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ceriux 14hours 22mins ago replied:

i just didnt like the controls.

+1 vote   game: Citadel
ceriux 22hours 11mins ago says:

im ready to play this

+1 vote   game: Citadel
ceriux Dec 19 2014, 12:42pm says:

sounds like socialist propaganda for some reason...

+1 vote   game: Social Justice Warriors
ceriux Dec 19 2014, 10:41am says:

well this years moty awards is boring... no quake mods on the list.

+1 vote   group: QuakeDB
ceriux Dec 8 2014, 12:33pm says:

i didnt realize this is a game for the phone. looks awesome! i cant wait to play. will you have moga support?

+1 vote   game: Tiny Trek
ceriux Dec 7 2014, 1:01am says:

if they want to spend money let them... its their project. maybe they dont have the necessary skills to do the things they paid for? plus it helps digital artists out looking for some extra cash. stop hating.

+4 votes   media: What we do for this game
ceriux Dec 2 2014, 9:38pm says:

you should make this compatible with MOGA controllers

+1 vote   article: Update
ceriux Nov 29 2014, 11:31pm says:

if you make an android port do you think you could include moga game controller support.

+2 votes   game: Cause of War 1944
ceriux Nov 21 2014, 11:55am says:

are you guys going to have early buy in once the game gets to a playable state?

+1 vote   game: Dwell
ceriux Nov 17 2014, 11:31pm says:

im curious with this could you replace sprites with models?

+1 vote   mod: Daggerfall Tools for Unity
ceriux Nov 17 2014, 11:27pm says:

OMFG this is awesome! great work!

+1 vote   article: First Android Build
ceriux Nov 17 2014, 1:29pm says:

with a character like that id expect a brighter environment

+2 votes   game: TigerCake
ceriux Nov 10 2014, 4:23pm says:

cool stuff guys

+2 votes   mod: Daggerfall Tools for Unity
ceriux Nov 5 2014, 11:40pm says:

your mapper seems to have some talent, and your robots look much better in game. they're animation does seem a little bit too slow and human like. but good none the less. great work guys keep it up!

some animation insperation

+3 votes   game: Beyond the Lines:RR
ceriux Nov 4 2014, 2:32pm says:

i played it too, my only complaint is the guns still felt like quake guns.

+1 vote   media: Hazard screens
ceriux Nov 3 2014, 11:44pm says:

usually lighting is baked into the map in quake based engine, however darkplaces does support rt-lights. i think you just toggle them on, but he can get more precise setting his own up i believe. (and even if he doesnt make them someone else could easily do it on their own.)

+1 vote   media: Engineering Part 1
ceriux Oct 28 2014, 5:37pm says:

Why is he even saying anything if he doesn't want to play it don't download it. And maybe mabuse is making the game because he enjoys it and this type of game. I can tell you I will play it and if a PC version is released I'll play it too esp if others are on mp.

+3 votes   game: Cause of War 1944
ceriux Oct 26 2014, 4:04pm replied:

too bad there couldnt be an android port of this.

+1 vote   article: Dwell is now on Steam Greenlight!
ceriux Oct 25 2014, 5:30pm says:

sweet hopefully that means a release soon!

+2 votes   article: Dwell is now on Steam Greenlight!
ceriux Oct 23 2014, 5:16pm replied:

eat a **** i say we nuke the **** out of all you freedomless dbag slaves.

0 votes   game: Alpha Team Six
ceriux Oct 11 2014, 1:14am says:

desaturate and darken the bricks, darken the tin roof a tad too. bet it will look tons better. (i think the boxes look fine)

+1 vote   media: MP Map "The Fall" (WiP by JavierMaki)
ceriux Oct 5 2014, 5:28pm says:

i think its just how saturated those bricks are compared to everything else.

+1 vote   media: MP Map "The Fall" (WiP by JavierMaki)
ceriux Sep 24 2014, 5:21pm says:

you should give basic emotes like "im friendly" or "help" then charge for extras for in game shop or something.

+1 vote   media: Emotes
ceriux Sep 21 2014, 1:58am says:

or a semi transparent glow that comes off the screen based on the icon and color =3

but they look awesome as always, great job!

+2 votes   media: Powers
ceriux Sep 14 2014, 1:43am says:

hey had no idea this exsited, ill be checking it out. tracking!

+1 vote   game: Hazard
ceriux Sep 12 2014, 12:07am says:

im a little confused what are you siming?

+2 votes   mod: GMDX
ceriux Sep 9 2014, 5:34pm says:

they're so high res compared to the other textures in the game lol looks good though!

+5 votes   article: Battlegroup42 Final: commercial and transport vehicles
ceriux Sep 6 2014, 1:09pm says:

websites down again

+1 vote   mod: Master Sword: Continued 1.2
ceriux Aug 31 2014, 3:34pm says:

for a grapple you should use an actual line model or something. kinda like the electric gun.

+3 votes   media: Grapple Power
ceriux Aug 29 2014, 10:58pm says:

that green plasma looks awesome!!!!

+3 votes   media: Alternate Firemodes
ceriux Jul 24 2014, 1:12am says:

they look awesome in game =D

+2 votes   media: Monstersss!
ceriux Jul 21 2014, 1:27pm says:

ultra BFG 10,000,000,000

+4 votes   media: Plasma Storm
ceriux Jul 21 2014, 1:27pm says:

lol that looks awesome, looks like it could massacre some ppl!

+2 votes   media: Fire Blast
ceriux Jul 5 2014, 9:49am says:

actually looks pretty damn nice!

