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Posted by on Dec 10th, 2013

THREAD TITLE: Tiberium Secrets - A CnC3 modification; HELP WANTED


Greetings reader,

The Tiberium Secrets development team is looking for assistance with modifying the Command and Conquer 3 sage engine. (coders Would require owning a copy of the game.)

From 3D artists (3ds max 9 is de facto, individuals with more recent versions may not work or will have to send work to one of our members with Max 9 )), animators, coders (XML , project coordination and public relations
( All positions are open.)

If you have experience with computer coding elements that can help with getting content playable in-game, have FX experience, and 3D rendering/ rigging/ animation experience among any other skills, please contact Eric “General Jist” Chou [ ] with how you might be able to help.

Note: we utilize Skype (to actively communicate), Dropbox (to share files), and Google Docs (to hold documentation and collaborate on such) while working on TIberium Secrets. For additional information on the project, please see: [ ]

Thanks for your time,
Eric C. and Chad W.

To Apply

Pm GeneralJiston moddb or email

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