I grew up around games. The foggiest, most distant memories of my childhood are of playing our Atari 2600 at the Age of 3 or 4. We got our NES in 1989, but I didn't truly go crazy over videogames until 1991, when I played my brother's Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog. Something about Sonic hooked me and I haven't been able to shake it since. At 13 or 14 me and my friends tried to make our own Sonic game - drawing level maps out on printer paper, the whole nine yards. By the time I was a Freshmen in Highschool, I discovered a program called Click N' Create - later renamed Multimedia Fusion Express - and began real work on a Sonic game to call my own. The rest is history. I have the lofty goal now of one day getting in to game development somehow; or at least some position, somewhere, within the game industry. I've been told by a lot of people I'm a good writer and articles I've written on game mechanics have even been published in indie magazines like The Gamer's Quarter.

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BlazeHedgehog Nov 3 2015 replied:

Okay, finished my playthrough. Seems everything I didn't like were changes to the prologue specifically. Everything else is great, though I do have a couple of minor complaints:

1. Maybe I'm crazy, but it sounds like some dialog got re-recorded? Some of the dialog has a different sound quality than the rest, with a weird room echo. Seems weird and inconsistent.

2. When I got to this section ( I.imgur.com ) the scripting broke. This piece of dialog did not trigger, and I ran around the room for 30 minutes because I knew what to do but couldn't get it to trigger. Once I reloaded my save, it worked.

Really curious about what you're hinting at here with some of the new dialog... ;)

+1 vote   mod: Nightmare House 2
BlazeHedgehog Nov 3 2015 replied:

If anyone else wants them, here are my weapon sounds for Nightmare House 2 (2015). I mixed them myself in FL Studio.


They were mixed from the sounds contained in this mod, plus TF2, Left 4 Dead, and a couple other games. Extract the folders to:


No disrespect intended to any of the Sound Engineers at We Create Stuff that worked on NH2.

+1 vote   mod: Nightmare House 2
BlazeHedgehog Nov 3 2015 says:

It's nice to play Nightmare House 2 again, but I don't like some of the changes you guys made. I haven't played too too far yet, but here's some early feedback:

The new textures look too clean, and are kind of out place. There's also texture alignment issues, like on the broken steps leading out of the basement in the prologue. It makes me think of all of those weird Resident Evil 4 HD texture packs.

Some of the new music spoils the mood a bit; I think an older version of Nightmare House or NH2 had something more moody after the car crash in the prologue, if not outright total silence as you approach the house. It just doesn't feel creepy anymore -- it's a lot more cheesy.

And the biggest problem are the new weapons. I love the new animations (particularly the axe -- thank you SO MUCH for finally getting rid of those Crowbar animations), but the sounds they make feel really weird. The shotgun and magnum in particular sound REALLY weak and gross - I dislike them so much I think I might just replace their sounds with something from CSGO or Left 4 Dead before I continue playing the game.

Also, and maybe this is super obvious, but a lot of maps start with a "Node Graph Out of Date" error.

So, I mean, nicely done and all, and thank you for making this playable again, but... I mean, if it's not too much trouble... could you keep fixing it up a little bit? :p

+1 vote   mod: Nightmare House 2
BlazeHedgehog Oct 26 2015 says:

The tractor is busted for me. I get in, and for a few frames, I see the "correct" view from the tractor -- straight on, but then it'll switch to an angled view where I'm looking slightly off to the side of the tractor and I can't move the mouse to correct my view.

Also, weird request: do you think you could fix the Non-Redux version of this, too? I know Redux is technically more polished, but it's also got a lot of very boring padding added that I don't like. Hiking around a big empty farm maze kinda sucks.

+2 votes   download: HalloweenHL2PN Patch - Source SDK 2013
BlazeHedgehog Oct 22 2015 replied:

After Two Best Friends Play did an episode on Nightmare House 2 for the Shitstorm of Scariness this year, I am super interested in revisiting Nightmare House 2 again, so I'm really looking forward to this.

+2 votes   mod: Nightmare House 2
BlazeHedgehog Oct 14 2015 says:

Neat. I've been following this mod since way back on Gabe's Love Tub or whatever, really hoping to see it go places.

+3 votes   news: Missing Information Greenlit on Steam!
BlazeHedgehog May 21 2015 says:

Good memories.

+1 vote   media: The Specialists Mod 3.0 Trailer
BlazeHedgehog May 10 2015 says:

I appreciate the work you're doing here, but I don't necessarily agree with introducing the manhacks so soon. I know it makes the Combine more formidable to fight, but it sort of spoils the moment you get later on when they are officially introduced in to the narrative. That alone kind of makes me want to avoid this mod.

