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Carlosnukem Feb 1 2015, 6:59pm replied:

I found more. :P

When i have censorship disabled in USER2.CON two glitches happen:

-The streape tease babe dont have animation, and dont show the boobs, she start the animation but freezes in the first frame but if i enable the option to kill Humans she shows the boobs but still dont have the dancing animation.

-The uncensored Movie Tile dont fit in the movie screen, so it gets 2 copies down and above to complete the screen.

I only tested in E1L1 and used the Eduke32 that comes with the mod, those glitches happen everytime.

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Carlosnukem Jan 30 2015, 11:08pm replied:

Ei Fox, voce e Brasileiro?

Hey Fox, are you Brazillian?

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Carlosnukem Jan 30 2015, 10:58pm says:

Man i not gonna lie, i have played (but not finished) the first level of Plug and Pray in the Duke3D PS1 version, had to use XEBRA because EPSXE/PCSXR had graphical glithes even with directdraw Plugins and MY GOD, Native PSX (freaking low) resolution, 16bit, Crazy low Frame Rate and Horrible Digital ONLY Controls made my experience in the first ZONE literally a NIGHTMARE, i cant belive that someone had finished the game on the PS1, like, i know the N64 version is not the best (but is the best console port) but at least i could use the analog stick to aim/turn and the C Buttons to move/strafe, it was intuitive even mirrored and the frame rate was somewhat stable even in Split Screen, thank god this mod is being made.

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Carlosnukem Jan 30 2015, 10:38pm replied:

He is probably bug testing and finishing the coding, just because te levels are done that dont mean the mod is done, he wants 100% acurracy to the source, the PS1 version have more than just new levels, like the N64 the PS1 has new art tiles, new sounds and effects, gameplay adjustments and some diferences to regular levels.

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Carlosnukem Jan 28 2015, 12:37am replied:

If you say so, i've just sugested this because i saw (maybe in the duke4net forum) screenshots of some guy playing Plug and Pray levels with your N64 mod, but if you want 100% acurracy to the source that is ok, i respect that.

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Carlosnukem Jan 28 2015, 12:17am replied:

Now i see, it is a much more impressive job when you know how much work was put in it, but what in the heck do you mean by "manually coded everything"? Did you really coded the weapons and quirks from the N64 version all by yourself? I thought that you have extracted all the respective files, if so that is more mind blowing than i was thinking, also that explains why you did not implemented the local Coop.

And i dont know if you are going to update this mod again but i found a bug, nothing major but when i use the mod with the latest version of eduke32 i get a graphical glitch when i use any security camera, the security monitor gets shrinked or gets a shrinked version overlapped in front, like i said nothing game breaking, this does not happen with the bundled eduke32.

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Carlosnukem Jan 19 2015, 9:16pm says:

I need this mod in my life, Fox_666, can we please have some sort of compatibility or addon to use N64 Weapons and Mechanics like being able to kick and shoot corpses? I Know this sound like a stupid request, but i like to make a mess with dead aliens, if you know what i mean. ;)

Looking forward to play this mod (Port?), thanks for taking your time to make something cool and sharing with everyone.

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Carlosnukem Jan 19 2015, 8:49pm says:

I must say, this is a impressive mod, is so acurate that it isnt even a mod, this is a ******* PORT of Duke Nukem 64 to PC, this is unbelievable.

The first Duke 3D i played was the N64 version, the second version was the PS1 (it is hilarious, i remember me trying to get the secret teleporter in E1L1 on PS1), i only played the "Real" Duke 3D years later, i was not disapointed, it was like an Upgrade that the game deserved, exept by the lack of some N64 exclusive "things", like, explosive ammo and weapons like Granade Launcher, and that always felt that "Wierd" somehow, welp, no more thanks for this mod, now i can have the "Real" Duke3D, N64 weapons and PS1 Soundtrack, all that in the best gaming platform, thanks Fox_666...

And also, i am curious, how did you managed to extracted the files from the N64 rom? Isnt those files (and rom) encrypted or something? I know that you already said you did reverse engenier, but how exacly you did that? Did you extracted the files, droped on a folder, executed eduke3d and the job was done (obviously not, but), can you please explain step by step, if is not a problem for you, of course.

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Carlosnukem Dec 4 2013, 9:25pm says:

NNNaaa, you guy's already won this, and may ... wait a second!!!This is the boat??You guy's are remaking the boat from the trailer???!!!NOW THIS IS A SERIOUS ******* EPIC **** MY FRIEND'S!!!I realy expect a mind blowing stage desing experience and more Overdoses of Easter Eggs -COUGHT SF2RVSGLINGLSTG COUGHT- this is going to be epic ;)

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Carlosnukem Dec 2 2013, 11:48pm says:

Duke Nukem, the Legend, the Guy thats even Chuck Norris Fear, who likes to put the might foot right in the midle of aliens *** and the hands on "fresh hardware"!!!Lets face it, Duke Nukem 3D is old but, is the best FPS that i have played in my life!!!Those who live by ExtraRealistsGraphicsAndPhisics will never understand How DN3D is AWESOME!!! ...What you waiting 4?!!Come and get Some!!! (I know, my English sucks) (:P)

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Carlosnukem Nov 30 2013, 8:14am replied:

Ow ... i mean like Hiden location or Secret Level where Dukes play Sax or , Duke meets Epic Sax Guy, ... anyway, thanks.

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Carlosnukem Nov 29 2013, 10:37pm says:

THANKS VERY MUCH 4 ANOTHER AWESOME MOD, GREAT JOB!!! i realy fell bad because Dukes new games, and this is how they shoud be ... ow man the bike course is epic, and talking about epicness, can we have a Epic Sax Duke Easter egg in the next DLC (if you guys make another)? ;)

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Carlosnukem Aug 21 2013, 4:51pm says:

Man this is Duke Nukem, and not that **** Forever that i played in Xbox360 "WTF", THANKS 4 REAL to the people that makes DUKE a real Bad *** again whit this mod.
To the people that enjoi FPS (This here is the best) get this, and be
Happy shoting aliens and pigs!!!

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