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The Cursed Forest

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To put it simple the game is great!

The story is very well thought up, very interesting and keeps the player wondering the whole time...
The atmosphere that the game intruduces is trully unique, from music to enemies and whole level designs seem to all fit prefectly.
The action and horror is mixed in and presents a perfect unity.
Once you have had enough of the firefights and want something els to happen at that exact moment the horror kicks in, it is all placed in the exact time and moment when the player is tired or annoyed.
Once the player has had his heart pumping strong enough and runs screaming through the corridors hunted by what ever hides in the dark, sometimes you are jumped in right from up front when you least expect it.
The developers have trully worked hard to make this an enriching experience!
There are lots of weapons to be used, depending on the player's style of playing, and not every weapon is suitable for every situation so pick carefully.
No complaints from the AI, it is very well created and gives you hell of a time on bringing down the enemies numbers.
Luckuly further in the game you are given the means to handle these situations better by giving you small advantages, which are really valuable if you are to finnish the game, without them it would have been hell of a lot harder.

The game's graphics may not look up to date but trust me when I say that you won't need all the special effects of todays modern games, the ones that are in the game work just fine.


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