Alienware Prize Sponsor The story of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (preorder now) follows Geralt of Rivia through a thoroughly engrossing, mature storyline eventually landing on one of sixteen potential endings. We would like you to choose your own ending featuring Geralt and/or Triss and illustrate it, photoshop it or even draw in crayons, but it must involve a famous moment in history.

Best entry wins a brand spanking new Alienware Laptop! May the most creative and entertaining entry win! Good luck all!

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As the white wolf plunged his blade into the fat royal neck, his mind got hazy and visions began to flow.
Destruction, chaos, degradation, an end. This is what he saw and in that instant Geralt knew that he had done an awful deed and sealed the fate of the very world.
But there was still hope...
Our hero has always been proficient in engineering, he had visions of progress and prosperity as well, but he would need magic to do it.
- Triss, we have witcher's work to do. - he said with a grim look.
- You say that for everything. "Triss, there's witcher's work to do, make breakfast", this better be something important, we just killed the king after all...
- We need to begin work on a wonder of technology that will save this realm!
- You better not be trying to get me to cook you lunch...
And so they began, in a land far to the west, it took them time, plenty of it, but they managed.
The end of the world was stopped, because their creation allowed for life to be revolutionised and economy to grow beyond the dream of merchant's fancy.
But our heroes did not want their names spread.
- Triss, there's witcher's wor...
- OK, OK, I'll go make dinner, but Geralt, you need to start pulling your weight and become usefull, you barely designed a lever for the engine.
- Triss, this is not a time for complaining... witcher's work.
And Triss was of.
Geralt took the diary of their project and crossed out their names and replaced his with "Henry Ford".
- History will be better for it.
And he went to help Triss make dinner, they lived happy till the end of their lives and the world was better, because of their invention, which they called- V8...

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