+2 votes   media: City First Look
ceriux Jun 23 2014, 7:32pm says:

cant wait to play again.

+3 votes   media: It's getting quite cold...
ceriux May 15 2014, 1:59pm says:

so are you remaking r,b,y now?

+1 vote   media: New and not so new Features
ceriux May 13 2014, 2:17pm says:

add an area for media, or at least a link to the moddb page. no one wants to check out a game with out some kind of media they can sample.

+2 votes   article: New site for Inscribe Online launched
ceriux Apr 26 2014, 8:01pm says:

isnt that how it should be time wise? also recolor that lime colored tree to match the rest of the textures. would look nicer imo.

+2 votes   media: My Humble Testing Abode
ceriux Apr 14 2014, 12:05am says:

You could use fte or dp and u can use csqc to make an androidversion

+1 vote   media: Qreate on Quake Touch
ceriux Mar 25 2014, 1:05pm says:

i thik you should make the grey like tan or something.

+2 votes   media: Rocket Launcher
ceriux Feb 7 2014, 9:17am says:

now that looks awesome!

+2 votes   media: Player
ceriux Jan 23 2014, 11:40pm says:

sexy <3

+2 votes   media: Low Res & Color Testing
ceriux Jan 21 2014, 12:46am says:

that looks really cool man!

+4 votes   media: Plasma Sword
ceriux Jan 19 2014, 1:58am says:

is that ******* snow dude? nice!

+1 vote   media: Let it snow...
ceriux Dec 6 2013, 1:04pm says:

hah! what a really cool idea for a map! look fun might have to get PVK again =D

+3 votes   article: Belly Hazard Concept Contest
ceriux Nov 18 2013, 11:58pm replied:

nice =D

+2 votes   article: New Guns in Action
ceriux Nov 17 2013, 5:07pm says:

hey man this is looking freaking awesome ! i like everything i see. really like the cool ghost effect when you swing the sword! how did you do that (not the projectiles but the faded blur of the sword when you swing)

+4 votes   article: New Guns in Action
ceriux Nov 10 2013, 3:17pm says:


+3 votes   media: Pattern Enfield 1853
ceriux Nov 1 2013, 8:47am says:

my favorite map

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
ceriux Nov 1 2013, 7:49am says:

this looks awesome lol ill track it

+2 votes   article: Super Roman Conquest -- Pre-Alpha build updates!
ceriux Oct 7 2013, 11:06pm says:

looks good you produce so much so fast!

+3 votes   media: Player Angel Running
ceriux Oct 3 2013, 10:10pm says:

looks much cooler in game

+5 votes   media: Player: Angel
ceriux Oct 2 2013, 8:55am says:

im tracking

+4 votes   game: Noble's Land
ceriux Sep 11 2013, 9:39am says:

i wanna see this guy in there.

+2 votes   media: Ingame Models Testing
ceriux Sep 6 2013, 12:01pm says:


+3 votes   media: Some more cake
ceriux Sep 4 2013, 12:38am says:

looks stretched in some places but cool. like the helmet.

+2 votes   media: Sprite Testing Part 2
ceriux Sep 3 2013, 12:00am says:

very nice

+2 votes   media: Enough textures?
ceriux Sep 1 2013, 12:00pm says:

you're a really good texture artist

+2 votes   media: Liquid Slimy Acid
ceriux Aug 31 2013, 3:46pm says:

liking the newer models you should find a better model for the white thing.

+1 vote   mod: EXQ: Execution Quake
ceriux Aug 30 2013, 9:22pm says:

lol what is that going to be used for it looks awesome.

+2 votes   media: Harvester
ceriux Aug 28 2013, 11:19pm says:

looks great keep it up! as you decide which textures to make be sure to get more variation in the same palette. this looks nice, but having a little more than grey would look even better.

+2 votes   media: More Grimy Metal
ceriux Aug 27 2013, 8:24am says:

I think it looks good in both sprite and 3d based. feel like the game might feel more like doom with the sprite based stuff.

cool stuff though. I really like this set of monsters you've been working on.

+2 votes   media: Sprite testing
ceriux Aug 23 2013, 1:03pm says:

these models look great in quake!

+2 votes   media: Amplitude Multiplayah!!!
ceriux Aug 22 2013, 9:40pm says:

troll? i see no first person

+5 votes   mod: the first person mod
ceriux Aug 12 2013, 12:06pm says:

so are you going to start updating this again?

+3 votes   media: Cargo
ceriux Aug 9 2013, 1:35am says:

even more than i was already expecting very cool!

+2 votes   article: OpenMW Example Suite
ceriux Aug 5 2013, 10:03pm says:

hah he looks pretty cool. id suggest making his spike hands guns. unless hes going to be flying over you and puking acid from the big mouth he has xD

+2 votes   media: Flying Monster
ceriux Jul 25 2013, 6:32pm says:

add more spawn spots. do a check to see if the spot is taken. if (spot.full) {nextspot();};//function looks for next empty spot.

+2 votes   media: botparty 2.0: STICK TOGHETER
ceriux Jul 17 2013, 1:36am says:

those all look really good =D

+2 votes   media: Level Textures 002
ceriux Jul 13 2013, 11:22pm says:


+2 votes   media: New Inventory & UI
ceriux Jun 13 2013, 7:15pm says:

lol banshee

+1 vote   media: Screenshots
ceriux Jun 6 2013, 3:59pm says:!

