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Chimas Apr 21 2015, 10:23pm says:

Would like to know where can i find more SP maps?
I've found 2 only.

+1 vote   game: Blitzkrieg 2
Chimas Apr 14 2015, 12:56pm replied:

556 layers is in your pre-texture right? Or are you saying the GBX textures have all these layers?

+1 vote   media: Nearly done remastering
Chimas Mar 6 2015, 7:58pm says:

This is the page of HWR MOD, not HWRE edition released by Gearbox.
Is this the proper place to post this?

+2 votes   download: Hiigaran Resource Op. #302
Chimas Feb 14 2015, 9:05pm says: +1 vote   download: THE TIBERIAN DAWN Catalog
Chimas Jan 29 2015, 7:06am says:

The Lua coding will stay the same, but coders will have the opportunity to learn new tricks. The modding tools will be oriented to 3DS max. I believe you're already using 3DS. It will only be a problem for guys like me that were using MS3D, for example. Also, CFHod editor is an open source and it will be easy to adapt to the new HOD format (I call it HOD5), provided we have coders to do that.

If you guys want to make a new game mode, just needing new assets like stations and merchant ships, just send a message, that I'll send you a PDF.

Anyway, given you'd be able to keep the skills, I still recomend that you remaster the units that you have created, like the Taiidan Shipyard. There will be a perfect spot in modding for a team that brings to the game many concept arts that never made it in the past. I know you have at least one ship made from the concept art. In HWR MOD we have the JAK's Taiidan carrier, that is way cooler than the original (IMO). But I'm not sure JKBerna will be willing to remaster it.

+2 votes   news: The Future of FX:Commander
Chimas Jan 9 2015, 11:09am says:

The result is remarkable, but just remember that cool stuff is coming our way. You'll be able to do much better when it arrives. Let's see what GBX talk about on JAN 25. We'll have 1h of HW panel, probably an accurate release date is near ...

+1 vote   media: [HW1BG-HD Remake]Cathedral of Kadesh
Chimas Jun 20 2014, 9:29pm replied:

Hi Siliconworm,
Check if your command line does have "-overridebigfile" enabled and delete it. "Familylist.lua" is working everywhere else. It's either that or a corrupted file in the download.

+1 vote   download: HWR Demo 671
Chimas Jun 5 2014, 6:39pm says:

Hi guys!
Sorry, where is the download link?

+2 votes   feature: In-Game MusicPlayer V2.3
Chimas May 26 2014, 6:22am replied:

technically I wouldn't know what to say, but the surfaces are more smooth, don't look like crumpled paper.

+1 vote   media: Shaders and high-resolution UI elements
Chimas May 25 2014, 9:43am says:

Hi Battlecry,

The last version of CNLPepper shaders was developed by Stargazer.
Is this the one are you using or an older one from CNLPepper?

Check here for the result:
(mothership and vgr station)

Check here for the development page:

Also, check later in my Raid Leader mod some tiny changes done to the UI, maybe you'll find it usefull.

+1 vote   media: Shaders and high-resolution UI elements
Chimas May 22 2014, 5:28pm says:

Yes, this is weird in a first moment, but I think it's valid after all. It's a fan of a MOD posting a picture for other fans to check it out. Honestly, this habit could happen more often in all mods.

+3 votes   media: Heavy fire
Chimas May 20 2014, 12:12pm says:

Nothing new on this ... But I really would prefer a *.BIG file instead of a screenshot ...

+9 votes   media: Proven: It is possible to make Campaign work
Chimas May 10 2014, 11:16pm replied:

Alternative formations are working now:
SHIFT + F5 - raid
SHIFT + F6 - escort

+2 votes   download: Raid Leader - build 140511
Chimas May 9 2014, 11:37am says:

Hi Mickey,
You can call this as loading screen.

Anyway, it's terrific, well done.

+1 vote   media: Background for loading
Chimas May 7 2014, 9:30am says:

Another detail, of course relying on coding, the arsenal ship would be used to make upgrades, so after you research them, you have to dock to upgrade speed, health, weapons, etc.

