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Here it is, NPC With Jobs Version 0.9.8 is now available for download on Mod DB, Enjoy. For optimal experience, please download all three files File 1 of 3

1. Overview

Welcome to NPC with Jobs, a mod where NPC's live their lives, have a job, produce items, grow old and have kids.
Imagine a community that grows and evolves around the needs and wants of its inhabitants. Not only confined to each separate town but instead connected to one another by the merchants that travel across the land.
Walk through a town and watch as its inhabitants go about their lives, watch as a lumberjack goes through the forest, chops down a tree, cart it back to town and sell it, then using the money he made to buy himself some food to eat, or a better axe or even donate it to the local church to help others.

The rise of the East Empire Company from its operations in Morrowind have led it to retake control over a small Imperial colony that was setup in the last invasion of Akivar. As well as helping the East Empire Company develop Aledra into a thriving community, the mysteries of the island itself will need to be dealt with.

Welcome to our mod, a mod that seeks to extend the limits of Oblivion, making the game more realistic.

2. Mod Description

NPC with Jobs consists of two global parts: a job/needs module, and a new worldspace Aledra.
All the NPC's we've selected will have a job. They will perform their job and earn money for it. Most of the time, they will produce items to sell, but they can also perform some service and get a salary for it.

All these NPC's have also needs. These needs will grow in time and when they are urgent enough, the NPC could decide react to them.

Current jobs are:
Forrester: someone who plants trees, usually to replace those that have been cut down.
Lumberjack, someone who cuts down trees, and sells the logs.
Sawyer: someone who cuts wood. They take the logs from the merchant and produce wood planks and sticks to sell.
Fisherman: someone who catches fish using a fishing rod. The fish are a source of food and are also sold.
Hunter: someone who kills certain types of animal for their meat. Meat is a source of food and also can be sold. Uses a bow and arrow to hunt.
Miner: uses a pick to excavate types of rock/minerals/metals in mines. These items are then sold.
Farmer: someone who tends a farm in all its facets. He sows and harvests fields, tends animals, picks fruit, ...
Merchant: someone who buys and sells goods for profit.
Tax collector: someone who periodically collects taxes from all inhabitants of a town. These tax incomes are used to pay the communities' workers and expenses.
Traveling merchant: a special kind of merchant that follows a route to buy/sell goods from town to town.

Current needs are:
1. Food: NPC's will have to eat twice each day to keep healthy. If they lack the funds or the merchants are out of stock, they'll suffer damage and could die.
2. Sleep: NPC's will need to sleep each day. If they have a home, they'll sleep in their bed. Otherwise, they'll camp outside.

World of Aledra

The island of Aledra started out as a showcase for our jobs. But in time, the world got it's own character and we felt like building it out as a real worldspace. A big part of the team now works on this island to make it a place where quality and uniqueness prevail. We're also writing out a complete lore that fit's perfectly into the TES lore and gives room for several exciting quests.

The island consists of 5 towns

Turil: located at the northwest coast of Aledra inside the region of the Forests of Turil. It is a village in the woods, so it's prime business is wood crafting.

Lutur: a northern village famous for it's rich soil. It's located between two lakes with canals flowing through the fields. The main business here is farming.

Hamor: the capital city of Aledra. Centrally placed at a long bay, it is the home of the army and headquarters of many organizations.

Queel: located on the eastern coast of Aledra, in a barren region. It's mostly a miner's town and a harsh place to live.

Jurad: the harbor of Aledra, where ships from Tamriel bring in many goods. Also a town of fishermen.

3. How to Play & Installation NPC with Jobs Requires OBSE 11 or higher. Simply extract everything into its matching folder in the Oblivion Data folder. e.g. meshes into meshes, etc.
Select the tamriel plugin (NWJtamriel.esp) and the esm (npc with jobs.esm)in the Oblivion Loader and you are set.

To get to Aledra all you have to do is cast the Travel to Aledra Spell and you will arrive in Turil.


4. Compatibility & Troubleshooting As far as we know, no mod conflicts occur. As we haven't tested every mod out there, this is of course still possible.

To have a fully working LOD in Aledra, NPC with jobs.esm needs to be loaded directly after oblivion.esm.

Currently known issues:
The worldspace isn't finished.

If case of problems, contact us on the NPC's With Jobs thread on the Official Bethesda Softworks forum, or at .


5. Team & Credits
Sarkandar: project leader, scripting, exteriors of Turil, custom animations
Corepc: Integration of Traveling merchants, Aledra worldbuilding, creature AI, beta testing
Entim: Havok & nifskope specialist
Hugon: Town of Lutur, custom models, interiors of Lutur
Invader13: Interiors of Lutur
Jdmj90: Town of Turil, exteriors of Lutur, scripting, beta testing, custom models
Mindfeeder: City of Hamor, textures
Mwoo769: Aledra lore & quests, beta testing, custom icons, scripting
Mr_siika: Town of Lutur, custom models, textures
Phaerus: Custom models, Jurad architecture, Town of Jurad, Historian
Rabbitstorm: Town of Queel
Ssenkrad: beta testing, sounds
CLShade: player jobs
Wizard of Thay: beta testing

The entire team of Farmers Unite! for their animals.
The egg made originally for Morrowind by Cait and ported to Oblivion by _Tarnsman_ for Salmo the baker.
Clinteractive: made custom sounds for us: fishing line, tree falling, mining , sawing, windmill blades
Cow1787: made some objects for us: separated tree logs, fishing line, bow saw
Darknel: made the initial version of the mineable rock nif's.
DXXter: made custom icons for fishing line, bowsaw, fish
Scruggsywuggsy the Ferret: made the original apple tree structures
The team of the Cheydinhal Petshop: fishmeat mesh
Guidobot: useful code thread
Tegid: local actor reference script
Team of OBSE: obvious, I think.
Jodoebell, XR1, Csheldon-dante: beta testing
Minstrels Lute by Onimae
Cryo_Naut for Subspeices Variety Wolves Pack
Guru white mountain lion texture
Buhay for the new leopard, snow leopard and black panther texture
Haama: scripting advice
RA: water trough made by Ra for Unique Landscapes.


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NPC With Jobs 0.9.8
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Benshelmars Dec 21 2007 says:

This is brilliant.

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Rabbitstorm Author
Rabbitstorm Dec 23 2007 replied:

We thank you for giving our mod a try.

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TWSTW Dec 25 2007 says:

a love you

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danni102 Jun 12 2008 says:


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Irvin Jul 9 2008 says:


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Spiritworks_Gamers Feb 8 2009 says:

It does work but it has no floor to walk on when you go to the realm!Could someone please say why?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Tottel Apr 27 2009 says:

Quote:To get to Aledra all you have to do is cast the Travel to Aledra Spell and you will arrive in Turil.

But I don't have this spell.. where can I find it?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Westworld May 16 2010 says:

When i spawn in the realm i land in some water, where is the floor/earth to walk on? please reply.

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