+3 votes   media: E1M5
ceriux May 31 2013, 8:16am says:

these look great! i cant wait to play.

+2 votes   media: E1M5
ceriux May 31 2013, 8:12am says:

your game is starting to look really nice.

+2 votes   media: Wilderness House
ceriux May 23 2013, 11:55pm says:

these look awesome even without textures! awesome brush work!

+2 votes   media: E1M5
ceriux May 20 2013, 2:30pm buried:


consoles are ******* ****.

-30 votes   article: The joys of 008
ceriux May 14 2013, 1:22pm replied:

nah, that was half-life 1..

-3 votes   article: REDkit enters Open Beta!
ceriux May 13 2013, 1:38am says:

you should have shot the gun o.O

+2 votes   media: Walking Around
ceriux May 8 2013, 11:29pm says:

instead of him reaching into his chest, you should have him reach into his head and pull out chunks of brain to throw at you!

+1 vote   media: Quake tribute updates
ceriux May 8 2013, 11:27pm says:

pants sploded..

+1 vote   media: Quake tribute updates
ceriux May 7 2013, 1:33pm says:

this sounds like a cool idea. should replace the wow content and to a total conversion

+2 votes   mod: Maruum
ceriux May 6 2013, 12:42pm says:

and textures?

+1 vote   media: Hiro Hiyazaki
ceriux May 5 2013, 6:05pm says:

you should have someone design better sprites.

+1 vote   article: Sonymon v0.4, it is here!
ceriux May 3 2013, 10:49am says:

suggestion some of your trees look like the bottom of giant penius's since your characters are pixelated, pixelated backgrounds would look better. right now your artwork is all over the place.

+3 votes   game: Hurty Punch
ceriux Apr 26 2013, 12:34pm says:

does infrastructure still work?

+4 votes   media: PSP ADHOC
ceriux Apr 12 2013, 1:28pm says:

i cant wait to get the money up to play this!

+2 votes   article: Upcoming Biome Patch - Progress since initial release
ceriux Apr 12 2013, 8:36am says:

cool dinosaur

+1 vote   media: Irritator - New DInosaur
ceriux Apr 11 2013, 9:31am says:

its awesome that you're still working on this, i was pretty upset when it was announced dead.

+6 votes   article: Winding around the Mountain
ceriux Apr 10 2013, 11:34pm says:

you're amazing at medieval architecture.

+3 votes   media: Central Courtyard
ceriux Apr 9 2013, 12:47pm says:

whats up with those inerted shadows?

+1 vote   media: Dark Age Project
ceriux Apr 9 2013, 12:44pm says:

nice =D

+1 vote   media: Descriptions for Interactable Objects
ceriux Apr 7 2013, 3:31pm says:

i like how your claims/villages work better than HnH / salem

+2 votes   article: Village Additions
ceriux Apr 5 2013, 8:15am says:

i'm ready for this to be released and i'm not even a metal gear fan. the old school 2d sprite stuff looks great in the doom engine. sorta like that mega man mod. good stuff!

+3 votes   media: Metal Gear : Jungle?
ceriux Mar 27 2013, 12:19am says:

that actually looks really cool. you should add some blue flames or something coming out the back.

+1 vote   media: Limited Edition Enemy Hover Assault Ship
ceriux Mar 26 2013, 1:30am says:

these are so awesome! i love medieval stuff, i love quake, and i REALLY love your work.

+5 votes   media: Knights of the Realm
ceriux Mar 23 2013, 11:57pm says:

nice a new update. i have to say your game is VERY challenging. i always die, it's inevitable.. -.-

+1 vote   article: Crawle 0.6.0 released!
ceriux Mar 21 2013, 8:24am says:

wow your game is very pretty.

+1 vote   game: The game of my dream
ceriux Mar 16 2013, 7:39pm says:

the more i see the graphics in your game the more i like it. but i'm curious is this not only a shooter , but an rpg as well?

+4 votes   article: Vandalism and Murder, fines and punishment.
ceriux Mar 12 2013, 10:56am says:

hopefully you're not giving out content thats not yours. but good idea considering mods are supposed to be mods, not pay to play games, if you do this the right way i could see you having a popular mod.

+1 vote   mod: max mod
ceriux Mar 7 2013, 11:20pm says:

this almost reminds me of source mapping. great details!

+2 votes   media: The City
ceriux Mar 7 2013, 7:03pm says:

cool, but id like to see that armor equipped to the character.

+5 votes   article: Mighty Mine Monsters
ceriux Mar 7 2013, 1:15pm says:

its a cool style but i dont feel like your mapping and map textures really match the character now.

+1 vote   media: Running Around
ceriux Feb 27 2013, 12:06am says:

i really like how your game looks i cant wait to play.

+1 vote   media: Enemy carrier, side view, nose
ceriux Feb 18 2013, 3:30am says:


+3 votes   media: Crates!
ceriux Feb 11 2013, 12:38pm says:

reminds me of someting in the elder scrolls

+2 votes   media: UTSDK November Beta Preview 17 (Final Map Shots)
ceriux Feb 4 2013, 11:44am says:

looks like everyone has wrecked their home just like in RL.

+2 votes   media: World Atlas
ceriux Jan 30 2013, 10:46pm says:

i really like your textures.

+2 votes   game: I Can't Escape
ceriux Jan 23 2013, 10:03am says:

tried to sign up yesterday. just kept getting 404 error when submitting.

+1 vote   article: Elder Scrolls Online Beta Sign-Ups Begin
ceriux Jan 21 2013, 12:42am says:

wish i could pump stuff out like you do man.

