I was one of those guys who started school late, I was already in my 40's now I am going for my MBA. I love working with game editors and new software. I love telling stories and helping others. I work construction about 60 hors a week, work on the computer another 20+ hours and sometimes sleep. Which I am about to do right now.

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Benshelmars May 8 2010, 4:17pm says:

I'll try to check it out, all of it is very intriguing.

+1 vote   article: Grand Tournament - LAST CALL
Benshelmars Mar 3 2010, 1:47pm says:

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply...still looking for work, times are tough..but I will do what I can.

+1 vote   group: Mad Digitals
Benshelmars Apr 23 2009, 12:42pm says:

I would like to be part of your team, I had worked on a concept and have a partial game doc for a western, here is a link to a synopsis of it click on Left to Die Tfmarciniak.synthasite.com

Any roles you might be able to fit me in I will do my best to fulfill them.

+1 vote   mod: Gunslinger
Benshelmars Sep 29 2008, 4:44am says:

Usually I am too busy to comment, and too old:) But for those of you for whom the interface appears too easy or not complex enough, maybe you should go back to just command lines, when modeling was done without any visuals until rendered, you will definitely get your complexity. Good maps and levels may be shadowed by bad ones and if that is the case it is time to start creating great maps and levels. It is not the technology that makes a game, those are just tools.

+6 votes   article: Far Cry 2 - Mapping made easy?
Benshelmars Sep 7 2008, 7:10am says:

After some discussion with some of my teachers, I have been convinced that The OtherSide should be done in UT3 instead of UT2004. It will still remain an opensource project for RealityFactory for those interested in that game engine.

+2 votes   member: Benshelmars
Benshelmars Aug 25 2008, 6:40pm says:

Great work.

+1 vote   media: Point of Existence maps
Benshelmars Aug 20 2008, 5:40pm replied:

Well I guess the good news is that I am still alive and so are all of you. Been going through some rough times (they actually haven't ended yet but I'll get it together.) As far as the UT3 question is concerned, we could port it there later. Because of the large user base and knowledge for ut2004, personally thats where it is now.

+2 votes   member: Benshelmars
Benshelmars Dec 21 2007, 4:35am says:

This is brilliant.

+1 vote   download: NPC With Jobs 0.9.8
Benshelmars Dec 3 2007, 5:04am replied:

Thank you, that was my suspicion.

+1 vote   group: Unreal Tournament 3 Mod Developers
Benshelmars Dec 2 2007, 9:29pm says:

Yes porting it over to UT3 seems to be a wise choice, there are many questions I have with UT3, there is an option for either additive or subtractive modes, my question is why? which gives better performance gains? I know that as I delve into the editor many of these questions will be answered and you are right there does seem to be quite a few similarities, I guess I'll learn as I go along.

+1 vote   group: Unreal Tournament 3 Mod Developers
Benshelmars Dec 2 2007, 12:29pm says:

I know that it may be odd to think about developing a mod with multiple engines, but this seems to be my case right now. I love the UT2004 engine, and I am interested in Open Source engines too, yet UnReal III, is looking real sweet right now. All I have to do is learn some of its secrets.

+1 vote   group: Unreal Tournament 3 Mod Developers
Benshelmars Dec 2 2007, 11:04am says:

I am new to Blender but I believe it will continue to mature, here is a very good site for tutorials on Blender. Ocw.tufts.edu

+1 vote   group: Blenderheads
Benshelmars Nov 18 2007, 6:26am replied:

I'll see what I can dig up, we will probably need a model and animation to go with it so I will send you those files too, but don't expect high quality just yet.

+2 votes   member: Benshelmars
Benshelmars Nov 18 2007, 2:14am says:

Well since you asked, this is going to be a tough one.

Class soulEater(sub class of something similar)

1. uses skeletal mesh
2. blended animations (fly=walk, land, hover=idle, etc.)
3. has an awareness of prey's health status.
Basically the thing acts like a shark an semi-intelligent killing machine with self preservation attributes.

I have done some experimenting, but not too much success, they have the monster tools called Old Skool Monsta Toolz, Wiki.beyondunreal.com
Any way I looked at some of their code and I think it is possible.

+2 votes   member: Benshelmars
Benshelmars Nov 5 2007, 7:46pm says:

I would also like to welcome Sean as one of our new writers. His location is a mystery but one he will soon be writing about.

Welcome Sean.

+1 vote   article: New team Member
Benshelmars Nov 5 2007, 7:30pm says:

Ok, I home now, so where do we start?

Let's think about who Thangar is, what does he think about, how old is he, etc. Then lets think about Lord Curstaff, his daughter, his head priest and his dog, etc.

Then lets write the opening scene only in first person perspective, that is from Thangar's point of view.

Visit our web site even though it is still under construction and some of the pages are blank, if you haven't read any of Micheal Moorcock's works give it try, The Elric Sagas are an excellent start.

This may sound like an odd request but there is purpose behind it all, It is a lot of work, this I do not deny, however I believe the rewards will be even greater.

Oh and by the way welcome aboard.


+2 votes   member: ChaoticSpear666
Benshelmars Nov 5 2007, 6:16am says:

Sorry I took so long to answer, let's keep in touch, I'm headed to work right now so please be patient with me.


+2 votes   member: ChaoticSpear666
Benshelmars Nov 2 2007, 7:37pm says:

It looks good, don't let it die, keep it going you have got a good mod here.

+1 vote   mod: Nobody and the Prisoner of Boring Village
Benshelmars Oct 28 2007, 5:55am says:

We were part of a startup company, and I loved it. It wasn't easy by a long shot and we fell pretty bad. Would I go back if they wanted to give it another shot? Yes. As for starting a company of my own, well thats always in the works. I have partners who are still giving it a shot, and I help where I can and will join up when we can make enough to pay the bills, as far as joining a major company is concerned, well I have to love what they produce, because for me Game Design is about passion and if I am not passionate about what they are doing, how can I be passionate about what I need to do for them?

+1 vote   poll: Are you looking for a job in the games industry?
Benshelmars Oct 23 2007, 3:41am says:

Tips like this are great. Motivation is contagious and can spread rapidly, thanks.

+1 vote   article: Making a successful modification
Benshelmars Oct 23 2007, 3:16am says:

An email is on the way.

+2 votes   member: Benshelmars
Benshelmars Oct 20 2007, 4:15am says:

We could be classified as opportunists, but above and beyond all we are dreamers who share our dreams with others using the tools available to us. I call it a good thing.

+1 vote   poll: I believe modders are
Benshelmars Oct 10 2007, 8:11pm says:

Reinstall the ut2004 patch 3369, everything should be fine.

+2 votes   mod: The Awakening
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