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First off (For those of you that celebrate Christmas)I'd like to wish you all here at MODDB a happy holiday, and a happy new year. Thought I'd just throw that out there.

For my Christmas rant I'd like to slap the topic of movies that have released Christmas day in the past few years.

As most of you know, a lot of bad movies have released in 2009 and 2008. Far more then usual, proclaimed "Blockbuster hits", that have since burned my eyes and scarred very soul.

2006, we got a great horror movie called Black Christmas, a remake of an early 70s film of the same name. Although it totally lost the first person perspective present in the original, it still turned out to be a pretty good holiday horror movie. The original played off the mystery of not knowing who the killer was and never seeing his face, the remake did not. All in all it was a decent addition to the horror genre.

2007 we had the release of AvP requiem. Sure it was a sequel to a terrible YET entertaining AvP movie that did not live up to the comic books even the slightest bit, but I personally enjoyed it. The acting was bad, the story was questionable, and they killed a kid, therefore it must have been made in Europe. What I loved about the movie is how they just killed people off, just like that, no explanations, all attachments to that character, just gone. The gore was over-the-top, and the cg was pretty good. Maybe I'm just a die-hard AvP fan, but I managed to enjoy both requiem and the original.

Also in 2007 we had Sweeney Todd. I don't feel I have to say much about this movie, besides that I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. One of my favorites starring the Depp. Don't like musicals? Don't watch it then. Just so noone asks, I never watched the Great Debaters. I simply wasn't interested, but I keep hearing its pretty good. I never watched Water Horse either, why? Because I lived in the Okanagan. We have the Ogopogo to worry about.

I personally didn't see any of the Christmas releases of 2008, and still have yet to watch any of them. None of them caught even a remote amount of interest from me at that time. There was no 2008 christmas day hype in the movie business. The only one I would ever consider watching is the curious case of benjemin button.

This Christmas will be no different in the sense of movies, for we have "Sherlock Holmes" awaiting us on the special day. And oh how bad it looks.

It's not that it looks bad in a movie sense. It seems high budget, has good effects, the setting is well developed, and it looks to be funny and engaging.

Why don't I want to see it then? I am starting to dislike it more and more, as a Sherlock Holmes movie. Having read a few novels and seen a few Sherlock Holmes movies, it would be like a kick in the balls hearing him say cheesy puns and act in such a foolish manner. Besides the names and POSSIBLY that he is a detective, I really don't see it as a Sherlock Holmes movie. It's beginning to feel like he sold out, like Sherlock Holmes was no longer entertaining as an actual intelligent detective. So instead we get a comedy action sequel that even the resident evil series couldn't evolve to.

Conan Doyle would be rolling in his grave if he saw the mockery that spawned from his ingenious work.

Hell, maybe I'm wrong, maybe it will turn out good. Maybe I'll recognize more then character names. Only time will tell.

Lets hear some of your thoughts on these movies eh?



Morning ! How ya doing ? I'll leave a thought or two .

OK, 'Black Christmas" remake...I think someone could have invested much more wisely in a different production. The original was a great film for the time, using some completely new styles and techniques which influenced the future film makers of the genre for decades.

And, "AvP Requiem". I simply love both franchises and when I put my money down for a ticket, I know exactly what I expect to get. Senseless killing and mayhem (cue screaming !), lots of CG effects, awesome baddies, a 6 line movie plot and story line and plenty of guy satisfying carnage and gore. No plot, no problem. Love em !

Also "Sweeny Todd". I adore Johnny (as do both my girls to a disturbing girlish degree ). Love him and his work.HATE musicals ! Never watched past the first 20 minutes (went to get a beer and met them after).

Sadly, 2008 offered nothing of any interest to me

Lastly, "Sherlock Holmes". Lovely, we needed one more. I obviously have not seen it, but it might be a joy for me for two reasons; I am a fan of Downey and have really grown to enjoy his work a great deal. Secondly, I have always enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes universe. It's just a fine place to stretch the mind and imagination. I remain hopeful that the writers have to have come up with something at least passable as a good story. I hope it gets good reviews, but if not, I'll rent it later and just enjoy Downey's performance.

Nice exercise here sir, I thank you. Glad I stumbled in. :) Talk again soon. Enjoy the day !!

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Holy shizzle, its a new rant!

I completely agree with the sherlock holmes part, doesn't really seem to be sherlock, just another action flick based in the past.

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I don't watch much movies anymore, but I have to agree with you. Also, it's nice to see people who don't totally flame the AvP movie series :D

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AlCool Author

I watch a lot of movies, mostly old ones though. Even movies I haven't seen, that are popular, I'll probably know a lot about. People didn't like AvP because of the somewhat bad acting, and for teh nerds, that it didn't completely follow the comics. AvP 1 actually did somewhat, while 2 did not, mostly because AvP takes place so far in the future, while the movies did not. Where was our smart guns?

Either way I still loved them.

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What do you think of the recent trend of transforming classic " Graphic Novels " into " film noir " fodder for the silver screen ? Frank Miller really got the industries attention with " Sin City " and off we went.

P.S. Loved this film !

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AlCool Author

Frank Miller... Sin city was his last good comic I think he made. Before that the darker batman series he did. After that... grr

It's been going on for probably 10 years, but I personally have loved nearly all of em. Sin City, The Watchmen (Highest recommended, fricken LOVED all 2 hours and 10 mins of it), 300 (Another High recommendation!), V for Vendetta (Another epic!). There are definitely a lot more and many that people wouldn't think were based off graphic novels or comics, like Bullet Proof Monk and a history of violence, but many of them to me lost what the atmosphere present in the original comics. Some, like 300 especially, took a lot of the most gorgeously rendered scenes from the book, and put them on the big screen in all their glory.

Most comic based movies catch my fancy, because they're usually so creative and different, and aren't afraid to break boundaries and push limits as other styles might be. Although the most popular graphic novels are pretty much tapped out on movies, I would still like to see more come out, even obscure ones.

In short, there were lots out before Sin City ;D

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Touche cool-one, touche.

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