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Camelslayer @ Solar Forge

No PC version?
That's depressing.

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Camelslayer @ Project Zomboid

This was initially something I was going to pass up... but after playing the demo, I can easily say I was thoroughly impressed. There should be some kind of instructions or tutorial somewhere because I couldn't even figure out how the hell you're supposed to eat (it's a problem if you have to guess and fail), but as far as open-ended zombie survival games go... this project puts DayZ to shame by a longshot.

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Camelslayer @ No More Room in Hell

Well I understand that, the George Romero vibe is something I picked up on actually. I like the scarcity of ammo and that you can't just take a fireaxe and swing it like L4D. It's obvious enough that it's more survival and "only shoot when they're absolutely in your way".
But, regardless, since it isn't complete yet, I'll wait until it is done before giving it a second shot; I'll be looking forward to it.

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Camelslayer @ No More Room in Hell

Just don't go the route of Dark Souls and make it so ludicrously punishing, which unfortunately, when I played NMRiH, that's how it was. Headshots didn't always kill (which they should) and make melee more effective, but find that balance at the same time where it's actually do-able even on solo. If there's very little hope of survival as you say, even when you know exactly what you're doing, how is it worth playing?

I'm not saying don't make a hard game, by all means. Just I think a different approach than "Everyone is usually SUPPOSED to die" might be better. I would personally expect that to drive people away from the game as opposed to attract them to it. And... obviously you don't want that. =P

But, that's just my two cents. Good luck with finishing it.

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Camelslayer @ No More Room in Hell

Almost any HL2 mods are stand-alone, all you'll need is probably something like the Source SDK 2007 or whichever they use, or any source game like TF2. I've played this, Golden Eye Source, WWI Source, NEOTOKYO, etc. all without owning Half Life 2. So don't worry, it's playable without it. unless it specifically says it's a total conversion and/or requires HL2 in order to play,

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Camelslayer @ No More Room in Hell

Eh, "horrible" isn't exactly the right word. It's not HORRIBLE, but it's way too punishing to have terrible melee mechanics, and while I hate for it just to be a single thing to kill it for me, it's sadly the case since its so major. As I said though, I'm hoping they clear that up, it isn't fully done yet if I'm not mistaken. Hence I'm keeping an eye on it for improvements.

Regardless. Zombie Panic is pretty fun, though the zombie team is generally a bit OP. IS more playable though. Zombie Master looks pretty intriguing, I have yet to get it. Zombie Survivor is garbage though. Never thought I'd empty a magnum into a zombie's face without killing them.

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Camelslayer @ No More Room in Hell

No idea why this is so popular or why people say it's so amazing. It isn't. Seriously, it's so user-unfriendly to the point of absurdity. I like what it's trying to do, I WANT to like it, but I just can't... yet. The main killing point for this mod is the melee. For a mod that practically forces you to melee a LOT due to the lack of ammo, the melee is absolutely atrocious. Hell, everyone I played with (randomly, mind you) said the mod was way too user-unfriendly.

Best zombie mod out there? Uhh, no. Absolutely not. It has a lot of potential, but needs a TON of work first, especially in melee attacks. However, I have faith that the devs will get it to the point it needs to be. I'll be keeping an eye on it for certain, just hope my current bad impressions aren't permanent.

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