I'm BeatYourHeadIn; I've used this shock-comedy moniker in online games for a decade now. I like games for the gameplay. I'm not the kind of gamer impressed by flashy DX11-supporting games that lack solid gameplay. If its a great game, I'm willing to try it even if the graphics aren't photorealistic or are downright ugly. My game-buying philosophy has always been gameplay before graphics. Outside of game playing, I've got a career as an aviation maintenance specialist. Although I'm a mature adult, videogames were always part of my childhood and I've never bothered to shed myself of them. Considering how much I enjoy games, why would I? My reasoning to non-gamers I encounter is this: "most people enjoy watching TV or movies. All a videogame really is is an interactive movie where instead of watching the main characters, you ARE the main character. You LIVE the role of the hero (or villain), vicariously. It's taken sitting on your ass in front of a screen to the next level, broheim!"

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BeatYourHeadIn Feb 1 2013, 6:05am says:

Hey mwb, I'm responding to your comment in Multiwinia. I know how you feel, I wish the game was played by more people too! I have the game (I'm assuming you have it also) and want to play more of it, so if you see me online, feel free to send me a friend invite so maybe we can coordinate a game or two (hopefully more).

+1 vote   member: 1mwb
BeatYourHeadIn Feb 1 2013, 6:00am says:

If anyone wanting to play sees me online here, send me a private message or something (I don't know how that **** works in Desura yet. Is there a pop-up when I get PMed? Is there even PMing in Desura??? Like I said I don't know) Just get me a message some how so I know to jump into Multiwinia and join your game.

If I don't answer, don't feel snubbed and then never try to jam this game with me again because I'm probably just afk. I do leave Desura running most of the time, even when I'm not home.

By the way, this is a permanent invitation; even if this message is a year old, you should still try to jam some Multiwinia with me. I never got to play this game as much as I wanted to.

+2 votes   game: Multiwinia
BeatYourHeadIn Feb 1 2013, 5:36am says:

This is THE most under-exposed rts; it deserves a much larger following than it has. This game shines with arcadey goodness and retro-charm. I wish more people played even if it was so there was only one or two games available at any time. That would be much better than the one or two games any given DAY that it gets now!

+1 vote   game: Multiwinia
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 30 2013, 3:33pm says:

Recently, I got back into gamebooks based on a flickering and partial memory of playing them as a child. I remembered enjoying many Choose Your Own Adventure books, and really enjoying the one and only time I got my hands on a Fighting Fantasy book almost two decades ago. The FF book was awesome, complete with inventory and stat management; it really left an impression on me. The nostalgia spurred me into stopping at a local used book store; they happened to have half dozen titles in each of those series. I bought them all :).

The idea of letting a computer handle everything from the paragraph seeking to the dice rolling seems a little lazy. In a good way though maybe because it lets you focus on the story without having to take to time for all the peripheral activities required to play the book properly.

I think I'll give one a try here and see for myself ;)

+2 votes   game: Gamebook Adventures 6: The Wizard from Tarnath Tor
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 28 2013, 3:55pm replied:

I'm speaking from my experience on Normal difficulty, in which several strong enemies (skeletons, beetles, etc.) capable of one shot decapitating my non-military gnomes spawn on a daily basis in the darkness of the mine. Here's why it's too resource intensive to light every passage in my branch mine:

My method for branch mining is designed to reveal every tile within the mine itself without having to dig them all (saving lots of time seaching for metal). I dig a main 1 by umpteen tunnel, then every every 4th tile I dig a 1 by umpteen side tunnel perpendicular to the main tunnel, extending from both sides of the main tunnel. Wash, Rinse, Repeat until I have a network of dozens of criss-crossing tunnels.

To light them all would take hundereds of torches because each torch does not have line-of-sight to the neighboring tunnels, and cannot light them even though they are only 4 tiles apart. To dig and open it all out is not something I'm interested in doing as I explained in the first comment.

Also, I don't want to play on easy with slower enemy spawns; I like to keep the game experience vanilla.

+1 vote   game: Gnomoria
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 28 2013, 5:38am replied:

Sure post a pic if you can, I'll check it out.