+1 vote   media: Another load of Gamemode Shipyards on their way
Chimas May 6 2014, 11:23pm says:

Now that you brought this up, I remember once I was thinking something about shipyards for HW2. That would be the general idea:

- the actual shipyard would create from destroyers up. It would be able to make frigates, corvettes and fighters, but it would take longer to do than the carrier;
- the ships would be done quickly but then, they would need an arsenal ship to install the weapons. You would latch dock to it from bottom up, like in an umbrella style;
- another type of ship/shipyard specialized in repairs. So if the health bar is "high" the repais would be done by a small vessel in place of the collector. If the health bar is crippled, than you'd have to tow the ship back and dock to this shipyard.
This approach would work better if the larger ships would be die harders and have few of them in-game as a trade off.

+1 vote   media: Another load of Gamemode Shipyards on their way
Chimas May 5 2014, 9:40am says:

It's looking great. I'm editing Chimera myself, it's a station called LYCIA, but I got stuck in editing the textures for MATTE shader. I'm getting black or white textures. I'll PM you about it.

+1 vote   media: Something I build from the Chimera Station...
Chimas May 4 2014, 10:29am replied:

Thanks for the feedback. YES, there are ideas I don't know totally how they will set out yet or how they will affect the game play.

+1 vote   news: Discussion on Sensor systems
Chimas May 3 2014, 11:26am replied:

I tried in another computer and it's not working. It seems to be a missing file in the big file. My main computer has a lot of stuff on data folder, I'll make a clean as a QA measure. I'll have an update tomorrow and will have it fixed.

+2 votes   download: Raid Leader - build 140511
Chimas May 2 2014, 2:13pm replied:

If you press SHIFT+F5, the fighters and corvettes should form a dense horizontal wall, it's the RAID formation.
If you press SHIFT+F6, the fighters and corvettes should form a long line, dense in the rear, where you should have a larger ship that will take the center of the escort.
If it's not working, one possible reason might be -overridebigfile enabled, you have to check what you have in the regular data folder. I'm gonna make a test here too and be back later.

+2 votes   download: Raid Leader - build 140511
Chimas May 2 2014, 12:57am replied:

Future plans, yes. Hope, no. I lack some art skills and it will take some time before I learn some cool stuf about mapping. Will reach there eventually, just not now.

+2 votes   download: Raid Leader - build 140511
Chimas May 1 2014, 4:37pm replied:

Don't feel sorry, it's ok. Good we could clear out. I'm deciding how the upgrades will be played and will update with some more stuff (I hope) on sunday ...

+2 votes   download: Raid Leader - build 140511
Chimas May 1 2014, 10:39am replied:

Weird, I haven't edit them, they are the original. Usually they are white but have their decklights. I'll ask someone else to see if it's getting the same results. If not, might be on your end the problem.

+2 votes   download: Raid Leader - build 140511
Chimas Apr 30 2014, 6:18pm replied:

Hi, thanks. Could you clarify? I ran the game and produced the MS research modules - basic and advanced - nothing wrong there, so I assume you're not talking about that. Everything ok with the carrier array too. Also, are you meaning textures or icons? You have to specify where, so I might be able to solve it.

+2 votes   download: Raid Leader - build 140511
Chimas Apr 29 2014, 11:27pm replied:

Download and unzip the file of this page in the DATA folder and follow these instructions for running a mod here:

You can also try a MOD launcher:
see download section too

+2 votes   download: Raid Leader - build 140511
Chimas Apr 29 2014, 6:16pm replied:

Yes, I saw it.
I'm waiting for the weekend, maybe there will be more things to change or fix.

+2 votes   download: Raid Leader - build 140511
Chimas Apr 28 2014, 9:47pm replied:

Thanks for the feedback. I corrected the problem. Also I went on experimenting with resolutions and the next build will affect all menus, mainly the original menus.
As a side note, a long time ago I was playing with 800x600, then I tried a mod launcher and discovered that I could enhance the video settings of my video card and never went back to 800x600. If it's that your case too, I strongly recommend to have a better look at your rig and try take out more of it, it's a whole new world ...

+2 votes   download: Raid Leader - build 140511
Chimas Apr 28 2014, 12:36pm replied:

I'll check them.
Which is the resolution you're using?

+2 votes   download: Raid Leader - build 140511
Chimas Apr 23 2014, 5:06pm says:

I'm suspect, but ... cool!

+2 votes   media: Kharak
Chimas Apr 8 2014, 1:44pm says:

Given that she's not a native speaker, all she wanted to say was "don't use my ships in your mod", by which we will obey blindly.

Therefore Mr. Bigfoot: shhhsh!!
Players see it in-game, modders see it in CFHoded also ... eheheheh

+1 vote   download: Fairy Empire(Yaodu) Mod V1.05 [Official English]
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