+2 votes   media: Unnamed Monster 002
ceriux Jan 21 2013, 12:40am says:

yay wireframes =) great stuff

+2 votes   media: Unnamed Monster 001
ceriux Jan 20 2013, 6:00pm replied:

Its now low end... its low spec... get your terminology correct please ...

+1 vote   media: Finallllyy!!!!
ceriux Jan 17 2013, 1:29pm says:

can i see a wireframe of this model =) ?

+2 votes   media: Some one more
ceriux Dec 4 2012, 11:50am says:

you should make the evolution bg pic more pixelated.

0 votes   media: Screenshots
ceriux Nov 27 2012, 3:58pm says:

why are knights firing missles?

+1 vote   media: Desert Multiplayer Map
ceriux Nov 8 2012, 1:53pm says:

nice titties

+7 votes   media: Colored Lightning (READ DAT DESCRIPTION!)
ceriux Nov 8 2012, 8:45am says:

was this pink in real life?

0 votes   media: Gruson L24 Fahrpanzer
ceriux Nov 5 2012, 12:59pm says:

lol nice

+1 vote   media: More Screenshots
ceriux Nov 5 2012, 12:57pm says:

im tracking this looks pretty neat

+3 votes   game: Organ Trail: Director's Cut
ceriux Oct 23 2012, 10:36am says:

looks cool, would like to see more enbs probably too dark for how competitive is lol though.

+1 vote   mod: Dark Fantasy LOL - ENBSeries Preset
ceriux Oct 23 2012, 8:55am says:

great stuff!

+1 vote   media: Challenging
ceriux Oct 23 2012, 8:47am says:

this game looks great.

+3 votes   media: Camping Settlement on the Coast
ceriux Sep 14 2012, 9:32am says:

wow i think this looks great! the rendering reminds me of software quake. i like it a lot. tracking.

+2 votes   game: Ancients of the abyss
ceriux Sep 11 2012, 11:08am says:

dude is this for COW44?!

+1 vote   media: One of the super Detailed Multiplayermaps
ceriux Aug 30 2012, 10:16am replied:

i would love to be able to play an elder scrolls game cooperatively with my brother.

+2 votes   game: OpenMW Example Suite
ceriux Aug 23 2012, 3:59pm says:

sounds really interesting. kinda like table top (make your own adventure.) if i had the ability to do so id donate to you. you have my track so far though.

+2 votes   article: Island Forge @ Kickstarter!
ceriux Jul 28 2012, 8:18pm says:

Looks pretty neat reminds me of hexen. I would say since its a platformer. some of your areas are too dark! otherwise looks fun!

+2 votes   media: The entrance to Ramata
ceriux Jul 12 2012, 12:52am says:

you should change the visuals a bit. it seems a little too childish. not to mention it looks alot like pokemon..

+2 votes   game: Olvand
ceriux Jul 11 2012, 10:32pm says:

crazy lookin monster

+1 vote   media: OpenKatana
ceriux Jul 11 2012, 10:29pm says:

fav color is green =)

+2 votes   media: OpenKatana
ceriux Jul 11 2012, 10:29pm says:

looks freaking awesome!

+2 votes   media: OpenKatana
ceriux Jul 4 2012, 10:29am says:

like the graphics.

+1 vote   game: Avian 2
ceriux Jun 6 2012, 6:50pm says:

very nice!

+2 votes   media: Axe from Quake (Remake - Android / iOS)
ceriux Jun 6 2012, 6:41pm says:

Dude this looks great!

+2 votes   media: Screenshot 2 Quake Tribute
ceriux May 30 2012, 2:15am says:

lol sweet pic. will players be able to take screenshots of what they make directly in the psp?

+1 vote   media: mighty Shambla!
ceriux May 12 2012, 1:42pm says:

looks really cool tracking.

+3 votes   game: SWOOOORDS! Colon Lords of the Sword
ceriux Apr 22 2012, 12:45am replied:

this doesnt seem to run in darkplaces

+2 votes   mod: Qreate
ceriux Apr 16 2012, 2:52am says:

neat i had the same idea but scrapped it i couldnt think of anything to add to a sandbox quake mod besides spawning models/sprites and posing them.

+2 votes   mod: Qreate
ceriux Apr 2 2012, 8:09pm says:

there's also a multi version, so that you can get what you want using the color sliders in player setup. but, it doesnt look as nice.

+1 vote   media: No Bugs Allowed Custom Player Skins!
ceriux Mar 24 2012, 9:33pm says:

Love how one word is english..

+3 votes   media: Quartal Concepts by dimaflash
ceriux Mar 23 2012, 2:18pm says:

think you shoudl give him a slight amount of muscle definition being a fighting type pkmn.

+1 vote   media: hitmonlee
ceriux Mar 15 2012, 2:30am says:

no druid?

+1 vote   media: Diablo 2 Immortal - Impressions
ceriux Feb 23 2012, 10:12pm says:

looks epic

+1 vote   media: Ice Temple
ceriux Feb 17 2012, 11:08pm says:

it seems you have html in your qc..

+2 votes   article: Adding Multiple Sounds to a monster
ceriux Feb 16 2012, 2:12pm says:

much better.

+1 vote   media: new FiskGauntlets
ceriux Feb 4 2012, 12:01pm says:


+1 vote   media: alch2
ceriux Jan 21 2012, 2:40am says:

rocks not mine btw...