+1 vote   game: Gnomoria
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 26 2013, 5:26pm replied:

Continued from last comment: "Now, would you gentlemen mind finishing up your game of Sorry, because I've got some terribly important stuff to look at here on my clipboard. Dismissed... I SAID dismissed!" LOL

+1 vote   media: Xenonauts Title Screen
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 26 2013, 5:00pm replied:

Payment? You want to talk about... PAYMENT!? Out there, right this second, there are little blue and yellow rectangular prisms fleeing for their lives down the streets of Simcity, being converted into purple rectangular prisms BY THE HUNDEREDS! Let's talk about what you're gonna do about that! You're gonna take your sorry little uh... 823rd Emerald Buffalos... heh, whatever! And you're gonna go uh... let me see that contract... you're gonna uh... deploy landmines, right... uh... deploy remote detonation explosives. Oookay that's a little bit better, i guess... and you're gonna... deploy barricades? Oooooh CHRIST! IS THAT ALL YOU"RE GONNA DO FOR ME!? Two useless things and one REALLY USELESS THING!? ARGH! I could just atom zombie smash your FACE IN RIGHT NOW!!!

+1 vote   game: Atom Zombie Smasher
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 26 2013, 4:16am says:

Friendly Fire! BLUE ON BLUE!

+1 vote   media: Where are all the survivors?
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 26 2013, 4:08am says:

From the summary: "Take command of your MERCENARY forces in Atom Zombie Smasher."

The idea that the heroes saving civilians from a zombie pandemic would be soldiers-for-hire makes me laugh.

After all, what kind of an A-HOLE facing a MANKIND EXTINCTION EVENT says, "sure, I'll go there. Save the people. Save the world. But first... let's talk about how much you're gonna pay me!" :D

I have the game on Steam and loved it while the novelty lasted, but that merc thing always makes me smile.

+1 vote   game: Atom Zombie Smasher
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 25 2013, 4:25pm says:

Problem: Branch mining is the most effective way of finding metals and gems because you can quickly reveal tiles over a much larger area than simply digging out a whole X by X room. However, because branch mining results in a multitude of criss-crossing 1 by 20+ tunnels, it is MUCH more resource expensive to light the whole system with torches, which require line of sight to illumnate areas. Enemies therefore spawn constantly in this method of mining. You could say "well dig out easy to light X by X rooms to search for metals then :P". My problem with that is that not only is it the most ineffiecient way to seach for ore, but it also goes against the common perception of a "mine", which is a tunnel network, not a gigantic hollowed out room underground.

Suggestion: a craftable anti-spawn totem/talisman that is placed like a torch and has a radius of influence and does not require line of sight to inhibit enemy spawns. OR make torches cheaper somehow.

+2 votes   game: Gnomoria
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 25 2013, 5:34am replied:

Just to clarify, when I say "seem to drop weapons to perform hauling tasks" I meant they are definately dropping weapons. The weapons that were once equipped by the gnomes are getting left behind on the ground when I would prefer that the gnomes in question stay armed. The weapon dropping seems to be caused by hauling, as the weapons are left in workshops or stockpiles not designated for weapons.

+1 vote   game: Gnomoria
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 24 2013, 2:44pm replied:

After you buy, you can update the game dicrectly from your Desura Play window without having to hunt them down on the web. By the way, the game has been getting weekly updates since well before August ;).

+1 vote   game: Gnomoria
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 24 2013, 2:39pm replied:

I love it. It is exactly what I was looking for from this game. I found the original system a little too simplified; now, it's not so easy to rush to the advanced workshops. Keeping the workshops flowing efficiently with the new system really puts your stockpiling logistic skills to the test, a challenge that I welcome.

+1 vote   game: Gnomoria
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 24 2013, 2:29pm says:

Problem: military gnomes with Militia perk (possibly without the perk as well) seem to drop weapons to perform hauling tasks, leaving them ill-equiped for ambush situations, etc.

Suggestion: Craftable sheaths that store weapons on a gnome's body while leaving his/her hands free to haul/perform tasks.

+3 votes   game: Gnomoria
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 23 2013, 5:11pm replied:

I got the same thing; my av identified it as Suspicious.Cloud.5. The file was removed, but so far the Lazy Newb Pack and the game itself seem to run okay. Anyway, panzer is probably right about it being a false positive.

