I Play SOASE on a Regular basis (Singleplayer mostly). I love to see the new ideas people make for mods. I also Play EAW (Empire at war) and its expansion. Other than that I try to stay open to any mods for these two games and any others.

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Warsword Conquest

Mod review

Battlefield 3

Game review - 1 disagree

Probably the Best Realistic Fps available for a Gaming console.
I personally played this for most of this year.
(Gathering much rage from others!)
I am Currently somewhere around Colonel and I am a premium player.
If you want Realism on an XBOX 360 then this is the game.
If you want a game that you want tricks and no-scopes then go play MW3
(I also play that)
BF3 also has many DLC's coming out and their tech team are always updating to make everything more balanced and fair.


Supreme Commander

Game review

This is one of my favorites for Pc gaming.
The only problem is the Sheer amount of memory it takes up.
But other than that its a very good game.
And the Sequels are even better than the first.
So go and try this game out now!


Sins of a Solar Empire

Game review

This is The best Forever-Aloners Game ever!
I don't like playing multiplayer on pc but if I did
it would be this game.
I just love the mod community and seeing all the new ideas that people come up with for new mods.
P.P.S This games singleplayer is what keeps me going.

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