+1 vote   media: object interaction and object menu
ceriux Jan 4 2012, 12:48pm says:

why not add in extra weapon slots =)?

+1 vote   article: Another update summary
ceriux Dec 9 2011, 11:17pm replied:

what does it matter if it's similar? Minecraft made a whole genre popular and for games to based on that genre should be expected. otherwise, all games are copies of other games anyways, so stop complaining.

+5 votes   game: Micro World
ceriux Dec 9 2011, 12:37am says:

this is really cool guys.

+1 vote   article: HTML5 WebGL Experiments: 3d Town
ceriux Nov 30 2011, 3:09pm says:

cool stuff guys, will check it out soon!

+1 vote   game: Crawle
ceriux Nov 21 2011, 10:25pm says:

i want to play!

+3 votes   article: Digmaan: The Aftermath polishing
ceriux Nov 17 2011, 1:28am says:

typo in your description.

+1 vote   download: Towns 0.35 for Linux
ceriux Oct 11 2011, 2:19pm says:

pretty neat the description reminds me of haven and hearth. i'd like to see this go further. (tracking)

+3 votes   game: Project Dark Ages
ceriux Sep 11 2011, 2:15am says:

you should edit the skyboxes too. make them look more cartoony

+2 votes   media: New de_train is waiting for September Release!
ceriux Sep 1 2011, 4:36pm says:

this looks really nice, just not my type of game. I hope it goes over well.

+1 vote   media: Vertigo screens
ceriux Aug 30 2011, 11:12pm says:

gremlins huh?

+1 vote   media: Power of quake-c := rubble
ceriux Aug 18 2011, 2:18pm says:

seems really cool, i'm sorry i hadn't seen this already. suggestions? new monsters? something to change gameplay a little bit? new weapons? new maps?

+1 vote   mod: Quake Coop
ceriux Aug 17 2011, 11:29pm says:


+9 votes   download: Minecraft GTA 3 skin
ceriux Jul 17 2011, 2:17pm replied:

lemme know when the windows version is released !

+3 votes   game: Mysterious Castle
ceriux Jul 13 2011, 5:08pm replied:

I wouldnt say Notch is a moron, but he shouldnt be so lazy. i like Terraria way better than minecraft because it has so much to craft, minecrafts too basic and everything you make breaks. which i dont like. but either way. minecrafts boring it needs new mechanics or new stuff either or. this mod is taking it in a better direction. (they need to make a version of minecraft with a better code than what they have its very slow.)

+1 vote   mod: Blackmodule’s Minecraft Suite
ceriux Jul 10 2011, 1:55pm says:

it would be cool to be able to make maps for this.

+1 vote   media: Room Editor <-> Ingame scene
ceriux Apr 17 2011, 1:57am says:

awesome i like when ever a new quake project pops up on moddb.

+1 vote   article: The Gate
ceriux Mar 30 2011, 4:20pm says:

*squints* is that darth vader?

+1 vote   media: Screen Shots
ceriux Mar 23 2011, 1:06am says:


+1 vote   mod: ReMakeQuake
ceriux Mar 23 2011, 12:07am says:

i like this ALOT!

+2 votes   media: Lowpoly Player Pose 01
ceriux Mar 4 2011, 1:33pm says:

even though there is no information on this, pictures say just as much as words and this looks pretty neat. id defiantly play this, great to see there will be multiplayer as well!

+3 votes   game: Dead Pixels
ceriux Mar 4 2011, 11:14am says:

lookin pretty bad ***, liking the black and green=D still dont like the feet so much.

+3 votes   media: Lowpoly Player 04
ceriux Feb 27 2011, 5:22pm says:

looks pretty cool, i would work on your weapon model though

+1 vote   media: New Explosions test
ceriux Feb 27 2011, 4:25pm says:

cool, he just seems a little bit too green, tone him down some to match your mapping textures, maybe he's just a little too saturated =) otherwise cool! i suggest removing the textured mouth though and add an animated one. i plan on watching your game i love post apocalyptic stuff!

+2 votes   media: City Hunters 2
ceriux Feb 23 2011, 3:33pm says:

this looks pretty cool , sorta like a post apocalyptic gta =)

+1 vote   game: Apocalypse Express GDB
ceriux Feb 23 2011, 4:26am says:

this looks pretty cool *watching* hope it runs on win7

+3 votes   game: Hack, Slash, Loot
ceriux Feb 23 2011, 4:23am says:

this update of through still doesnt work on windows 7 =(

+1 vote   download: Through v1.3
ceriux Feb 17 2011, 11:57am says:

sounds, cool i'd play it. i hope you add more to it though. good start.

+2 votes   game: Merveilles Portable
ceriux Feb 14 2011, 10:47pm says:

ill be checking this out, horrible controls though -.-

***It just crashes =(***

+1 vote   download: DungeonQuest super-early alpha
ceriux Feb 7 2011, 3:39pm says:

Cool stuff, defiantly made me think of my own game design approaches. Also thinking about this sort of stuff, seems to make me feel more inspired and motivated again to keep work on my own projects. Sometimes you worry too much about your list of things that have to be done (or else) , but you forget to imagine why you decided to work on a project because your too busy worrying about the things you have been working on rather than creativity that inspired you to start in the first place. great new's post defiantly. i look forward to your game =D

+1 vote   article: DungeonQuest: Why Design Matters
ceriux Feb 5 2011, 3:02am says:

i would like to submit some skins if you wouldnt mind?

i might also be able to animate you up a v_foot,mdl with a kick animation =)

edit: i might also have to make you an edited quake guy with a kick anim as well then .

we'll have to see what i have the time for and what you may or may not want.