+1 vote   game: Dwarf Fortress
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 23 2013, 5:00pm says:

The intro animation is a forboding foreshadowing of the evil that stirs deep in the underworld :)

+1 vote   media: Dwarf Fortress Intro
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 23 2013, 4:28pm replied:

The first phrase that came to my mind when I created my first world in Dwarf Fortress was "the Matrix has you!" The next phrase that came to mind after about 2 hours of fumbling like a fool in the dark -when I finally started to understand what I was looking at- was "He's beginning to believe!" he he he thanks for that vote of confidence, Morpheus. It did take awhile, but now all those cryptic tile symbols are interpreted by my mind's eye; I actually prefer the ascii tileset to the other more visually coherent texture packs.

My question to you is did you make it out of the Create New World sub-menu with your patience still intact and actually start a new game? (I remember I was lost for 45 minutes in the world creation process before I realized I wasn't actually playing the game at that point.) I only ask because if you didn't actually make it through to the real gameplay, I would urge you to have a second go at it.

+3 votes   game: Dwarf Fortress
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 22 2013, 3:52pm replied:

Is that something that is possible in this game?

+1 vote   media: Game Over
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 22 2013, 3:49pm says:

That's a bonechilling image.

+1 vote   media: Hiding from a Dogman
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 22 2013, 7:12am says:

Where a lazy-looking, girdle-wearing japanese bus driver with one flame thrower fails, a lazy-looking, girdle-wearing japanese bus driver with TWO flame throwers AND an assault rifle juuuust might do the trick. :D

+2 votes   media: Soldier Equip #2
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 22 2013, 7:01am replied:

...And then we're going to hell SHORTLY THEREAFTER!!

+1 vote   media: Alien Invasion Research Art
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 22 2013, 6:52am says:

I hope Josh Brolin, Liam Neeson, and Ross from Friends were all paid royalties for the use of their likenesses...

+1 vote   media: Xenonauts Title Screen
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 22 2013, 6:50am replied:

That explains the look in their eyes then. They look like someone just said to them "Congratulations, Major Generals! You've all been promoted to... Corporals! Enjoy your $28,000 annual salary, don't spend it all in one place, ah ha ha ha!" :D

+1 vote   media: Xenonauts Title Screen
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 22 2013, 6:22am says:

I have the new Firaxis Xcom. I'm disappointed that they streamlined the combat it to the point where it lost the soul of the original franchise. The original played alot like a first person shooter. Not in the perspective of course, but in the sense that when you sent a guy in a room, the first intelligent thing to do before moving him another square is to spend a few AP to look left/right to check corners of the new room, the same way you check corners as you enter rooms in a shooter. It meant you had to use true squad movement tactics, such as the guy bringing up the rear SHOULD BE facing the rear at the end of a turn to cover against possible flankers. It also meant that -again, just like an fps- you can get shot in the back by an enemy you never even see, only theres no killcam to show you exactly whats going on; the survivors are left with a corpse and a direction they should now be throwing grenades in. Those mechanics conveyed an acute sense of HUNTING and -more importantly- BEING hunted. That tension is not found in the new game. It is the lack of Action Points and Cone of Vision in the Firaxis "re-imagining" that robbed the soul of the game. It is simply 'Flank-2-Win" drivel that I rapidly lost interest in. The emphasis on flanking is beat to death too; I felt like I was playing a less fun version of Full Spectrum Warrior for f--- sake.

+3 votes   media: Industrial Tileset Before / After (6 months)
BeatYourHeadIn Jan 18 2013, 7:56pm says:

I love the added complexity in item production and workshop heirarchy with the recent patches. It helps convey the experience of creating a production chain from its most basic components through to more advanced stuff. For me, that experience alone adds much depth to the gameplay above and beyond the standard base building/management mechanics also present in Gnomoria and other strategy games.

+2 votes   news: Gnomoria v0.8.25 is released
BeatYourHeadIn Sep 10 2012, 2:20pm replied:

:D good call dunejumper. i bought it on sale for 3 bucks so i managed to avoid that frightful scare. actually, it felt more like i was giving a homeless man a 6 inch egg salad sandwich from subway while accruing no good karma whatsoever!

+5 votes   game: Dear Esther
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