Im a vintage type of guy, I love old stuff. Steampunk is an internet culture that has always enticed me, the machines and old Victorian (I believe its Victorian) style are just so appealing to my eye. I wear a Fedora, because Fedoras are cool. My little Pony : Friendship Is Magic is one of my favorite television programs. Caravan Palace and Parov Stelar are my two favorite musical groups. A few basic things about my internet related interests.

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♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jul 26 2015 says:

Ugh, always hated how attacking BANDITS as far away as the cranes would make Skadovsk close down.

Give me a break, like they would panic over some gunfire outside.. Anyway it looks great!

+1 vote   media: 3.0 Beowulf M4
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jul 10 2015 says:

Look at all that brown and grey.. this mod looks really.. I dunno.. hard to look at?

+4 votes   media: Look on the Bridge...
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jun 27 2015 says:

Oh **** son, if I find this thing im going to just use it for reasons. Its so cute!

+5 votes   media: 12G Pistol
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ May 23 2015 says:

Please add a snork variant with a gas mask or bring them back entirely please! D:

The controller also looks a lot like that big scary dude from Outlast. Little piggy. x3x

+3 votes   media: New Snork and Controller model
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ May 16 2015 replied:

Me to! My friend and I both prepared fresh installs of STALKER for this mod! We are anticipating it so much its unreal!

Going to play this for hours and hours, man.

+1 vote   mod: Ray of Hope [Co-op & Online]
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ May 15 2015 replied:

Sorry, I don't really check my profile at all. If this information is still relevant I can name a couple.

Its a bit difficult to find the good, good ones that stroke the fear nerve well, but there a couple that I can remember making me feel tense or creeped out.

Alchemilla (Silent Hill recreation)
Black Snow (Inspired by "The Thing")

Thats really the only half life 2 related mod that is truly horror based, not a lot of shooting monsters.

A Half Life 1 mod that is terrifying would be Afraid Of Monsters (Directors Cut) Definetly worth the play.

+1 vote   member: ♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ May 10 2015 replied:

Will we be able to have mods installed on our hosted servers? I'm mainly looking forward to playing MISERY with a friend of mine over anything else in this mod.

+2 votes   mod: Ray of Hope [Co-op & Online]
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Apr 17 2015 says:

Ill never stop being happy when I read these updates. STALKER has become my new baby in the passing year, I'm about to reach 300 hours!

Now I can have hundreds more with my friends! I can't wait! :D

+5 votes   news: Stalker: Open World Online - 11# Week Updates
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Apr 13 2015 replied:

I agree, being able to play with the resources you want from any mod or none at all would be one of the best things about ROH once its released. I really hope you guys can manage this!

+2 votes   news: Stalker - Open World Online "Features" #1
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Feb 22 2015 replied:

I know exactly what you're talking about. MISERY said quite a bit about their A.I Improvements, but they still have their derpy STALKER charm.

Bandits still sometimes loot their buddy who just got shot in front of them, AI will make conga lines through doorways for you to shoot at one by one, they have trouble with doors at yanov.

One time, I watched a couple STALKERS barrel out of Skadovsk like it was full of bloodsuckers right in the middle of an Emission.

There wasn't anything left.

+3 votes   media: A-Life Overhaul Part One: Mutants
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jan 14 2015 says:

My reaction to your screen shots..

+1 vote   media: Happy New Year From Ghost Land
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jan 9 2015 says:

Will there be an option to remove the mini map? I prefer the game without one.

+1 vote   mod: Ghost Land
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Nov 5 2014 says:

I hope in the future a little more color can be added with this mod. The world is so brown and grummy all over and it makes me a bit bored and depressed looking at it.

Having higher quality visuals and more appealing color spectrum along side all the other improvements would make me downloaded it and play through COP a 5th time for sure.

+2 votes   media: Improved textures
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jul 12 2014 says:

I keep getting a crash every time I try to load my quick save. I have been dealing with black screen crashes for a couple days since they eventually stopped after a couple times, but now I cant even load my game up anymore. :(

What do I do to fix this?

+1 vote   mod: Clear Sky Complete
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Nov 24 2013 says:

Is the 2 GB download that takes 4 hours to complete normal?

+1 vote   download: [OUTDATED]The Forgotten Ones - Version 2.2.0 Patch
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Apr 9 2013 says:


+1 vote   mod: Escape from Brackenburg
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Mar 24 2013 says:

The .Bat and the .EXE launcher isn't working.

I simply just cant start the game, for some reason.

+1 vote   download: Tenebris Lake v1.1
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Mar 15 2013 says:

You made the third stairwell either to hard or there is something im doing wrong.

+1 vote   download: The Stairs
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Mar 15 2013 says:

You have my track ^^

+2 votes   mod: Contained
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Feb 21 2013 says:

Scopeless rifle?


+1 vote   media: Mystery Weapon Sound
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jan 27 2013 says:

I can't get past the first area. Help!

I got the door open with a rock, opened sotrage, found the hidden wall.
There is one door that I can't open, I've tried many things.

I just don't know what to do! Im stumped.

+1 vote   mod: The Great Work
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jan 12 2013 says:


Is the first part unfinished or something?

First the rebels at the start didn't show up and I spent 30 minutes shooting an endless stream of combine before starting the game again. I resorted to using godmode to see if there was somewhere I was supposed to go, there wasn't.

The NPC's are really buggy. When they're talking sometimes their mouths wont move, sometimes animations don't trigger and they seem to teleport when they get stuck behind fellow npc's.

The second mission where you're supposed to find refugees and bring them back was frustrating as hell. The radio wouldn't work and I had to restart, then my game froze and then once I finally got past that group of combine after you take out that gunner, nothing happens.

Im stuck, I can't go anywhere, I even nocliped around and discovered all the doorways lead into the void.

Is it supposed to be this way? I gave up on it after I spent 20 minutes running around in circles looking for a way to go.

+3 votes   news: Triage Part 1 Official Release!
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Dec 28 2012 replied:

Im 100% positive

+1 vote   download: Winter's Curse
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Dec 23 2012 says:

The .BAT file to run the story doesn't work.

It will pop up for a fraction of a second, disappear and then nothing happens.

Is there something wrong with the files or did I install it incorrectly somehow? Is this a bug?

+2 votes   download: Winter's Curse
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Dec 23 2012 says:

Every time I try to launch the story the program locks up and I have to manually close it using the Program manager.

Is this going to be fixed? I installed the files correctly, I'm quite confident of my reading skills.

+1 vote   mod: Feast of the Damned
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Dec 23 2012 says:

How do you beat the "Fear"? That monster that you're supposed to defeat disappeared, the door leading downstairs is locked, all the windows are boarded up and the cabinets won't open.

There is literally nothing I can do. Is this a bug?

+3 votes   download: The Mansion 1408 [ENG]
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jul 8 2012 says:

Anyone know where I can find the music? Like the music ques when switching objective and endgame theme?

+1 vote   mod: GarryWare
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jun 21 2012 says:

Im having a slight problem. After extracting the folder to their respective destinations I still am unable to play to map.

The game mode isn't showing up and when I try to join an elevator server, I have to download 1000 files that I already have in my addons folder.

How do I step around downloading 1000 files and how do I get the map to show up in my singleplayer folder?

+1 vote   mod: Elevator: Source
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jun 20 2012 says:

Is "The Haunted" Supposed to be another word for Zombie related cannon fodder?

+2 votes   mod: Haunted
♣♣Ace-A-Spades♣♣ Jun 20 2012 says:

The levels of want cannot be fathomed.

+3 votes   mod: AXiOM
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