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While I am still at a loss on who to vote for this year, I decided to look at each ticket from a gamers’ point of view. Which ticket to vote for will be a level up or down depending on how they do.

McCain - Palin is one ticket that is hard to follow but is the one that I am leaning toward. He has served in the military and let’s face it, there are an endless amount of military games. He reminds me of a Sgt Slaughter and also of Duke Nukem. You just never know what he’s gonna say. Palin strikes me as a person who was at level 1, but then who leveled up (for those MMO lovers) and made a name for herself (politically speaking) in Alaska. She reminds me of characters you would find in the video games of Carmen Sandiego. You know, “Where in the world is Palin? ” And, honestly, Palin just rubs me the wrong way, always giving obscure details, not really giving her opinions, but generalizing things to appease people.

Obama - Biden is a hard one to follow as well. I feel like I need a player’s game guide to find the hidden secrets and information I need in order to make a solid voting decision. Obama is hard to relate to a video game, but when I watch him on TV attempt to answer a valid question, he reminds me of Mike Tyson’s “Punch Out”, skipping and dancing around the questions instead of answering it. Can I get knocked out before he just honestly answers a guestion. Biden without a doubt is Jack Thompson but a politician. Biden is happy to tell you how he feels about a subject that gets him TV time. He will be pro this and pro that but once he is on TV he just rants and raves.

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