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HZM Coop Mod 6.0 BETA + GBS

Chrissstrahl Blog 0 comments

We have completed the integration of the A Gate two birds and the beautiful Sky Mod (GBS) into the HaZardModding Coop Mod. The Complete GBS can now be played cooperatively. The GBS consists of 12 maps.

HZM Coop Mod 6.0 BETA

Chrissstrahl Blog 0 comments

If all things go well, the beta testing starts in October, including the A Gate to Birds and eautiful Sky Mod, overhauled to wotrk smoothly with the Coop Mod.

I suspect there are many bugs to find, but once they are fixed the Coop mod should be really excellent this time! Especially if it comes to the Singleplayer, as it is almost 1:1 with the exception for things that will not work in multiplayer.

We have Tricorder Puzzles now fully supported, which means that you can use them as you would in Singleplayer. There are some troubles with the Dialog system, it will not allways display the dialog text (I'm pretty sure there is a way to fix this but I am not a c++ expert) in the Hud, which is sad, but the head display works and you can see the Actor talking to you on the top left screen, just like in singleplayer.

I wish there where more Singleplayer Mods, because it goes now extremly fast to convert a Singleplayer Mission into a Coop Mission, about 30 times faster than before the version 6.0 ....

Maybe there is is someone making a Christmas Mission :D

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