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The February 2012) Beta-4 mod build public release is uploaded. Read more about whats we have...

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The (February 2012) Beta-4 mod build public release is uploaded.

The Beta-4 is focused on the race more smooth tier 1 start. Of course, numerous other balance fixes, models updates, bugs eliminations are in-place:

- New (lightweight) Tarantula Senty Gun replaces Heavy Bolter Turret Emplacement
- Castellan passive ability to return control over R-Zealous Crusaders finally works as expected.
- Skull Probe is a "flyer" now
- Skull Probe invisibility research restored.
- Emperor Champion resurrection health percentage reduced.
- Emperor Champion "Abhor the Witch" vow's ability now properly restores Psyker's abilities, when they came out of EC's AoE range

- Squad CAP "increasing" redefined.

- Some weapons stats (incl. Land Speeder Typhoon Missiles) revised (more damage against low vehicles and aircrafts).
- Heavy Bolter and Missile Launcher weapon's options for the Command Squad.

- New mod feature: Techmarines can slow repair Rhinos and Landraider while embarked.
- Damocles Command Vehicle bring new bonuses to its owner, so its req. cost increased also.

- The newest POK mod termie model from Melooo had been adopted for using in BT mod.
- Terminator's HP revised.

- BT auto-reinforce wincondition/rule updated
- Full support by Objective_Points_SS mod (Proper flags on strat-points, objective-points and relics)

- New sounds for Black Templar units: Techmarine, Land Speeder, Damocles, Land Raider Crusader. Provided by Thudmeiser. UPD: You can hear it now on this video

other minor fixes:
- Updated hi-res icons, at least for buildings
- Small AE-code and OE-code enchances/fixes for Sword Brethren Squad
- Standard Bearer's candles fire vertically on most actions Posted Image
- Initiate's model cloth part properly smoothed (not a Melooo's omission, just was a result of my own inaccuracy)
- Plasma Generator model generic markers restored (now properly show normal/decayed states)
- Land Speeder Missile firing animation fixed.
- Most BT models are now have proper(unified) scale in Army Painter.


Awesome,so what version will be the final release?

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jONES1979 Author

Nothing can be "final" in modding ;) We need converting a SS campaing to be BT-playable at least.

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do the assault terminators have the big BT shields like the sword brethren? or do they still use those old small shields?

i'm sure they'd look a lot better with them.

sounds like a good update. looking forward to this mod

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jONES1979 Author

They have old small shields currently.
I've seen this picture before, but totally forgot about it. I'll consider this possibility in future

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when u add the thunderhawk transport =D... tell meeee =D

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jONES1979 Author

I sure, Rhino transport is enough for BT. But will wait for what the new 2012 BT Codex will say

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