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bee-ess @ BioShock

Solid game, but MASSIVELY overhyped. If you've played System Shock 2, this is basically the exact same game with different artwork, voice, level design, etc. Also over 9000 times easier, and littered with pseudo-intellectual horse **** which passes for a plot. On the other hand, it was intended to make Ayn Rand look stupid, which is always a good thing.

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bee-ess @ Silver's Bioshock Mod beta 5.1

Actually, having fully read the changelogs, I'm going to pass too. Also, learn how to do math. "Increased 200%" actually means tripled, not doubled. It doesn't mean the same thing as increased *to* 200%.

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bee-ess @ Silver's Bioshock Mod beta 5.1

"Turrets now treat humans and AI alike, there is no damage preference."

Does that include turrets opening fire on AI before they're hacked? Because, as Yahtzee noted in his review, how could a 1960s-era machine gun mounted to a swivel chair identify friend from foe? I think hacking turrets should be removed entirely, and Security Bullseye should be relied upon to direct their fire if one wants to make them work to one's advantage.

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bee-ess @ The Long Road


There is nobody in the whole universe who is actually going to take 900 turns to play this game. Why would that even be a point worth advertising, or including? So then I suppose your next version will have 1800 turns, making it twice as good? Whatever.

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bee-ess @ Combat Revolution v3.33

You can give yourself a product key by buying the game. If you're too poor then you don't get to play. If you're too stupid to find a way without begging like a bitch, go kill yourself.

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bee-ess @ Natural Selection

That's completely true if you're a noob trying to play as the aliens, or as the marine coordinator. Otherwise it's completely false.

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bee-ess @ Third Age - Total War

And of course by "visual material" you mean you are plagiarizing the look-and-feel of the movies. And by "people are more familiar" you mean "they have seen the movies". And by "we don't prefer movies" you mean "we are basing this 100% on the movies because we have no other choice".

And by "we don't really care about your opinion" you mean "we don't want anyone to disagree with us, even though this website allows people to make comments for whatever reason they want, and we don't run the website."

STFU yourself kid. If you can't address comments without talking like a child, then get off my internet and take your precious mod with you. The world is not going to stop spinning just because you can't finish a project.

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bee-ess @ Dark Source

So you're saying it's not dead; it's just laying in a coffin, which is nailed shut, and it's rotting in the ground, and nobody is digging it up. Okey dokey then.

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