.

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