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Spread the word this is my new project. Simple, I will be giving keys to steam games as I get them. The contests will be simple as it will be on twitter.



If you play you can win. Register on Twitter.com and add us.

LETS GO........LETS GO....

Hey You

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I will update this if you will read it. Can you read?

I am all alone today. I am looking for a job and I am thinking of doing some radio/podcast again. I have so much stuff (swag) to give away.

Anyone like a new keyboard?
Keys to steam games via steam?

Would you play a contest to win these prizes?

You be the judge and think about what your doing. Making mods for fun are always been my inspiration but making mods have turned to prizes and money. School based mods are always fun to play but you can never honestly be a true fan as most of the time they only made the mod for the project and never had a plan to fix any bugs or to expand so while school based mods are in many cases fun to play try to be a fan of team based mods.

All the people I started modding with are old farts and have gone away. To think I started modding 15 years ago and wish I had time to do it all over again. Like I have always said:

Mod Till Ya Die!

While I am still at a loss on who to vote for this year, I decided to look at each ticket from a gamers’ point of view. Which ticket to vote for will be a level up or down depending on how they do.

McCain - Palin is one ticket that is hard to follow but is the one that I am leaning toward. He has served in the military and let’s face it, there are an endless amount of military games. He reminds me of a Sgt Slaughter and also of Duke Nukem. You just never know what he’s gonna say. Palin strikes me as a person who was at level 1, but then who leveled up (for those MMO lovers) and made a name for herself (politically speaking) in Alaska. She reminds me of characters you would find in the video games of Carmen Sandiego. You know, “Where in the world is Palin? ” And, honestly, Palin just rubs me the wrong way, always giving obscure details, not really giving her opinions, but generalizing things to appease people.

Obama - Biden is a hard one to follow as well. I feel like I need a player’s game guide to find the hidden secrets and information I need in order to make a solid voting decision. Obama is hard to relate to a video game, but when I watch him on TV attempt to answer a valid question, he reminds me of Mike Tyson’s “Punch Out”, skipping and dancing around the questions instead of answering it. Can I get knocked out before he just honestly answers a guestion. Biden without a doubt is Jack Thompson but a politician. Biden is happy to tell you how he feels about a subject that gets him TV time. He will be pro this and pro that but once he is on TV he just rants and raves.

-Another contest for you gamers to submit your project to :)
-Collection of 3,364 TV theme songs for your listening pleasure

This blog is awesome 

Hot Stuff

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weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I blog''d

ohh ya


The Discovery Channel is airing a 5-part series on how video games became an everyday aspect of our culture. The mini-series will air at 8pm (EST?) on Wednesdays for 5 weeks starting on Nov 21.



Target will not be selling Manhunt 2 because you can potentially view the game uncensored by altering the game code.


I just don't get why Hot Coffee is still holding people scared. 





FYI: Target is officially retarded.

The Spike TV web site has posted up the nominees for the annual Spike TV video game awards. As usual the nominees include some games that have yet to be released to stores like Mass Effect which was nominated for Game of the Year alongside The Orange Box, BioShock and Halo 3. Super Mario Galaxy and Assassin's Creed, both not released in stores, were nominated for Best Action Game while Crysis was nominated for Best Graphics. The awards will be presented on Dec. 9.

Variety is reporting that Mike Newell is in talks to take on the directing
roles of the upcoming movie adaptaton of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the acclaimed reboot of the classic video game franchise from UbiSoft. Newell is best known for directing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Man ooooooooooo man some game movie news this week I woof'n tell ya!


Scifi.com is reporting that movie writer-director Roger Avary has almost completed script work on his adaptation of id Software's Wolfenstein game franchise. However the just launched strike by the Writer's Guild of America has put production of the movie on hold until the strike ends.

Writers strike? Give me a break.



This just in 24 will be killed if the strike doesn't end!