Alamantus is a one-man development team focusing on making the best games we're able to make. We don't specialize in any particular style, but our games will probably span many genres as we make them. Check out our progress here and also on our devlog, where we post about general game development topics in addition to our progress. We've got a few games in the works, so check back often!

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Hello, Internet traveler!

You seem to have found your way to the Alamantus GameDev page on IndieDB. That's great! This is where you can find all of the games that have been developed by Alamantus GameDev. To see the most activity and to get the latest updates on what games we're working on and enjoying, check out our main website:

That's where all the magic happens. But you can still linger around here and look at the screenshots. We'll be trying to keep this page a bit more updated in the future, so hopefully it won't be as dry and empty as it has been. Until then, though, you'll just have to wait for what we have in store!

Thanks for dropping by!
-Robbie A

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Alamantus GameDev

Alamantus GameDev

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Alamantus GameDev is an independent game development studio run by one guy named Robbie Antenesse and whichever friends he can rope into helping him...

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