+1 vote   article: New gameplay ideas
ceriux Feb 5 2011, 12:04am says:

This seem's pretty cool, i'd definitely play it. you should how ever make it to where the player's view width is wider (almost to the borders of each map, or whatever's on screen.) also you should let the players use their own custom tilesets =)

+1 vote   game: DungeonQuest
ceriux Feb 1 2011, 1:18am says:

his head looks a litlte small compared to the rest of his body. although its ten billion times better than i can do.

+2 votes   media: Swamp Battle
ceriux Jan 31 2011, 11:13pm says:

i was working on a similar character design once, but i changed my theme =/

+1 vote   media: Gameplay screen shots
ceriux Jan 29 2011, 7:03pm says:

player model doesnt match the scenery

+2 votes   game: Lips of Suna
ceriux Jan 29 2011, 5:01pm says:

this looks pretty neat.

+2 votes   game: Egoboo
ceriux Jan 11 2011, 1:41am says:

you had the most awesome looking wolf3d mod ever... you should release it privately for those who request it...

+4 votes   member: doomjedi
ceriux Jan 9 2011, 3:51pm says:

lol wow, kinda funny

+1 vote   media: PL CL Wars 4 Screenshots
ceriux Jan 7 2011, 1:03pm says:

should make a mod profile for this...

+1 vote   download: Random Multiplayer 0.2
ceriux Dec 29 2010, 2:25pm says:

lol awesome !

+2 votes   article: December Update
ceriux Dec 24 2010, 3:41pm says:

hmm idk if you already have done it. but have you made idle animations for your monsters? they look real stiff in that pic.

+2 votes   media: Spikeclaws Action 02
ceriux Dec 14 2010, 10:27pm says:

sexy ♥

+1 vote   article: Preview: Gnisis
ceriux Dec 9 2010, 3:27pm says:

very nice looking. still say the maps are too wide and open.

+1 vote   media: Norse Village Test
ceriux Dec 5 2010, 1:45pm says:

crazy so everything takes place in one map? thats pretty cool.

+1 vote   media: 05_12_2010 Media Update
ceriux Dec 1 2010, 6:25pm says:

did you port the quake map directly over?

0 votes   media: 1.12.2010 - Entrance
ceriux Nov 24 2010, 12:56pm says:

startin to look good guys, that fog really plays into the atmosphere on your map keep it up!

+1 vote   article: Weekly Update 7
ceriux Nov 23 2010, 7:28pm says:

liking this one a lot!

+2 votes   media: Spikeclaw New Look WIP
ceriux Nov 23 2010, 5:59pm says:

looks good, is that following the quake pallet? or are you going to use external textures?

+1 vote   media: So yea i made some hands
ceriux Nov 17 2010, 4:54pm says:

you going to give him armor too?

+1 vote   media: Player 01
ceriux Nov 16 2010, 10:30pm says:

hmm lol this one looks a lil off. wonder what ur gunna do with him?

+2 votes   media: Tentacle Mouth 01
ceriux Nov 11 2010, 12:05am says:

these are lookin good man i think i like this monster better than the other. keep um coming

+1 vote   media: Crowned Devourer Wireframe
ceriux Oct 21 2010, 10:52am says:

hmm this looks like it might be interesting.

+2 votes   media: Tube Fatty Monster 01
ceriux Oct 21 2010, 10:46am says:

looks really nice. i dont have rune though.

+2 votes   mod: Thieves Guild
ceriux Oct 13 2010, 3:17pm says:

barney looks asian

+1 vote   media: HD Images Part1
ceriux Oct 12 2010, 9:35am says:

looking cool. cant wait to see some of those custom weapons in action that you had.

+2 votes   media: Level Screenshot 02
ceriux Sep 27 2010, 8:16am says:

looking cool!

+2 votes   media: Attack & Death
ceriux Sep 21 2010, 8:04am says:

will be checking this out.

+1 vote   download: Afterglow Update (Commandable Allies)
ceriux Sep 20 2010, 4:27pm says:

hopefully their over all basic AI has gotten better. (ex: they stop when they reach you instead of constantly running into you and all around you)
also what about calling out to your ally when your downed or something? (ally I NEED HELP!) and he comes to heal you?

looking cool though. keep up the good work.

+1 vote   media: Ally AI modes
ceriux Sep 20 2010, 4:18pm says:

you should upload a video of it here on moddb.

+2 votes   article: New Damage System
ceriux Sep 15 2010, 2:07pm says:

too bad all of your content will be able to be edited since you are more than likely using LUA.

+1 vote   mod: Dark Ages
ceriux Sep 12 2010, 5:17am says:

looking pretty awesome!

+2 votes   media: "The Egoists"
ceriux Sep 8 2010, 4:26pm says:

hey man im liking your mod especially since you now have put up a pic with a custom map. i may try n play it soon if my schools network will let me. one question, why quake world and not net quake?

+1 vote   member: lukifell
ceriux Sep 2 2010, 3:20pm says:

Hey when / if you make that video you should upload it here as well so i can see it here at school =D

+1 vote   media: Running around
ceriux Aug 31 2010, 2:45pm says:

homer on roids!

+1 vote   media: More Homer Galore
ceriux Aug 31 2010, 2:44pm says:

lol i wish you would try just a little bit harder on some of your skins lol i like the style deffinantly funny. i can only imagine in game.