+4 votes   news: Badass Combine News #2
BlazeHedgehog Mar 19 2015 says:

And here I thought *I* was an obsessive reloader.

+1 vote   media: M249
BlazeHedgehog Jan 26 2015 says:

You sound like a real cool guy.

Settle down, it's just videogames.

+3 votes   news: Farewell
BlazeHedgehog Dec 17 2014 says:

This is a PNG, though?

+1 vote   media: Vice Cry - Winter Edition - gif test
BlazeHedgehog Dec 8 2014 says:

Wow, uh, okay.

That's kind of a weird statement to make out of the blue like this.

This is one of the best Duke 3D mods I've ever played, so thanks for the warning. I'll save it and reupload it somewhere else once it's gone, I suppose.

+3 votes   news: One last week
BlazeHedgehog Nov 22 2014 says:

Looking a lot better, but there's still a bit too much Adriana Lima in there. Instead of giving her big pouty lips and a lot of eye shadow, maybe try remaking her based on her original face model?


Her name is Jamil Mullen.

+9 votes   media: proper hd alyx confirmed
BlazeHedgehog Nov 14 2014 says:

Why is this attached to Wizorb? It's not related.

+1 vote   download: Optical Ball
BlazeHedgehog Aug 15 2014 says:

Never understood why people go through all the trouble of making really nice textures and advanced lighting effects yet never bother to redo any of the actual models for the monsters.

+2 votes   media: Quake Epsilon - Default quality
BlazeHedgehog Aug 11 2014 replied:

Triforces are more than just Zelda symbols.

+1 vote   download: Sonic Lost Adventure: Havok Harbor v1.2
BlazeHedgehog Aug 3 2014 says:

Yay, +Watched

+1 vote   game: Sonic Lost Adventure: Havok Harbor
BlazeHedgehog Jul 6 2014 says:

I'm shocked to learn people still play this. Given that in four years the mod was only updated once (and only three times _ever_), I figured it was dead in the water.

+3 votes   news: NEOTOKYO on Steam
BlazeHedgehog Jun 30 2014 says:

It has been almost five years to the day since you guys announced the "next generation" of ESF.


+22 votes   media: PotW 29.06.2014 - Badass Krillin
BlazeHedgehog Apr 20 2014 replied:

This mod is like 21 years old, dude. Cut it some slack.

+6 votes   mod: Aliens TC
BlazeHedgehog Apr 13 2014 replied:

This is only for The Unleashed Project. Using it with default Sonic Generations may have undesired results.

(Sorry that it took so long to respond.)

+1 vote   mod: S-Ranks Unleashed
BlazeHedgehog Dec 9 2013 says:

I'm still not a fan of Lobotomy's new rock textures. They're more detailed, sure, but they lose the specific shape of the rock face.

+1 vote   feature: Level development
BlazeHedgehog Dec 2 2013 says:

"We both know I'm your son."
"Are you as disappointed as I am?"

+5 votes   media: Picture of the Week. December 01 2013
BlazeHedgehog Sep 9 2013 replied:

I already made it pretty significantly easier. I'm trying to replicate the original Sonic Unleashed ranking, that's all. If you can't get an S-Rank, I'm sorry, I guess?

I'll continue to get feedback from others, and if there's enough of a response to something being wrong, I will try and tweak the scores a bit.

0 votes   mod: S-Ranks Unleashed
BlazeHedgehog Aug 22 2013 says:

Seeing that Ricochet instagib match makes me wonder if Instagib Gungame would be too dumb to implement

+1 vote   news: Jaykin' Bacon: Episode 3 - Media update #4!!!!
BlazeHedgehog Apr 18 2013 says:

On the second comparison screenshot, that new wood texture looks awful and is completely misaligned with the geometry. :\ That's the opposite of an improvement. Use more care to retain the aesthetic of the original game! Cleaner textures don't mean crap if they aren't aligned properly!

0 votes   mod: BlackFire's Mod 2
BlazeHedgehog Apr 1 2013 says:

I almost fell for it.

+4 votes   news: Happy April! :)
BlazeHedgehog Mar 1 2013 says:

Shame to see you go. This was how I kept up with Minecraft.

+1 vote   news: So long, and thanks for all the cake
BlazeHedgehog Feb 17 2013 says:

You can always send them an email about the issue - I believe Gabe advertised his email in the commentary tracks for Half-Life 2 Episode 1 and Episode 2, and I've gotten responses sending emails there before from other Valve staff.

I believe the address is: gaben at valvesoftware.com

+1 vote   news: Valve have broken every Half-Life mod
BlazeHedgehog Feb 16 2013 replied:

My mistake - the problem with the brightness was a program I was using to reduce eyestrain called f.lux.

+1 vote   mod: BLACK SNOW
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