I'd guess I mastered map development of Counter-Strike(:P). I wanna learn something about developing a MOD of CS. If you have something about CS maps or want my works, just ask me or email me, though my English is not good enough(:P). 中华人民共和国万岁!

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Athrun! Jul 27 2013, 9:54am replied:

dude it's made from source engine and hl2 is too.

-3 votes   mod: Black Mesa
Athrun! Jan 17 2012, 5:45am says:

But seems changes are taken mainly on models instead of maps...A little disappointing

+1 vote   mod: Half-Life: Dreamcast
Athrun! Jan 8 2012, 7:29am replied:

Well, i have to say, it's impossible to download that client files to play offline. He uses plugins, which is made himself, and i bet he won't give you the plugins. So, you have to play on his server. The client files are just files, they won't work without his plugins.

+1 vote   mod: Chicken Fortress
Athrun! Jan 8 2012, 7:21am says:

yeah i wanna know too. i think you may place some entities in the map to respawn monsters, monsters like what in Half-Life. You may set survive mode, like Left 4 Dead 2.
My idea is, in multiplayer, everyone is in RED team, they defend control points from waves of enemy like zombies. It should be fun.

+2 votes   mod: THE SURVIVAL MOD (TF2: TSM)
Athrun! Jan 8 2012, 7:12am says:

look pretty. but it seems like the Survive mode of Left 4 Dead 2.
Well, is it singleplayer or played on server?

+1 vote   mod: Contingency
Athrun! Jan 2 2012, 1:36am says:

Well, my advice is, why not make it a game that have both singleplayer and multiplayer? i mean, just like Starcraft! I'll focus on this mod, it's a good job.

0 votes   mod: Lambda Wars
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