Alienware Prize Sponsor The story of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (preorder now) follows Geralt of Rivia through a thoroughly engrossing, mature storyline eventually landing on one of sixteen potential endings. We would like you to choose your own ending featuring Geralt and/or Triss and illustrate it, photoshop it or even draw in crayons, but it must involve a famous moment in history.

Best entry wins a brand spanking new Alienware Laptop! May the most creative and entertaining entry win! Good luck all!

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And the people rejoiced, as king Foltest and his lineage were safe.
They were happy and harboured new found respect for the witchers and what they do.
The king was also grateful, so much so that he gave the witchers cushy jobs and even let Geralt host his own ye'olde TV show- Hunting Predators.
Now you might think that this show was about catching dangerous animals, but you would only be half right.
Geralt knows that there are evils out there, much greater than a simpleminded beast. Pedophiles lurk in all corners of the earth, from Temeria to Lyria and everywhere in between. The show even had a catchy theme song:

From Vizima to Rivia, to Flotsam and more,
Children will be safe, like never before.
Geralt is hunting, he's hunting Pedophiles,
he'll wander in search of them for miles and miles.
And when he does catch the would be molester or rapist,
he’ll take him back to the studio, to be questioned by Triss.
He’s Geralt,
“I don’t care about your crap”
He’s Geralt,
”No seriously cut the crap”,
He’s Geralt, and he can’t be beat,
”You’re a pedophile ain’t you, why don’t you have a seat?”

He stopped having a theme song after the lead music designer was caught eating ice cream with a puppy chicken.
The show was then canceled and in order to avoid the public backlash, it was said that the host was some dude named Chris Hansen and that Geralt had nothing to do it, and that he was in fact in vegas this whole time living the dream and becoming the king.
Geralt did do that stuff, it just didn’t take him a few seasons, you see he just went and did it, cause he’s awesome like that.
HAIL TO THE KIN… wait, that’s a different game, my bad.

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