+1 vote   media: Ronald Mcdonald
ceriux Aug 31 2010, 2:41pm says:

your first map looked nice even though the large ammount of missing textures i cant really tell much about this one though.

+1 vote   media: w3rd
ceriux Aug 31 2010, 2:40pm says:

cool firing attack, you should fix it to where it comes from the gun though, would look much better.

+2 votes   media: Bush getting attacked.
ceriux Aug 27 2010, 9:47am says:

Hey Jim! i love your work. mind linking your mods/games profile to my quake group so your updates can be posted there too?

+3 votes   mod: Swamp Warrior
ceriux Aug 2 2010, 9:31pm says:

how did you get that model? i used to look all over the place for it?!

+1 vote   download: Spawnable Half-Life 1 Beta Models
ceriux Jul 23 2010, 11:00am says:

very nice.

+2 votes   media: Monsters
ceriux Jul 15 2010, 1:37pm says:

cool sniper sprite should get some bigger shots!

+1 vote   media: Player sprites
ceriux Jun 22 2010, 5:55pm replied:

greens the ****!

+3 votes   poll: Thoughts on Indie DB?
ceriux May 26 2010, 12:56pm says:

looks nice but is that bloom? if so you should make it a toggle-able option

+1 vote   media: Images from various stages of development
ceriux May 26 2010, 12:55pm says:

kinda spooky

+1 vote   media: Images from various stages of development
ceriux May 26 2010, 12:55pm replied:

wow, this is amazing. ill definantly be modding for it. will you release tools for adding stuff and what not? also any chances for online support?

+1 vote   media: DaggerXL Alpha v0.181
ceriux May 26 2010, 12:53pm says:

sexy =D

+1 vote   media: DaggerXL Alpha v0.181
ceriux Feb 17 2010, 10:48pm says:

this reminds me of serious sam for some reason, looks nice though.

+1 vote   media: Bloodpack
ceriux Feb 10 2010, 4:06pm says:

Mod looks pretty cool, just be careful not to get in trouble for any content you didnt make.

+4 votes   mod: Doom Hunt
ceriux Feb 6 2010, 12:23pm says:

cool idea, hope to see more work and a little more behind the story.

+1 vote   mod: HALF-LIFE Machine Force
ceriux Feb 5 2010, 2:06am says:

Cad would you mind if i converted that ivan model to use for quake?

+2 votes   member: MisterChairman
ceriux Feb 5 2010, 1:26am says:

would you mind if i converted this to a quake1.mdl?

+1 vote   download: Ivan the space biker
ceriux Feb 2 2010, 3:09am says:

oh cool! downloading!
wait nvm doesnt work with steam...

+1 vote   download: Time-Shadows Beta 0.1 Full
ceriux Feb 1 2010, 5:35pm says:

that looks like captain falcon

0 votes   media: Ingame action
ceriux Jan 30 2010, 2:54am replied:

you'll have to go into the stats options and show the tris for you to know the amount

+1 vote   media: New PaintBall Gun
ceriux Jan 26 2010, 1:47am says:

it doesnt look like you guys have any actual lighting going on. when you move into the shadows, your character is still lit the same.

+1 vote   article: Tutorial: How to create a VBO model map for NNK
ceriux Jan 26 2010, 1:13am says:

you should post up the other screenshots too!

+1 vote   media: Twig using mod
ceriux Jan 22 2010, 9:48am says:

lol the top is black the sides are blue.

0 votes   media: SoHL Demo Screen Shots
ceriux Jan 18 2010, 4:47am says:

looks damn good, but id say you guys need to make the v_weps smaller.

+1 vote   media: Solitude
ceriux Jan 16 2010, 2:41am says:

cool! i was working on a map as you know. but i had to reformat and i lost the source... but i have fresh new ideas for even different maps =) so i might get started on that real soon!

+1 vote   article: Solitude Update #33
ceriux Jan 16 2010, 12:43am says:

your mesh flow at the elbow joint should look more like this, if you want cleaner looking animations.

+1 vote   article: Update 6- New arms!, new oicw, and Stinger.
ceriux Jan 11 2010, 12:54am says:

not sure what these are, but it looks pretty crazy

+1 vote   media: Arcadia - Rise and Fall
ceriux Jan 11 2010, 12:50am says:

lol a fourth of an image!

+1 vote   download: Snakes Test Map
ceriux Jan 5 2010, 3:26pm says:

lol looks cool actually i like the tree's for some reason

+1 vote   game: Loot Pursuit! The Map to the Mountain of Money
ceriux Jan 1 2010, 8:38pm says:

wtf is up with the 2nd monsters face?

0 votes   article: Update 3-Fast assassin and stalker !
ceriux Jan 1 2010, 3:48am says:

if this is really a custom model great job! id say get an engine with some kind of a pallet upgrade or code it in to yours. i had ideas of hl/2 story line game/mod for the psp based off a quake engine.... too bad im leaving for school soon.

+1 vote   article: Update 2-Drop ship
ceriux Dec 30 2009, 2:27am says:

oh wow this looks pretty cool actually compiling tools mad specifically for your game?

btw i voted for you guys the moment i noticed the awards were going on.

+1 vote   media: Flaming Ice's inhouse development tools
ceriux Dec 25 2009, 5:29pm says:

this is pretty damn cool!

+2 votes   mod: VS: The Final Stab
ceriux Dec 25 2009, 5:29pm says:

lol i was like wtf at first then i looked real close and i saw a face staring right at me!

