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Chrissstrahl Oct 12 2015 replied:

Is there a list with all the bugs ?
PM me if you have something, tanks :)

+1 vote   mod: SiN resurrected
Chrissstrahl Aug 30 2015 says:

Looks really well made, congrats :)

+1 vote   media: Deck1 Update
Chrissstrahl Jul 22 2015 says:

IBM does good ads, as example, but ads that blink, make sounds or distract in general from the actual site content are annoying. As well as the ads that are in extreme contrast to the site (blank white on a dark website really hurts), really horrible are the adds that autoplay, and everything starts moving, so that your eyes louse the focus on the site. (I suppose everyone knows these videos that cover the entire site background and start to autoplay, most of them can't even be paused).
There are decent good adds that get your attention without being annoying, these ads are okay, but most of the ads are really bad, and many ads link you to websites with bloat- and malware.

So you can not blame the users that want to protect them self, blame the ad department for allowing such ads, grabbing someones attention does not always mean that it is a good thing, especially if it is out of context annoying, repetitive and distracts the user from her/his actual planed task.

+3 votes   news: Gamer Network media partnership
Chrissstrahl Jun 12 2015 replied:

Oh well, never mind then.

+1 vote   news: Development Ceased
Chrissstrahl Jun 11 2015 replied:

Twitter, Facebook any other social media websites ?
Or build in errors and when people complain and demand a patch, you know they like it. Okay, the last one was a joke, but it is also true... :D

+1 vote   news: Development Ceased
Chrissstrahl Apr 30 2015 says:

I'll be playing this for sure, when I get hope again :)

+1 vote   news: Status Report #9 - FULL Release!
Chrissstrahl Apr 30 2015 replied:

You should have read the entire post before making a comment like that, what you are doing is putting rumors out and making people that agree with your opinion jump to conclusions that are in no relation to the actual content of the post. Please don't do this, this is how you make good things turn bad.

+1 vote   news: The uncertain future of paid mods
Chrissstrahl Apr 17 2015 replied:

I think it could have to do with the New Omega Drivers (well they are actually no omega drivers, but that is what amd now calls them. I had lots of troubles with AMD drivers recently, so I thought maybe somone else has the same problem.
I was also thinking if the game really crashes only the moment they pickup weapon it could also be a tiki problem, but I consider a texture problem to be more likley, to large textures should be able crash the game.

+1 vote   news: Medal of Honor: Blurred Remembrance V1.50 released
Chrissstrahl Apr 17 2015 says:

Nicely done, I shall have to try it out soon :D

+1 vote   media: Bonus GameMod for SH-COOP
Chrissstrahl Feb 24 2015 says:

I think it is a great tool, it can make mapping easier and less of a struggle, especially for beginners! The only thing that did a little disappoint me, was that the video had only what some may call music, but no cometary of some sort. I think that would have been extra nice to have.

+1 vote   news: D3AMB - Doom 3 Automatic Map Builder Released
Chrissstrahl Feb 24 2015 replied:

I don't have call of duty, but I guess it is pretty similar to Quake3 mapping, you could be looking there for tutorials. This here is a rather technical tutorial explaining the mechanics behind the mapping.

+1 vote   tutorial: BSP-Level based game Engines
Chrissstrahl Feb 1 2015 says:

looks quite nice :)

+1 vote   media: aFJ Academy
Chrissstrahl Jan 25 2015 says:

We have now 3 winners, the following games are no longer available:
- Alien Colonial Marines
- Alan Wake
And there are now 2x Copies of Insurgency left

+1 vote   news: 6.0 Experimental and After Christmas Event
Chrissstrahl Jan 21 2015 says:

Nicely done :)

+1 vote   media: Through the Woods Announcement Teaser
Chrissstrahl Jan 19 2015 says:

NOTE: We have 1 winner, hence Aliens Colonial Marines is no longer on the list of games to chose from.

