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1 comment by BlueWolf72 on Aug 6th, 2011

Hey hey for those who still visit my profile page thanks. I am no longer helping moddb or desura or halflife2.net. These days I am busy with real life. I still dabble in making models from time to time check out my addons.

I am running my own site these days "SteamContests.com" I help valve/steam with helping the devs who choose to use the platform. I hold simple/fun contest for gamers to participate if they want to win a steam key to the game. I also help time to time with PodCast17.com.

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0 comments by BlueWolf72 on Mar 25th, 2011

while you cant purchase them. I felt they still deserved some pr. if only they were a real thing we could purchase. Thanks geckpeppers

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0 comments by BlueWolf72 on Mar 20th, 2011

Here’s Valve’s list of the10 bestselling games on Steam for the week:

1. Total War: SHOGUN 2
2. Dragon Age II
3. Portal 2
4. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
5. Crysis 2
6. Darksiders
7. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution
8. Magicka
9. Call of Duty: Black Ops
10. Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition

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0 comments by BlueWolf72 on Mar 17th, 2011

Just wanted to drop a blog and tell the world I will be holding some contests soon to win video games. Some will be simple "spell my name backwards" and some will be you must do a dissertation on the meaning of animation in 3d. Just thought I would warn the masses.

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1 comment by BlueWolf72 on Jan 29th, 2010

badass stop-motion piece; it was created with 6,566 printouts captured on a webcam.

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0 comments by BlueWolf72 on Jan 18th, 2010

The full version of the 3Impact Game Engine is now completely free to use for commercial and non commercial purposes.

Development is set to continue for individual clients requiring tailored versions of the 3d engine. Public updates will also be released free of charge on a regular basis.

The 3Impact Game Engine is a powerful 3d development system with a short learning curve. The officially supported language is C++, but the engine can be programmed by using various languages.

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1 comment by BlueWolf72 on Jan 11th, 2010

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1 comment by BlueWolf72 on Jan 9th, 2010

Official Teaser with actual footage for the upcoming unofficial movie based on the hit videogame by Valve: Left 4 Dead. Directed by:

Daniele Bellucci - 23 years old freelance digital artist living in Rome, working mainly as director, art director, concept artist and visual effects artist. All my work focuses on a single quote: "If you can Dream it, you can Do it."

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0 comments by BlueWolf72 on Dec 29th, 2009

Neat or Boring?

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0 comments by BlueWolf72 on Aug 5th, 2009

Spread the word this is my new project. Simple, I will be giving keys to steam games as I get them. The contests will be simple as it will be on twitter.



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