+1 vote   media: my nosferatu model
ceriux Dec 25 2009, 5:28pm says:

omg lol nosferatu pwns! =D

+1 vote   media: my nosferatu model
ceriux Dec 22 2009, 2:29am replied:

looking very sexy guys.

+2 votes   article: Solitude: Update #27
ceriux Dec 5 2009, 7:50pm says:

you should make the level design more cartoonish like the player mdls. i mean they are kind of cartoon like already. but id say just a little bit less detail and maybe some shaders?

-1 votes   article: Army Men Extended Work In Progress 1
ceriux Dec 4 2009, 7:01pm says:

water reflections?

+1 vote   media: reflective water
ceriux Nov 22 2009, 5:19pm replied:

for the quake.mdl format there can only be 1 grouping of the models if you have seperate groups be sure to regroup them into 1. (which also means all mdl parts uv has to fit on 1 texture)

+1 vote   article: Importing models in to Quake
ceriux Nov 22 2009, 1:13am says:

oh he looks kinda cool!

+1 vote   media: Mini Alien
ceriux Nov 20 2009, 2:09pm says:

weapons look ok, but i cant tell whats really happening with them, might want to try and lower your settings or finding a video recorder which takes less to run. Also you seem to be using a more advanced engine, you should check out tga textures. looks like your still using the quake pallet.

+1 vote   media: demostration video of smok ( low resolution )
ceriux Oct 27 2009, 5:54pm says:

no longer the player model, new one is being made.

+1 vote   media: WiP Walk 2
ceriux Oct 27 2009, 5:53pm says:

this will be changing no longer current.

+1 vote   media: Finished Texture
ceriux Oct 18 2009, 4:58pm says:

all of those brush based vehicals should be mdl =)

+1 vote   media: sinoso08
ceriux Sep 22 2009, 7:27pm says:

btw the red circles are things that will be fixed before a skin is made which all should be fixed with a real uv map.

+1 vote   media: New Player Model (sniper)
ceriux Jul 21 2009, 7:01pm says:

the basic map parts look pretty damn good, work a little bit harder on making your detail look nicer though i say, maybe a little darker lighting.

+1 vote   article: Update: New Pics
ceriux Jan 9 2009, 12:35am replied:

i think that the fog makes it TOO bright, maybe they could make a darker fog? making it to where they could see the silouettes but it wasnt just a big red target? its supposed to be a horror game not a horror game look alike where its hard to get scared because you see it coming.

+2 votes   article: Stylized Darkness in L4D
ceriux Dec 8 2008, 1:48pm says:

so far it looks too dark.

+1 vote   media: RAS
ceriux Sep 25 2008, 8:59pm says:

these could all be mapped out. and get an equal if not better effect.

+1 vote   media: Pillar Models
ceriux Aug 8 2008, 7:14pm says:

some of your screen shots look really cool and others could use a little more work, if you need help texturing some of your weapons i have some skill in that area just get ahold of me and we will see about working something out.

+1 vote   mod: Demonizzer
ceriux Jan 8 2008, 1:21pm replied:

Grenades,shells, kills

+1 vote   article: Beta 1.1 released!
ceriux Sep 20 2007, 7:45pm says:

old and out dated

+1 vote   media: Very Early wip map1
ceriux Sep 20 2007, 7:44pm says:

old and out dated

+1 vote   media: The Face of a player model.
ceriux Sep 3 2007, 2:51pm says:

someone got better at mapping, might want to find better textures though.

+2 votes   media: Aralands 06
ceriux Aug 31 2007, 12:21am buried:


is that ragdoll?

-11 votes   media: Abandoned labs
ceriux Aug 22 2007, 1:24pm says:

hey, thanks for watching my mod! i really appreciate it!

+6 votes   member: ChrisPage
ceriux Aug 3 2007, 1:09am says:

YEA WITH THE HEALTH PIPES!, is this going to have single player too?

+1 vote   media: Health Pipe
ceriux Sep 20 2007, 7:49pm says:

Wow i played the older version of this and i must say your version looks very nice i may have to check this out sometimes soon!

+1 vote   mod: Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition
ceriux Nov 28 2006, 4:45am says:

maybe make Gloobs a little brighter purple not so pale :P id also like to see a coal and green varient XD

+1 vote   media: Player model running at Gloob Monsters
ceriux Oct 12 2006, 4:24pm says:

damn!!! str8 up good model n skin.

+1 vote   download: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
ceriux Oct 12 2006, 4:14pm says:

i think you did a really good job on this, i wish i could make Good player models...

+1 vote   download: Hikaru
ceriux Sep 19 2006, 1:37am says:

hey, id like to be on your mod team...

i can map, skin, texture, and im learning to model... right now iv almost completed an axe replacement model for ur mod. and got about like 10% of a map im working on for ur mod done.

u can check out my work at ur forums... oh but the screenshots of the axe are a little differnt.

its basically the same but i took the bottem part off and extended the handel.... u will know what i mean if u look at ur forums ne ways um thnx if u decide to accept me...

my email -

+1 vote   member: JPiolho
ceriux Sep 19 2006, 1:39am says:

hey i think u should upload it to moddb as well. gj!

+1 vote   article: New update
ceriux Apr 11 2006, 6:40pm says:

ill be checking this out... in two days

+1 vote   mod: GROGG - Terrifying Tales of the Man-Ape
ceriux Aug 24 2007, 12:45pm says:

lol it does

+1 vote   media: Very Early Wip Map1 b
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