+1 vote   news: 6.0 Experimental and After Christmas Event
Chrissstrahl Jan 17 2015 replied:

I've been thinking about it and noticed that I don't need a copy of the game to host a server. If you upload the files to the server I can get the server going the instance the server has all the required files. Assuming your internet connection can handle the upload.
And some instructions what commands the server should be started with, along with a decent server cfg would be a great help.
So I can start up the server as soon as all required files are uploaded.

+1 vote   mod: Medal of Honor: Cooperative
Chrissstrahl Jan 16 2015 replied:

I am not the Developer of the Cygnus Mod I'm just a bit involved in it. How ever, I have notified the Developer about your Comment, maybe he will soon reach out to you.

+1 vote   mod: HaZardModding Coop Mod
Chrissstrahl Jan 15 2015 says:

Perhaps next month I can get a copy of this game, and setup a coop server on a windows server, with ftp access, so you can actually upload changes. I also think that your mod should have a decent installer, I can help you with that, as I have created one for my mod.

I have also a Coop Mod Project, it is on the same engine with Übertools (, but with a newer version, thankfully.
We also had to deal with the Master Server going off-line, so I knew a guy who made a new one, basically he modified the one used for quake3 which can be used by anyone. And to our luck, I knew somebody that was pretty good with linux, and he hosted the Master since today it is still running, even thou the original master hast returned after being off-line for almost 2 years.
And the same guy that made the master-server code work got the game-code to work with newer compilers so we started to move the coop code from the scripts into the c++ code of the dll, and now the possibilities are almost endless. And finding solutions for problems is now by far much easier than before.

Well, I'm trying to say if you have a Hobby for so long you are getting better at it and it makes more fun and as long as you have fun who cares how much publicity it has.
The same could be done here, if the game code is available, which it usually is.

How ever, it is all a lot of work and should not be considered as a 1 month 1 man project. I've also seen only 10 Coop servers online during my time with the mod, which is now about eight Years.
But the number of players that play it via lan or any tuneling software is far greater. I only know because of the support requests that he have from time to time if something was changed and doesn't work anymore. I think it is great that you have put so much time and effort into it, so if you ever think of continuing, we can talk and share our expiriances, and perhaps something useful comes out of this :)

+2 votes   mod: Medal of Honor: Cooperative
Chrissstrahl Jan 15 2015 replied:

We offer support in English and German.

+2 votes   news: 6.0 Experimental and After Christmas Event
Chrissstrahl Jan 11 2015 replied:

Maybe you have the problem described here:

+1 vote   download: RTCW COOP 0.9.5 Windows
Chrissstrahl Jan 11 2015 says:

Please report any bugs that you find, and post any questions you might have. Thanks :)

+1 vote   download: HZM Coop Mod 6.0 Experimental Edition 1
Chrissstrahl Oct 8 2014 says:

HANS, our AI-Script testing model, completly harmless, depending on his current AI-Setup :D

+2 votes   media: HaZardModding Coop Mod development tests
Chrissstrahl Oct 7 2014 says:

Nice, looking forward to it :D

+1 vote   news: Our return
Chrissstrahl Jun 22 2014 says:

Sounds great :)

+1 vote   news: rtcwoop 1.0.0 is here
Chrissstrahl Feb 19 2014 says:

Looks quite nice!

+1 vote   media: Star Trek, Main Bridge
Chrissstrahl Jan 2 2014 says:

I would so like to play this, but MP2 ain't working under Win7 :(

+1 vote   news: Payne Evolution Mod RELEASED
Chrissstrahl Aug 7 2013 says:

Looking good

+1 vote   media: Star Trek, Main Bridge
Chrissstrahl Jul 2 2013 says:

Just Bought Interstellar Marines - Spearhead Edition €36,99 EUR.
Haven't spend that much money on a game since Elite Force II in 2003 ^^

+4 votes   news: Going live on Steam Early access TODAY!
Chrissstrahl May 5 2013 replied:

Thanks, but additional Informations are required.
Please use the contact form or send a Private Message on Moddb, since checking comments is something I rarely do when the posts are a little older.

+1 vote   download: HZM Co-op Mod FULL Build 16 - INSTALLER English
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