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aristoatle Mar 15 2014 says:

since Dark Forces came out, so... 19 years? haha :\

however, I don't actually actively mod any more

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aristoatle May 18 2013 replied:

That's pretty true, I think. The quality of this game could bring in a deal from Kickstarter or something like it

Could be there're other issues, or they are wanting to take their time, let it grow in its own time, which I understand.

One last remark, and I'll shut my trap--I believe I remember the project having some obstacles with animations and motion capture. If that's causing a delay, I have some experience with rigging, integrating motion capture that I could share, whatever its value

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aristoatle Apr 27 2013 replied:

of course, not to be taken that it isn't your game, or that taking your time isn't your prerogative and not unwise--I am simply curious if there are any specific issues into which I can perforate my musteline snout and give unqualified and unasked-for advice

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aristoatle Apr 27 2013 replied:

I think I may have already asked this, but why not use another engine that's already available like UDK or Unity?

Unless you guys are preoccupied right now and expect to be free when Source 2 comes out (a few years?)

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aristoatle Mar 30 2013 says:



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aristoatle Jan 21 2013 says:

Looks pretty dang schweet again

It'd be nifty if the captain could command an automated crew (the accumulated "stats" of crew and officers determining aiming ability, speed and maneuverability of ship), but could also take firing duties, if desired

[the "action" of a ship (firing broadside, increasing sail, tacking, etc.) wouldn't depend on individual crew AI but just their stats. On the other hand, individual crew AI would come into play in melee]

man, I need to make something

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aristoatle Jan 16 2013 says:

It's a surprisingly huge change, but good job so far translating the old style into 3d! I like that it's a 64-bit style, which I've rarely seen recreated (unlike all the 8-/16-bit stuff). The only stylistic critique would be the water, but I'm not sure how you'd make it more N64-style, except maybe less polygons (if you can do that easily in Unity)

I think either 3D or 2D could be a lot of fun (exploring, sea warfare, etc., should work just as well in 3D--probably better in some cases). It seems like development of 3d assets might be a lot more work, though (especially for one person). Are you thinking about getting some extra help?

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aristoatle Dec 12 2012 says:

Looks awesome! Like FlyingMonkey said, it's great to see a new take on procedural sandbox games. Exploration is one of my favorite elements of games, and 2d seems to suit that well (Castlevania, Metroid, Cave Story). I also really enjoy sailing (or at least reading about sailing--speaking of which, Patrick O'Brian's series might give you some inspiration)

I have a few ideas that might help (you probably already have similar ideas)

1. a map (charting where you've been--also treasure maps, of course)

2. the ability to sail south or "down" (maybe the camera can flip? i.e., between larboard/starboard)

3. sea caves (entered either by going "up" into the mouth, or sideways)

4. day/night cycle, weather (ah, I see you already mentioned this. Maybe have localized weather changes, in the sense that you could see a storm visible on the horizon but outrun it with good sailing or weathering it out in a bay/cave. On the other hand, it might be inescapable. This is easier said than programmed, of course)

Man, it gets me excited thinking of all the possibilities--inspires me to make my own game :)

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aristoatle Nov 10 2012 replied:

anyway, what happened to Dushek? He lost interest in the mod? (or busy with schoocl?)

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aristoatle Sep 26 2012 replied:

ah, what engines were ye considering? Unreal? Lego Island Engine (LIE)?

(also, were you facing any particular problems with Source, or just general antiquated-ness?)

btw, I still proffer my assistance if you need it (apologies for the last unusual message)

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