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I originally planned to give this an 8/10. I actually quite liked the implementation.

And then I had a creeping feeling that made me think, "It's as if I've seen this stuff before."

Surprise, surprise: I had. In the Penumbra series.

Everything from the setting (Greenland), to the snowy exterior, to the dead dogs in the kennels, and yes, even to the cheap, gimmicky sequence where you have to stay under a timed light that just happens to move down one at a time.

So I'm rating this a 6/10, because while they coded it decently, they stole a big chunk of things from Penumbra. Shame on you.

Update: Rated 1 since they decided to delete my comment they didn't like.



Mod review

This is one of the most promising Source mods I have ever seen. This truly deserves a 10/10, and I'm one of those people who /never/ give perfect scores, instead opting for a "things can always be better" approach. Not so here. I couldn't find a single thing to gripe about (and I tend to look hard). As soon as I heard the guy near the beginning singing the "I Am Estranged" song, I knew this would be epic. And it was. My only complaint was that it was too short (but it IS in Alpha, after all.) The code must be optimized nicely, because it ran a butter-smooth 60fps almost the entire way through. It had an awesome atmosphere throughout, and it kept things challenging without being so frustrating that you wanted to quit. They even got lip-syncing done correctly! This is a mod to keep an eye on, and I can easily see it becoming one of the best mods of all time when it's finish. Keep up the good work, guys.

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